Landlords Dog

Shelly is an average girl with brunette hair and brown eyes who is 30 years old. She works at a bank and lives in an apartment building. Its owned by a fat 50 year old black man with grayish black hair and beard named Mr. Meaner who looks 60. When Shelly first met him she was intimidated but found him to be nice as well as his rottweiler Buck. They were the only two to live down stairs. There was her and the landlords apartment as well as one other that he left open for visiting f****y. Also the lobby and the laundry room that everyone used. Above them were three more floors and each floor with four apartments. From talking to the landlord she found out that an old lady in her 80's used to live in hers. The old lady even cooked for the landlord from time to time. Even though Shelly knew how to cook she wasnt ready to offer it. Its been six months since she moved in.

Today is Wednesday and she's getting home from work when Mr. Meaner came out to talk to her. Hello Shelly, may I ask a favor from you? What is it Mr. Meaner? she response. Well I got to leave town Friday and wont be back till Monday. Could you please watch Buck for me? You are the only one he seems to like in this building and kennels are too much money.She thought for a minute and said ok. He thanked her and gave her a hug. As she walked away Mr. Meaner enjoyed the view like so many times in the past. She always wore skirts or dresses to work with nylons and heels. If I was younger, he thought to himself. When Friday came she got home from work to find a note on her door. Shelly, Buck is inside and the dog food is in your kitchen. Thanks again and see you two Monday. She was shocked because she thought he would give her a key to his apartment to take care of Buck. When she opened the door Buck was there waiting. She pet him and went to change in her room. Not thinking she left her door open. She stripped down to her bra and panties. When she went to get her shorts out of the dresser drawer she felt a tongue lick her crotch. Turning around in shock she found Buck in her room. I dont think so mister, she yelled while grabbing him by the collar. After taking him to the hall she went back in her room to dress. This time shutting the door to keep Buck out.

After feeding Buck and herself Shelly went to the couch to watch TV. While watching she thought about what Buck did earlier and how long its been since she has been touched there. Six months ago by her ex-boyfriend it has been. Then she decided to go to bed and use her vibrator. Again she forgot to shut her door because she wasnt used to needing to. While on the bed masturbating Buck walked into the room. He could smell her in the air. Then he climbed up on the bed with his back legs still on the floor. Shelly didnt even notice he was between her legs till he licked her pussy. She shot up in shock and pulled the vibrator out. Get out of here, she yelled but he didnt move. Instead he just licked her again and she backed up out of reach from him. After thinking about it she decided to let him lick her to orgasm. Who would ever find out? she thought, He wont ever talk. With that she got closer to him and he started to lick her again. This time he didnt stop or pause between licks. When he finally stopped she decided to finish without him. She took him out, closed the door and finished with the vibrator.

The next day he wouldnt leave her alone. He bothered her so much that she decided to go out for the afternoon. When she got home Shelly thought that taking Buck for a walk would help. Even played fetch to tire him out. Later after feeding him she was on the couch watching TV. The whole time Buck kept licking at her legs and crotch. Luckily she was wearing shorts unlike last night. Shelly had enough and got up to go to bed when Buck knocked her down. While trying to get up he mounted her and started to hump her. When she tried to get him off he just growled which scared her. After he loss grip and fell off she got up and ran to her room shutting the door behind her. That was scary, she said to herself. One thing she noticed before running away was the size of Bucks cock. To her surprise she found she was getting wet from thinking about what if she was naked and he fucked her. “Stop it Shelly. He is a dog and you are a human, she thought to herself.

Sunday was here and Mr. Meaner would be back tomorrow from his trip. She couldnt get last nights event out of her head. She was also scared to be around Buck but he was being good today. Most of the time she went to morning church but decided to go to the evening one. Just like work she dressed up for church. She wore a white dress to her knees with tan stockings and white heels. When she got back she fed herself and Buck before changing cloths. While eating Buck finished and crawled under the table. She got a shock from him putting his head between her legs and licking her thong-covered crotch. She ended up falling backwards in her chair from trying to get away from him. Just as she got to her hands and knees he mounted her causing the dress to climb up around her waist. After a few humps his cock pushed her thong to the side as he interred her pussy. No she cried out in pain from his size. She couldnt believe this was happening or how big he felt.

All of the sudden she heard knocking at the door. Later she heard in open and her landlords voice. Shelly are you here? I;m back earlier than I thought. Just wanted to get Buck.Oh no, she thought then heard him say What the She looked up to see Mr. Meaner looking down at her in shock. Help he's r****g me, she pleaded. Then she saw him turn around and heard him leave the apartment. Minutes later he was back with a camera taking pictures. Again she was pleading with him to help and stop taking pictures as well. With a scream she felt the dogs knot inter her and then shot after shot of doggy cum. Wow that was amazing, said her landlord. After a while Bucks cock popped out and him and Mr. Meaner left her lying on the floor. She past out and when she came to she was still in her church cloths with her ass and legs laying in cum. Shelly got up stripped, took a shower then went to bed. She just laid in bed thinking about what happened till she fell asl**p.

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4 months ago
Great I hope the landlord carries it further and uses her too.
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6 months ago
Oh wow hot story
6 months ago
great story very horny:)