Charlotte and her friends little sister

I did not write this story

After a night out I stayed over at my friends sl**ping in the spare room. In the morning my friend had work and left without waking me but she told me the night before she had work and I could stay until she got home again.

Waking up in the morning I felt groggy and tired but one thing I did notice was I woke up with morning glory, I was rock solid and made a huge tent of the quilt. I needed to sort this out. I slid my hand down into my panties where it was stretching them and slid them off allowing my cock to grow to it's full size, I was so horny and instantly began wanking to hard and fast. I stripped off naked and pulling the quilt off I lay naked wanking so hard, my tits flat on my chest but bouncing everywhere.

Suddenly my friend's little sibling walked right in looking totally shocked at the sight of her older sibling's friend who she knew very well laying naked with a huge cock, she was bi and had always had a thing for me, but now she was in heaven seeing this. She quickly closed the door and stood at the foot of the bed touching her small breast. Her name was Gemma.

She instantly stripped naked and the sight of her young naked, pale, veiny body, totally shaven and perfect just waiting to be fucked got me so hard. Gemma crawled up the bed and straddled me, slowly sliding my big cock into her tiny tight pussy, it was a big squeeze but she seriously wanted this and began lowering herself down onto my huge length, gradually taking my whole length before leaning down kissing me as I held her perfect big round ass and thrusting my waist up I began fucking her deep and fast.

I looked up at her body as she sat up again, seeing her tiny young body made my cock tense again, tensing up inside her rubbing her making her moan. I loved her small perky tits, her pink puffy nipples, her tiny body, she had a tiny pop belly, no fat but a nice round tummy which was covered in veins close to her pussy, for some reason that is a big turn on for me. She continued to bounce on my cock until suddenly she let out a loud moan, her pussy clenching so tight around my cock before falling down on top of me. She had chummed, I wanted more though.

Flipping her onto her back I leant over her, my big tits hanging in front of her face as she wrapped her perfect little lips around my nipple sucking hard and biting slightly as I began pounding her tight little pussy again. It wasn't long until she had another orgasm. As we laid their panting, allowing Gemma to recover from her orgasm she said to me.

"I want you to fill me with your cum"
"I cum a huge load hun, you sure?"
"I'm sure, if it's too much inside me pull out and cover me"

This spurred me on as I then suddenly began pounding her tight body again, both moaning so loud, our puffy nipples rubbing against each other as I slammed her body so hard. I couldn't control myself and within minutes I began pouring my load deep into her, she could feel it and let out huge moans, before long she was full up as I slipped my cock out followed by a stream of cum as I shot my load all over her little veiny pop belly, small tits and one shot shooting far enough to land right on her face and in her mouth.

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6 months ago
Sexy little story. Great fantasy.