Forever a Slut

Britney has been a tramp ever since junior high. Ever since she sucked off the most popular boy in school she knew she wanted to be the girl anyone could come to for sexual pleasure. By her sophomore of highschool she was known as a slut but never denied the accusations, she loved it! Almost anything you could imagine a slut doing in highschool, she did, flashing the class, blowing Chris in the back of the room, being fingered by Steven under the desk, she even took cock from the quarterback in the men's restroom. Her parents soon found out but it wasn't much to their surprise as Britney's mom was a whore also. The whole f****y knew she slept with several different men besides dad throughout the course of a year while dad was gone. She received her highschool diploma, barely. Actually the class she almost failed only worked out because she bopped the teacher afterschool one day for a passing grade. Her dad, being the quite wealthy man he was decided to send his daughter to college as she wanted to go.

He arrival upon the campus, was soon to yet again earn her the reputation of "the whore" or "the slut", she was used to these names now and could not imagine going by any other title or name, well besides Britney. Buy this time Britney was a full grown women. 19 years old, slim but thick, 5'6'', brown flowing hair, cute dimples on a sexy smile, C-cups, and a tight ass that she left open for anyone. She slept with numerous guys on and off campus. She was seen fucking one guy in the stands a football game. While other students noticed her behind the bar sucking up the bartender.

She was also known as quite an exhibitionist. She could be seen at school, wearing no panties or walking around without a bra on. She actually tried out for the cheerleading squad without any panties on. She revealed her well-fucked cunt to all the judges and other cheerleaders. All the guys, and the dykes, were turned on by the site of her pink cunt flying through the as she did a high kick or a cartwheel. But she did not make the team, due to some of the head cheerleaders knowing she was the biggest whore on campus.

She walked to class one day, when she was approached by a handsome, 6', musclular guy.

"Wow! Your beautiful. Hi, my name is Brian." He said flirtingly.

She turned around and stirred up the sexiest smile she could muster and said, "Hey cutie. I'm Britney!"

"I've heard about you around and well, your quite the tease." he said as he chuckled.

She smiled and said "Yeah, I know, I can't help myself." She whispered as she giggled.

"Hey what class you headed to, I'll walk you there." Brian said in a nervous voice.

"Um, Mr. Roger's class."

"Ok, I'm going there too. Wow that's wierd. I've never noticed you there before."

"Me either." she said confused, turning her puzzled face into a smile, "Well I'll notice you now."

They both began to walk to the room as they kept up the small talk. Brian sat across the room from Britney, which is why they never noticed eachother. Britney threw a sexy wave Brian's way, making him smile with a slight wave back. She made sure nobody else was looking at her (not that she cared if anyone else saw, but she wanted it to be special for Brian, so she only wanted him to see what she was about to do), she pulled down the top of her blouse and revealed her pink nipple to Brian. Brian's jaw dropped as he smiled and blushed. She then lifted her skirt and revealed a semi-wet cunt to Brian. By this time Brian had a mound in his pants. Knowing this made Britney even more wet. Britney continued to tease Brian throughout the remainder of the class. She grew more wet and he grew in his pants as they thought about screwing eachother. At the end of class Britney got up from her seat and look down and noticed a puddle of her cunt sauce still on the seat. Leaving it there to dry made her horny causing her nipples to stiffen. She met Brian outside of the room. Seeing Brian walk up to her from inside the class made her even more wet knowing that she had just met him and she already got him hard. As Brian walked to her he said,

"Well I see you are not shy at all."

All she could do is bluff and giggle.

"Hey listen," he said in a rush, "there is a frat party tonight, your welcome to come, our parties are always fun. Believe me!"

She nodded in aggreement and they exchanged information.

She went back to her dorm where she had been with several men in the past week. She looked at her bed and she saw a big wet spot where she had leaked like a water hose. But all she could think about was teasing Brian in class and riding his juicy little friend. She stuck her finger in her mouth and slowly worked her horny hand down to her crotch, she then remembered she was going to a party tonight and that she should save all of her energy for the guys there. She then began to focuse on what she would wear. She searched through her clothes for something totally sexy that would make all the men want her. She glanced over at her dirty clothes hamper and saw a stained pair of panties. She remembered that they were from last night when she fucked a guy in the parking lot of a bar. He came deep in her pussy and as she headed home, his cum dripped down into her panties, which she hardly ever wore. She picked up the panties, and being the cum slut she is, she licked the dry cum from the panties. She moaned as she did it and licked and sucked until the crotch of her panties were soaked. She threw them back in the basket and refocused on what she would wear tonight. She quickly picked out a black squirt that fit her like spandex and barely covered where her butt cheek meets her thigh. So any kind of bending over, forward or back, would reveal her whore whole to the party. She pulled out a spaghetti strapped shirt to go with it and a pair of slutty 5" heels.

