Walking in on Daddy

I wake up in the middle of the night and look over at the clock. It's about 1:30am. I'm a little parched so I decide to go to the kitchen and grab a drink of water. I walk slowly and carefully through the dark hallway and then down the stairs. When I reach the bottom of the stairs I hear a little noise in the background and figure someone must be up watching TV. I continue to through the downstairs hall past the dining room and into the kitchen. As I get closer I begin to make out the noise. I hear faint moans and screams coming from the living room.

"Haha my stupid b*****r must be down here watching the playboy channel" I thought to myself. I tipped toe through the kitchen as quietly as I can. "He is going to be so embarrassed when I catch him watching porno in the living room!" I say in my head. I peak my head around the corner to see what is going on in there.

"Holy shit!" I almost let out pulling my head back. My dad is completely naked on the couch playing with his dick. I am totally shocked by what I just saw. I take another peak out of disbelief. I could see his hand starting to move up and down his dick as it got harder. I glanced at the TV to see what he was watching. There was a young girl on the screen, probably about my age. She was on her knees surrounded by men each one taking their turn to get their dicks sucked. I looked back at dad. His legs were spread apart and he was leaning back in the recliner. The way he was sitting made his dick stand out and look huge.

His fist wrapped tightly around the shaft of his dick stroking it up and down. I watched as he got more and more into it. I saw how aroused and excited he was getting while jerking off watching this girl suck dick. I can't believe I'm sneaking around watching my dad masturbate. Even as I have that thought I become more intrigued by what is going on. All of the sudden dad shifts into overdrive beating his dick fast and hard while fixated on the TV screen. My eyes break from him to see what had gotten him all excited. A second girl joined the scene. She is about 5'6" long silky brown hair, full perky tits, tight waist, curvy hips, and long thick legs. The camera zooms in on her faces as she sucks another cock. I realize she looks a lot like me...

She is on her knees with a dick in her mouth and one in each hand. Dad watches her becoming more aroused as the camera zooms in to her taking a thick cock down her throat. I keep watching him, now stroking his dick with both hands working up and down the shaft. As I realize he is getting turned on watching a girl who looks like me, his daughter, sucking dick. The thought of my dad jerking off to me was as awkward as it was thrilling. My eyes are locked on his long hard dick as he jerks. Mmm his cock would feel so good sliding down the back of my throat. I can't believe I am thinking about sucking my father's dick! I get hotter and hotter as I think of how wrong this is, but urging for more.

Dad starts to moan and thrust his hips with his strokes. A bead of precum emerges from his dick glistening in the light practically begging for me to lick it off. My mouth waters at the prospect of taking daddy's thick 9 inch cock between my lips. I watch eagerly as he gets closer to cuming. Again, he strokes his dick more intensely. My look alike takes her first facial. Cum is strewn across her cheek and lips, with more dripping from her mouth. She takes another cock deep into her mouth. Daddy's dick is throbbing in his hands, stroking as fast as he can. He watches as she takes a second load across her neck and tits. He leans back eyes closed shut, his hips pump is dick into his hand. I couldn't watch a moment longer. I need to wrap my lips around his manhood. I silently dash from the kitchen into the living room. Still unnoticed I fall to my knees before him and wrap my warm moist lips around the thick knob of his dick. I pause and swirl my tongue in circles around the head of his cock before taking him deep into my mouth. Surprised he groans loudly and thrusts into my face gagging me with his rod. I look up at him while I move my head sliding his dick in and out of my mouth leaving his dick wet with saliva. His head is still thrown back enjoying this surprise blowjob ambush. He moans my mother's name and looks down to watch his cock slide in and out of a hot wet mouth. I swallow him deep into my throat and look up at him. Our eyes lock in a trance for a few seconds before he recognized my face in the dimly lit room. His jaw drops as I swallow his cock down my throat again. "Jenna ahh!' I hear him say just a moment before shooting a steaming hot load of cum down the back of my throat. I suck harder and faster, his dick is throbbing and pulsing squirting stream after stream of cum into my mouth. I pull his cock from my lips briefly to and swallow the flood of semen filling my mouth. Before I could gulp down his load, a jet of cum lands across my cheek. I grab his dick and stroke it furiously. He shoots again hitting me in the face, and once more down my neck as took him back into my mouth.

