Walking Dead Sex Ch2

"I have an idea" says Maggie. "I'll be right back." Maggie leaves you two alone. You look over to Beth. She is looking at you and you can't quite read her look.
"I'm really sorry Beth. I never meant to do that. I never wanted to hurt you." You say. Beth looks at you.
"Why with them?" She asks.
"I went to go check on them and Lizzie and Mika were fooling around and.... I just... I don't know..." You try to explain.
"I saw what they were doing and I just couldn't help myself. Then a walker attacked me and the girls came into the barn and saw me kill the walker with my pants around my ankles." Hearing this made Beth laugh.
"You killed a walker with your thingie hanging out?" Beth starts laughing. You never really thought about it but that was pretty funny. You look at Beth and it makes you smile to see her laughing, even if she is laughing at you.
"Yes I did. And it wasn't my finest hour." You say.
"What happened then?" Beth asks with the smile leaving her face.

"Well they caught me... you know... touching myself and said they would tell you if I didn't let them watch me finish." You try to explain. " they kept messing around and then I ... um... finished."
"Yeah, I know. That's when I walked in." Beth said.
"I swear I didn't touch them." You say. Beth looks up at you.
"Did you want to?" She asks
"No... Yes... I don't know. I'm horny all the time. Even with zombies running after us, people trying to kill us, I still get horny." You try to explain. "You wouldn't understand." Beth looks a little hurt from that.
"Why wouldn't I understand?" Beth asks. "Why didn't you just tell me how you were feeling?"
"Because he is a little fag!" Says Maggie as she walks down the stairs. You both look at her. She is still wearing her cloths but she is also wearing a huge black strap on dildo. The thing has to be 12 to 14 inches long.
"What are you going to do with that?" Asks Beth. Maggie looks at you and says
"I'm going to make this little sissy pay for hurting my s****r." She is now standing next to you and you see how big this thing really is. There is now way this dildo is going to fit in your ass. Beth looks just as scared as you.
"You can't use that on him, you'll kill him." Says Beth. Maggie just smiles.
"No, it won't kill him. He just won't walk straight for a week." Maggie says laughing. "And since this pervert likes little girls, they should come in and watch how we punish him. They are standing outside looking through the window now." When Maggie says that you and Beth look at the window and you see the tops of two little heads duck down.
"Girls, come on in. It's ok. We know your out there." Says Maggie. And a minute later the 2 girls come in the room. Mika looks scared but Lizzie has a devilish grin on her face.
"You two go sit on the couch and watch how we punish this pervert." Says Maggie. She looks over to Beth. "Are you ready?" Beth looks at Maggie and then looks at you. She is torn but she knows there is no way to stop Maggie now.
"Yes" says Beth.
"Good." Says Maggie. "Go grab that stick and every time he cries out or says something you whack him with it. Got it?" Beth looks at you then Maggie and nods her head. Your heart is beating. You are scared that Maggie will loose control and just tear you apart. Last time when Maggie used you, you were turned on. You loved the way that dildo felt in your ass.