She headed over to where she was told the party was. From outside she heard music, yelling, and splashing from the pool out back. She walked in and was quickly greeted by Brian which eased her nerves since she was walking into a house where she knew nobody. Brian asked if she wanted a drink and she said "sure I'll take a beer." Britney loved to drink but her sex was never related to drinking as many girls said that being d***k caused them to fuck. She knew she was fucking because that was what she was made for, all she wanted to do in life was fuck and she learned that early on. Anyway, Britney and Brian walked around together scoping out the party they looked to the right and saw 2 girls kissing and they looked to the left and saw a girl blowing one of Brian's friends in the corner of the room. Seeing both these sights all in the same amount of time almost made Britney fall to her knees in pleasure. Due to the akwardness Brian quickly said

"Wanna go for a swim?"

Britney shook her head and replied, "No, to tell you the truth, I want some dick, can I suck you?"

After what happened in class Brian knew she wasn't k**ding. At first he hesitated but then he saw his friend getting his and quickly unzipped his pants. Britney quickly put down her beer and was ready to start her night of slutty fun. She went straight to her knees like she had been doing this for years (which she had), and she opened her lips without hesitation and licked Brian's shaft and worked her tongue up to his head. She put her lips around his now fully hard cock which reached a lovely 8 inches. Even though Britney was never really big on size, she just wanted to suck, fuck, and get cum inside of her either from her throat or through her snatch. She continued to fondled Brians member with her mouth as he moaned, "oh fuck yesssss, oh shit." She knew she was doing her duty.

"Hell Yeah Brian! Get it!" they both heard come from a d***k voice as they turned around to the person

Brian greeted his friend Kyle, as Britney returned her mouth to its rightful place.

Britney was overwhelmed with pleasure. She was sucking on a guy she met earlier that day, while he was talking to his friend, a person she didn't know, in a house full of people she didn't know. She felt the sluttiest she had ever felt to date.

Brian, in a hesitant voice said, "Um Britney this is my friend Jeff you don't mind if..."

No sooner that he could finish the sentence, she knew what he was getting at she unzipped his fly and pulled out his meat as Kyle positioned himself next to his friend on the wall. Britney could only picture the image in her head. On her knees sucking two men, she had just met, one she knew less than 20 seconds.

Britney stood up and whispered something to Brian as she still worked both boners in each hand. She knelt back down to continue sucking the guys and Brian began to call over a friend as he walked by.

"Hey Will!" he said, "get in that shit." as he pointed at Britney's ass.

Will was confused as one the request caught him offgaurd, and two he did not know the girl.

"She said it's cool." blurted Brian.

"C'mon, I'm a slut." Britney said, "I dont care who is in me, as long as I get someone in there." she smiled and turned back around to leave Will to make and decision and finish what she was doing up top.

Will arched her back, which caused her skirt to rise, which revieled her drenched slit to the whole party. Now a small crowd had gathered as she blew two guys, and one was fingering her pussy. Her snatch smacked and dripped as she grew wetter and wetter, by the moment. Will continued to finger her as he said "Do i need a condom sweetie?"

"NO!" she blurted as she took her mouth from Brians spit covered cock. "You better not. It takes out the feeling."

"OK. I wont whore. Calm down."

He slid his dick into her wet whole as Brians said "Shit Britney, I'm bout to come where do you want it?"

She just kept sucking as he shot it in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Seeing this made Kyle come to an orgasm quick as he shot in her mouth just as she finished swallowing Brian. She swallowed Kyle also with glee. She then focused on fucking Will who was banging her pussy. Now when Britney has sex she is consumed by it almost as if it is demon taking over her spirit. She began to talk dirty to Will.

"Come on you little fuck. Bang my sweet little snatch. Make me cum you bastard."

Hearing her moan and utter these words made Will cum quick, they came at the same time. Britney drained all over the floor and Kyle's dick was f***ed out of her as he came so he shot his load right into her puddle. As she tremble she noticed his cum was not inside her so she got on all fours and sucked the mixed cum and pussy juice from the floor. She didn't care how dirty the floor was she was going to get her cum. She would suck cum from almost anywhere and anything.

Seeing this made all of the men happy, horny and ready to fuck. They all trained behind her and one after another they reamed her pussy and deposited their white stuff into her like she had a label on her head that said "Cum Receptical". She came again and again before the night was over. She dripped cum all the way home. Out the front door, in her car seat was a puddle, and up into her dorm. When she got back home layed in her bed exhausted. Pussy red and sore from all the men she had tonight, she knew it had to have been atleast 25 men. She thought about getting in the shower and washing her used body. But she felt like a true slut and decided to let her body suck up the cum. She dug her finger into her sore twat and pulled it out. It was covered in a layer of thick cum. She sucked it off of her finger. She dug all of the cum she could from in her pussy and licked it all down. She felt like she had just done this world a favor. She felt like true woman at heart. She allowed men to use and abuse her. Most of them she would never see again. To them she was just a whore they fucked and came in. Britney steady take birth control due to her wild life style so she never worried about getting pregnant. Tonight was the most men she had ever been with, and she felt wonderful. Like she had fulfilled a goal she had been waiting to fulfill for years. She went on to experience a lifetime full of slutty adventures.

The End.

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that was a hot story