A wave of hot passion rushed through my body as I milked his dick, cum dripping from my face. His hand brushed my hair back from my face as I finished sucking ever drop from his dick. I look up at him again. The combined look of shock, arousal, guilt, and passion on his face is priceless. I lick the cum from my lips, stand up and rush up the stairs back to my bedroom enjoying the warm stickiness of cum on my face. I get back into bed, wipe the cum from my face little by little and lick it off of my fingers. I hear dads footsteps and he walks up the stairs and through the hall. He stops in front of my bedroom door and peaks in. I lie still and pretend to be asl**p, he continues on to his room and settles in for the night.

It's barely past 8 in the morning, but I can't manage to fall back asl**p. I woke up with the taste of my father's cum still lingering in my mouth. I feel dirty thinking about what I did to my father last night. I don't know what came over me. Every time I close my eyes I see myself between his legs feverously sucking his dick. How could I have done something so filthy? I ask myself. Maybe a nice hot shower will wash away some of this guilt.

I strip off my pajamas and underwear wrap myself in a towel and walk down the hall to the bathroom. I throw my towel over the shower rod, reach into the tub and turn the faucet. A hissing noise rushes from the showerhead followed by a few small drops.

"Damn! This thing still doesn't work?"

I wrap the towel back around my body and open the bathroom door and peak into my parents' room. I stop and listen for a moment, but don't hear anyone in the house. "Screw it" I mumble and walk through my parents' room into their bathroom. The glass shower doors are still wet, so they must have showered and left for the day, I thought to myself.

I hang my towel on the door hook and step into the shower sliding the glass doors closed behind me. I turn the faucet and stand under the oversized showerhead letting the hot water pour over my body. After a few minutes the bathroom is full with steam as the hot water washes away thoughts. I grab the body wash and squeeze the bottle pouring the cinnamon scented soap on to my chest. I pick up my shower poof and rub the soap across my breasts and down my stomach. I work my way down soaping my thighs down to my ankles and back up again until I'm covered in a rich white lather.

I step back under the shower head and let the water wash the soap from my smooth skin. The steam continues to grow thicker. I hop out of the shower tiptoe across the rug and crack open the bathroom door letting the steam vent from the room. I return to the shower leaving a trail of wet footprints behind me.

I run my fingers over my head before filling my hand with shampoo to wash my hair. My head is covered in suds muffling the sound of the water beating against the tile floor. I hear a faint noise coming from the bedroom.

"Hi honey" My mother sings.

"Hey Mom" I utter wanting to be left alone.

"Just changing my shoes then I'm off to your Aunt's for the day" she declares.

I dismiss her and attempt to return to my rainy sanctuary. A few minutes of silence pass and I am once again on my own. I finish rinsing the shampoo from my hair and let the water wash the suds down my body. The bubbles tingle as the slide down between my breasts and across my stomach. The sensation of the water beating against my skin feels so incredible.

My hands glide over my silky skin caressing every inch of my body. I bring my hands up to my breasts and squeeze them together letting the water pool between them. I slide my hands over my stomach keeping them firm against my skin, then back up to my tits. I squeeze my slippery bosoms together letting the water beat against my chest. I slide my hands up my tits past my areolas and pinch each erect nipple between my finger and thumb.

"Mmm yea" I moan as my body trembles lightly.

I grip my nipples tightly between my index finger and thumb pinching and pulling them harder. Goosebumps raise from my skin as a quiver runs down my spine. I moan softly pinching my rosebuds harder before letting them slide from my grip. The piping hot water feels amazing but distracts me from my arousal. I turn the faucet down until I a refreshing cool spray from the showerhead. I move my right hand down my stomach between my thighs and slip a finger between the lips of my pussy and rub against my clit. The heat from my pussy is magnified by the cool water flowing down around me. A wave of pleasure courses through my body as I work my clit faster and faster. The fog begins to clear revealing my reflection in the glass. I watch my reflection as I work my finger into my pussy. I stare as my fingers disappear between my legs into my radiating snatch my reflection turning me on even more. I turn around and lean my back against the shower wall for support as my knees begin to shake.