You even came from the pleasure it brought you. But now your afraid. Your cock is completely limp. Your even afraid you might start crying.
Maggie slaps your thigh really hard and says
"Let's get started." She pulls your ass to the edge of the table and places the huge dildo right up against your asshole. Then without warning starts to try to jam that huge thing inside you. Immediately your ass is on fire. She pushes harder and that causes you to grunt out between your clenched teeth. Maggie looks at Beth.
"Well?" Beth looks up at Maggie then at you. She raises the stick and barley hits you in the chest.
"Really... You call that a hit?" Beth looks at her and then you again. This time she raises the stick and brings it down hard on your chest. The pain is immediate. You can feel the welt starting to raise. Your chest burns but not as bad as your ass. Maggie tries to shove it in again, and you feel like you are being ripped in two. You try not to but a small cry escapes your lips. And immediately Beth whacks you again with the stick. A single tear rolls down your cheek. Maggie tries again, you cry out and are met with another smack on the chest. Maggie backs off a little and says.
" I'm so silly. I forgot the lube. I'll never get this in his ass without lube." Your fear lightens up a little. At least lube will help. Maggie walks around the table and before you know it she is grabbing the back of your head and is trying to jam that huge dildo down your throat. You try to resist but your hands are still tied. You are choking and grasping for air but she dosn't stop. Over and over again she rams it into your mouth and finally it goes down your throat. You start to gag still trying to draw breath. She lets it sit in there for a while and then finally pulls it out. You gasp for air while you are gagging. She then rams it back down your throat. You gag and you feel the mucus and snot fly out your nose. She pulls it out and it is dripping with your own spit. Maggie looks at it and says that's better. She walks back over and tries to jam it up your ass again. She is pushing hard, the pain is horrible. You are still trying to breath when you feel the head slip in. You cry out and Beth whacks you again with the stick. Maggie pulls it out and pushes it back in. Only the head will go in.
"I guess I need more lube." She pulls it out of your ass and walks around the table again. You try to say no but she jams it down your throat again. This time she is pushing and pulling it in and out of your throat. You try to catch a quick breath but the huge dildo won't allow any air to pass. You repeatedly gag and choke on your own vomit. You know your going to pass out. You feel your eyes rolling into the back of your head. Maggie sees this and slaps you right in the face. She pulls the dildo out of your throat walks over and this time jams the dildo right up your ass. You try to scream but you have no air in your lungs. Maggie pulls it out and jams it in again. This time you manage a weak cry and Beth dosn't hit you. Maggie looks at Beth.

"Hit him!" Beth looks at you then Maggie. And says "he's choking"
"I don't give a fuck... Hit him!" Maggie yells at Beth. Beth raises her arm and whacks you again with the stick. Although you feel the pain on your chest it is nothing compared to your throat and especially your ass. Maggie is now pumping in and out of you. You realize you are crying and that just makes Maggie laugh.
Through all the pain you try to focus on just breathing. You look over to Beth and she is watching Maggie ram into you. You look at the girls and Mika look bewildered but Lizzie looks like she is enjoying this. You see her moving her hand inside her pants. You can't believe this is happening to you. You are being used and there are people watching it happen. All their faces are focused on that huge dildo ramming in and out of your ass.
All of a sudden you feel a twinge in your balls and cock. You can't believe that your starting to get hard. Maybe it is everyone watching or that Maggie has steadied her thrust and your ass is getting used to it but you are defiantly getting hard.
Beth looks at your hardening cock then at you.
"See... I told you the little faggot likes it." Says Maggie smiling. You close your eyes because you are embarrassed. Now that the pain is starting to lessen you are liking the feeling. And even though you don't admit it you like being watched.
You think back to the time when you were thirteen and you and your younger cousin jerked off together. He was too young to cum yet but you both played with your hard cocks in your aunts basement. You loved the look on his face when you finally blew your small load. He was smiling from ear to ear at what he just saw you do. And you knew from that first time you liked to be watched.
And here you are getting ass fucked by your girlfriends hot older s****r while she and a couple of girls watch on. Beth can't stop staring at your cock. The way it pulses each time Maggie slides into you. She reaches down and wraps her little hand around your cock. Your body shudders and you let out a moan when you feel her touch. Beth slowly starts to pump your cock up and down along with Maggie's thrusts. You are overwhelmed at the feeling of pleasure this brings. Another moan escapes your lips and Beth looks you in the eye and smiles. She leans down and gives you a kiss. First it is just a little kiss but that soon turns into the two of you making out. Your tongue finds hers and they meet for the first time. You feel her body quiver while she keeps stroking your cock. You open your eyes and see Beth rubbing her small but firm breast over her shirt and then you watch her lower her hand to the waistband of her sweatpants. Her hand drops into her pants and you can see her hand moving in there. You know she has found her clit and is rubbing it. She closes her eyes and lets out a little moan. She opens her eyes and looks at you. She is glowing. You have never seen her look so beautiful. She leans down and kisses you again. All the while still pumping your cock to Maggie's ass pounding rhythm.