"Oh Yes!" I cry closing my eyes shut and feeling my orgasm build deep inside me.

I throw my head back in pleasure letting the cool water stream down my tingling body. I open my eyes to look for my reflection in the glass. I stare at my glistening body watching myself finger my clit. I raise my head looking straight ahead hoping to gaze into my eyes as my orgasm grows nearer.

"Oh shit!" I squeaked catching a glimpse of my father through the open bathroom door.

He is sprawled naked across his bed with his dick in his hand watching as if it were a peepshow. I quickly pulled my fingers from my crotch, shut off the water and grabbed for my towel which was no longer on the hook. I stood back against the bathroom wall, the partly opened door hiding me from his view. I could see him working his hand up and down the shaft of his cock through the doorway. I open the bathroom closet to find an empty shelf where the towels are usually stacked high. I close the door and try to stay hidden against the wall. I peek through the doorway to see a laundry basket full of clean towels just past my parents' bed.

"Dad, can you throw me a towel?" I call out only to be met with heavy breathing and squeaky bed springs.

"Dad! I really need a towel, I'm naked in here!" I scream.

The brief silence is broken by a deep moan. Panic stricken, wet and naked, I question how to get out of here. The towels are on the opposite side of the room and are further away from me than the bedroom door. I make up my mind and dash out of the bathroom towards the bedroom door only to find it dead-bolted shut. I froze in front of the door standing naked in full view of my father as he stroked his dick.

I looked up to see is eyes taking in every inch of my body. I could feel his eyes groping my breasts and squeezing my ass. All the guilt and shame I just washed away were starting to return. I kept my head down and walk across the room to laundry basket. As I bend down to grab a towel I feel his warm rough hand slide up the back of my thigh and cup my ass. His hand slid between my thighs and against my labia sending a chill down my spine. I felt his thick finger slide into my pussy as I let out a nervous flustered whimper.

I grabbed a towel, but before I could stand up a second finger pushed into me joining the first.

"Ohhh" I moaned and pushed my pussy against his fingers driving them deeper inside me.

"Yea, you like that Jenna?" My father said stroking his dick faster.

"Mmm, Daddy what are you doing?" I asked.

"Playing with my little girl." he replied pumping his fingers into my wet pussy.

"Wait, stop!" I shout, feeling a wave a guilt overpower the sensation of my father's fingers filling my hole.

"I know this is what you want baby girl" he cooed back.

"No daddy this is wrong!" I screamed.

He grabbed me by the hips. I cry out in fear as pulls me down onto the bed next to him parting my legs with his strong hands. His finger slides between my pussy lips and lands on my clit. I cry out again with fear quickly turning to pleasure as he rubs his finger against my swollen clit. I feel his hot breath on my neck making my hairs stand on end. He takes my hand and places it around his dick. I wrap my hand firmly around his shaft and work my hand up and down the length of his rod. A hefty drop of precum seeps from the head of his dick. I rub my hand around the head of his dick coating his dick in the slick liquid.

I slide my lubricated hand up and down his shaft and over the head of his dick making him twitch. His fingers rub my clit faster as I stroke his dick. My whole body trembles as I begin to cum. A wave of heat shoots through my body leaving every inch of my skin tingling with pleasure. My pussy gushes soaking his hand in my hot sticky juices.

"Oh fuck I'm cuming" I scream, shaking on the bed.

My fathers' dick is throbbing in my palm, I squeeze it tighter.

"Not quite yet Jenna." he says ripping my hand from his cock. He gets up on his knees moves between my legs and leans over me. My orgasm subsides and is replaced with more guilty feelings. I try to move away from him, but he holds me down. His powerful legs hold my thighs apart and his throbbing cock brushes against my pussy. I feel so dirty lying underneath my own father. I try to wiggle free again with no luck. I whimper completely helpless and feeling humiliated by what I have already done. I look up into my father's lustful eyes peering down at me a determined grin across his face.

His dick jabs into my upper thigh leaving my leg stick with precum. He reaches down, grabs his dick and guides the head of his cock between my pussy lips. "This is all my fault" I think to myself. I never should have played with myself in my parents' shower.

"I just had play with my clit" I lamented "and now my pussy soaking wet he can slide his dick in me without a problem."

I begin to tear up and sob from all the guilt I feel.

"Shh, it's ok baby girl. Daddy won't hurt you" he whispered in my ear just before he pushed the head of his cock into me stretching my pussy open.

"Please Daddy stop!" I cried squirming to get free beneath him.

"Don't you want this dick baby girl?" he whispered again pushing a little further into my pussy with every stroke.

"Please just stop Daddy this is so wrong!" I cried to him until he covered my mouth with his hand.

"Shhh, that's my girl" he said in an attempt to comfort me.

I closed my eyes tight and bit down on my lip waiting for it to be over. His dick slid in and out stretching my pussy more and more with each stroke. After a few minutes, which feels like an eternity, my father is able to slide his every bit of his 8 inch cock of his cock into me. He leans over resting his weight on his elbows on each side of me. The bed begins to rock back and forth as he builds up a steady stroke filling my pussy with his meat. My nipples get hard as his chest brushes steadily back and forth across my tits.

I moan softly as my father wraps his strong arms around me holding gently as he pumps his dick deeper into my pussy. Warm sticky juices leak from my pussy covering his dick and dripping down my thigh. My muscles begin to relax as I feel his searing rod glide in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I felt every vein and ridge of his dick as he fucked me.

"Oh Daddy" I moan as he fills my pussy.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it?" He asks continuing to pump his dick into my pussy.

"Oh Daddy it feels so good!"

"Yea baby girl, let me fuck that pussy" he whispers in my ear.

"Fuck me Daddy, Your dick feels so good!"

"You want more baby girl?"

"Yes Daddy, fuck me deeper!" I cry. I open my legs wider and wrap them around his waist and my arms around chest holding him tightly.

His stroke grows deeper and faster. I feel the head of his thick cock pounding against walls of my pussy hitting bottom with every stroke. His buff arms wrap around my back holding tighter as he fucks me harder and harder.

"Oh fuck Oh fuck!" I scream as he pounds deep into my pussy his balls slapping against my ass.

"Who's my little slut?" he asks fucking me harder.

"Yes Daddy! Fuck me!"

"Say it!" he demands pounding his hips sharply into me knocking me into the headboard.

"I'm your little slut" I moan feeling him deep in my pussy. "I'm Daddy's little slut" I moan again with him pounding harder and harder. I feel his dick throbbing deep inside me filling my pussy tightly. His large rough hand grabs my thigh pushing it up higher and squeezing tight. I lift my legs up to my head and grab my ankles letting him fuck me deeper. His dick stretches my pussy open as he pounds his shaft into my hole. Every muscle in my body tenses up as his dick plunges deeper and harder into me. I feel his dick throbbing deep in me pushing against my pussy walls.

"Fill my pussy Daddy!" I scream for him to fuck me harder.

His dick is throbbing harder and harder inside my pussy filling me so deep.

"Fuck me Daddy!" I scream wrapping my arms and legs around his body as tight as I can. The entire bed moves back and forth as he thrusts his throbbing dick deeper into my pussy.

"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck my pussy!" I scream his dick hits the bottom of my pussy harder setting of my orgasm. I squeeze his body with my legs pulling his dick deeper in my pussy as it contracts around his shaft . "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I shout uncontrollably while Daddy pummels my pussy harder sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" Daddy moans under his breath thrusting harder and deeper. My pussy squeezes down around his cock pulling him inside me.

"I'm gonna cum!" he shouts and thrusts deep into my pussy with all his strength pushing deep and deeper. He buries his dick all the way inside me as he cums. A huge surge of cum shoots from his dick into my pussy. I feel his thick gooey cum gushing from his dick.

"Oh Fuck!" He screams at the top of his lungs his dick throbbing and pulsing in my pussy shoot stream after stream of hot daddy cum deep into my young snatch. My pussy contracts around his cock as it pulses again milking out every drop of cum before he collapses on top of me.