The kiss lasts forever. Beth looks at you and smiles. She then bends down and kisses your chin and then your neck and then down your chest. She stops over one if your nipples and you feel her tongue dance over your skin. She keeps kissing her way down your body. Over your stomach and lower still. You raise your head to see what she is doing and she stops by your crotch. She looks up at you and smiles and the proceeds to put the tip of your cock in her mouth.
The feeling is unbelievable. The warmth of her mouth, the wetness of her tongue. And the dildo going in your ass. The feeling is incredible. Beth is slow at first. Soft licks and kisses around your head. Then she runs her tongue from the base of your cock all the way to the tip. You let out a loud moan. You have never felt so much pleasure at one time.
Beth keeps sucking you and you see her hand is still in her pants. You look at the girls and Mika has her head buried between Lizzie's legs. Maggie is keeping her hips moving but she is now playing with one of her nipples. And Beth takes you all the way down her throat. You feel her nose against your balls. She stays like that for a moment then goes back to licking the tip of your cock.
There is a part of you that thinks that the zombie must have killed you in the barn and you are now in heaven. The pleasure is almost too much for you to handle. It must have been too much for Beth to handle as well because she takes her mouth off your cock. Her eyes are filled with lust. Her hand is pumping in her pants. She closes her eyes and throws her head back and lets out a long moan. You see her body shake as her orgasm rips through her. She slowly lowers herself back to you and kisses you again. Your eyes meet and she whispers that she loves you.
Beth stand back up and takes her shirt and pants off. This is your first look at her naked and she is perfect. Her ass is so tight and when she turns a little you see a light patch of blond hair covering her pussy. You look up and see the most perfect little firm tits you have ever seen. Her nipples are rock hard and sticking half an inch off her pink breast.
Beth looks at Maggie and Maggie nods her head. Maggie stops thrusting into you ass long enough to help Beth up onto the table. Beth straddles you and you can feel her wetness against your cock. Maggie begins to thrust in and out of you ass again while Beth slowly lowers herself onto your cock.
"Go slow" says Maggie and you feel Beth's pussy surround your cock. It is so hot and tight. You watch her lower herself a little more and you feel something inside of her that stops her.
"Just go slow and put your weight down on Johnny. Remember it is going to hurt a little." Maggie tells Beth. You feel Beth push down. The head of your cock is up against her hymen. Beth pushes a little harder and you can feel your cock bend a little and then she lets out a cry and she slams down on to your cock. She just sits there for a minute, letting her body get used to this. Maggie asks if she is ok and Beth nods her head. After another minute she starts to slowly rock back and forth. It is such a great feeling. The pain of losing her virginity starts to go away and the pleasure of your cock inside her starts to grow. Beth starts going a little faster. She puts her hands on your chest and keeps on riding you. Maggie starts thrusting into you again.

You could never describe the pleasure you feel right now. A big hard cock going up your ass and a tight young pussy wrapped around your cock. Beth starts to moan a little and picks up her pace. You try to meet every one of her thrusts but it is hard to do while Maggie is still plowing into you. Over and over again she rides you. You feel your balls start to tighten. You try not to cum yet. You never want this to end. Beth starts to moan louder and slams down on you over and over again. There is nothing more you can do. Between Maggie fucking your ass, Mika going down on Lizzie and Beth riding you it is too much for you to handle. You feel you balls contract. Then your cock throbs. Beth throws her head back and screams as her orgasm rips through her body. Spurt after spurt flies out of your cock into Beth. She feels your cock pulsing and slams herself on to your cock. Over and over you shoot into Beth. Her body can't stop trembling. She is shaking from her orgasms. Finally you shoot your last load deep inside of her and she collapses on top of you. You are both breathing heavily. Neither one of you speak. You just enjoy the feeling of her weight on top of you.
After a minute Maggie pulls the dildo out of your ass and walks over and unites your hands. The first thing you do is wrap your arms around Beth and tell her you love her. You hug her so tight like you never want to let go of her.
"Wow" says Maggie. "I'm still pissed at this little perv but that was hot! God I wish glen was here."

To be continued...

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