"Oh Daddy that was so good!' I sigh laying limp on the bed beneath him.

"That's a good little slut" Daddy complimented. He laid on top of me for a moment before slowly getting up pulling his dick from my pussy followed by a strand of cum.

Before I could sit up in bed Daddy shoved his half limp cock in my face and said "Clean off Daddy's dick little slut."

I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked off every bit of sticky cum and pussy juice.

"Get out of here you little slut" he said in a stern voice.

I jumped out of bed stood up. My knees shook gave out and I fell back down on the bed.

"Haha silly little slut!" Daddy laughed.

I took my time and stood up slowly leaning on the dresser. I started to walk back to my room knees shaking. As I walked down the hall my father's cum began to leak from my pussy down between my thighs. I continued to walk to my room my thighs slid back and forth across each other slick with daddy's cum. I reached my bed and collapsed onto it face first letting the cum seep from my pussy onto my bed sheets as I dozed off.

A few minutes later my b*****r knocked on my door and let himself into my room. He saw me laying in bed and paused.

"Hey Jenna, why are your legs all sticky like that?" he asked.

My b*****r is 22 and very handsome. He is about 6'5" and works out all the time so his body is as close to perfect as I'd ever seen. He was heading to take a shower before he stopped to talk to me so he only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

"s*s, what is that on your legs?" he said waking me up.

"Um I must not have rinsed all the body wash off" was the best I could come up with. I reached around and wiped my towel between my legs to clean up the mess dad left in my pussy. The towel didn't do much but smear his cum all over my thighs making them shine. He stepped into my room and closed the door behind him.

"Are you sure? Cause that looks like something else to me?

I froze not knowing what to say or do. I turned my head to look over my shoulder at him. My b*****r was looking so hot in that bath towel. I couldn't take my eyes off him admiring his chiseled chest following his rock hard abs down to where the towel covered just below his waistline. I could see the outline of his cock as it pushed against the towel steadily growing larger.

"Jess!" He yelled breaking me out of my trance.

"Yea whatever" I said looking up at him to find his eyes fixated on my exposed ass and thighs. I was more than a little turned on by seeing my b*****r get hard looking at my ass. I got more nervous as he walked up to my bed.

"Leave me alone I'm trying to sl**p" I said turning away from him still leaving my ass partly uncovered. I jumped as I felt his rough fingers slide across the back of my thigh.

"What the hell? Eww is that cum?" He asked.

"No, it's just body wash" I insisted keeping my face turned away from him.

"I thought I heard somebody fucking, I could have sworn it sounded like dad fucking mom again." he said.

"Get out of here" I asked again nervous about what he might ask next. It was obvious no one was hiding in my room
or could have snuck out without being seen he thought. His hand slid up and down between my thighs and into my ass.

"Your ass is full of cum!" He gasped. His eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped as he realized that mom had been away for the past couple of days. His dick sprang up poking into the towel showing his excitement.

"Oh my god! You fucked dad?!?"

"Shut up! It wasn't my idea."

"Wow! I can't believe you let him fuck you!"

"I didn't want to, but I couldn't stop him. He's too strong" I mumbled

"That's even hotter! Then I guess you won't mind if I fuck you too."

"No, Jason don't!" I said. Before I could move an Inch his large muscular body laid down on top of me. He placed his knees on either side of my legs holding them together. He put his hands on my shoulders pinning me down to the bed. I felt his warm dick brush against my ass and slide down between my thighs. He pushed his dick forward parting my legs. His dick felt enormous as he crammed it between my thighs. I had never seen my b*****rs dick hard before. It must have been at least 10 inches long and as thick as a cucumber. His dick slid freely between my cum soaked ass and thighs. He pushed forward again, the head of his cock nuzzled up between my pussy lips. My body shook feeling his huge dick about to enter my freshly used hole.

"Oh shit Jess this is so hot." He remarked. He braced himself and rocked forward pushing his dick into my pussy. His dick slid easily in and out through daddy's cum.

"Fuck!" I moaned pushing my face into the pillow grabbing the sheets with both hands. His enormous 10 inch rod pumped deeper into my pussy. The plump head of his cock stretching me more with every stroke. In less than a minute he was more than 8 inches in and deeper than I've ever been fucked before. He pumped deeper still stretching my pussy around his thick cock. My pussy felt so full I could feel the pressure in my stomach. My body tensed up contracting around his cock. Jason pushed deeper into my pussy. I winced in pain feeling my pussy stretch wider around the shaft of his cock.

"Oh fuck you're too big" I moaned

"I'm not even all the way in yet" he smirked. With that he thrusted his last few inches into my twat. I shrieked in pain as his dick prodded against my insides. His hips rocked back and forth on top of me pumping his dick deep into my pussy. I cringed in pleasure and pain with every long deep stroke. He reached his hand under my arm and grabbed the end of the mattress. His reached his other arm in front of me me and wrapped his hand around my throat. He pulled my body back into him as he pounded away at my pussy. I feel his hot breath and hear him grunting in my ear. His dick feels so fucking good deep in my pussy . I've never been fucked so hard in my life. I begin to moan louder and louder every time he plunges into my slippery hole.

"You like that s*s? How do you like my big cock in your pussy?"

"Fuck yes I love it! Fuck me harder!"

"You like it rough slut?" he said while tightening his grip around my neck. I feel the pressure of his strong hands cutting off my air pipe.

"Oh my god yes!!!" I screamed. He choked me harder making me gag and gasp for air as he fucked my pussy so hard. His huge cock was throbbing wildly inside my tight hole. A wave of electrifying pleasure swept through my body every time I feel him throb.

"Yes! Fuck my pussy!" I screamed as he pounded my pussy violently driving me into orgasm. My body went limps as I felt his thick shaft fuck my pulsating snatch. He wrapped his hands tighter around my neck making me cum so hard I blackout for almost a 10 to 15 seconds.

"You like that don't you little whore"

"Oh god I want more!"

My b*****r stopped for a minute and flipped me over onto my back. I spread my legs wide anxiously awaiting him to fill my pussy once again. He leaned over me and slid the head of his dick between my sobbing lips rubbing against my clit. I writhe under him trying to push my pussy done onto his cock.

"Please give it to me!" I begged. Before I knew it He rammed his cock all the way into my pussy stabbing my insides. I screamed so loud every time he pounded into me. His hand wrapped around my mouth stifling my cries. I looked deep into his eyes overwhelmed with pleasure. He stared back at me with the most lustful glare turning me on even more. I admired his chiseled body watching his muscles bulge and ripple as he fucked me. I reach out and drag my fingertips across is solid abs as they contracted. I ran my fingers up to his chest grabbing his huge bulging pecs. He looked at me with more intensity as he fucked me faster and harder. I squeeze and pinch his nipples between my fingers making him moan in pleasure. I squeeze and pull them harder and harder driving him to the edge. His dick is throbbing harder as he begins to lose control. I wrap my legs around him and reach my hands around his waist pulling him deeper into me. His hips thrust violently pounding into my soaking wet pussy. His body clenched tightly as he buried his cock deep in my pussy. Every muscle in his body flexed and rippled as the orgasm rushed through him. I felt his thick cock throb before filling my pussy with stream after stream of hot thick cum. Having his dick swell and pulse in my pussy made me cum so hard. I wrapped my legs around his waist as tight as I could. He jabbed his cock deeper inside me as he pumped out every last drop of cum before collapsing on top of me. Chills ran through my body as I continued to cum with him inside me.

"Oh my god, you fuck so good!" I moaned as he slowly got up and pulled his sticky cock from my pussy.

"Damn s*s!" he sighed pulling is pants back up. He leaned over and pinched my nipple again before he turned to leave my room. I spread my legs to give him one last look at his cum dripping from my pussy. He opened my bedroom door to see our father standing in the hall with a more than noticeable bulge in his pants.

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11 days ago
This story made me hard!Well done Drew
5 months ago
good one. she will be busy now
5 months ago
Great story and great way of making her their slut to share. Hope there's more of her cumming.