Charlotte and her sister go swimming

I did not write this story.

I am 18, I have a younger sibling who is 2 years younger than me called Emily. Even though she is younger than me and we both come from the same parents, she has a better body than me. She is curvy, taller than me, wider hips, small waist, amazing big round ass and huge tits. I'm a D but she is an E, almost F. She turns me on a lot, I know it's wrong but I get horny thinking of her naked.

We both love our swimming. Even though this is an awkward sport for me as I am tiny and it is hard for me to hide a big 8 inch cock. I usually tuck it between my legs pushing up against my ass, on top I will always wear drag shorts. (Fellow swimmers will know what drag shorts are, google if you don't know.) This is the only way I hide my big cock.

Me and Emily decide to go swimming one day. As we got there we went into individual cubicals and got changed. I got dressed into my one piece swimsuit that looks like this:

On top I wore my drag shorts as always and hid my nice big cock. I walk out to the poolside noticing there were only three other people in the pool, it was empty. I got in and waited for Emily to come out. I rested my arms out on the side of the pool and lifted my head as I saw Emily come out. I instantly tightened my legs together keeping my cock hidden, I was getting erect. Her big E cup tits were in a tiny bikini, this bikini only just about covered up her nipples which from the cold changing room were erect and casting shadows. On the bottom half her bikini was so small it was almost a thong. Her pussy looked so tight and was easily shaven and when I got to see her ass it wobbled as she walked. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The best thing was, it was a white bikini, I couldn't wait for her to get in the pool so her bikini would go see through.

I put my goggles on and diving under the water I swam up under the water to Emily, She had gracefully lowered herself into the pool and standing at the shallow end. As I was under the water I admired her amazing body, I was right, her bikini had gone see through. I could feel my cock rock hard pushing against my swimsuit and drag shorts, desperate to get out and fuck her. Her nipples were perfect, small and pink, again I was right, she was totally shaven and her pussy looked perfect.

We continued the rest of our time in the pool and I gradually forgot about wanting to ram my huge hard cock into her perfect little pussy, or ram them between her massive teen tits and shoot my load all over her beautiful face and massive tits.

As we finished I got out of the pool and went into the changing rooms. Emily stayed in as long as she could. I just wanted to go into the shower cubical by myself and have a nice big wank and cum. As I got in there I slid off my drag shorts and moving my swimsuit to one side I set free my cock which had now become fully erect and grown to 9 inches. Leaning back against the button for the shower I let the warm water sprinkle all over my swimsuit, my swimsuit soaked and tight against my skin, my nipples not hard but showing clearly through my swimsuit. As I leant back my waist was out in front, my cock stretched out as I wrapped my small hand around my girth and furiously began wanking.

I heard footsteps across the wet floor as I looked out of the gap of the shower cubical door to find Emily coming out from the pool and go to her locker. I watched as her thighs wobbled and her huge tits bounced up and down. Her bikini was still see through and I could clearly see her nipples fully erect from the cold changing area. I watched as she opened her locker, her bag falling to the floor as she bent over, her legs straight, her amazing ass poking right up in the air, her bikini bottoms riding right up between her big round ass cheeks, her pussy mound showing between her legs. My cock was rock solid. She picked up her stuff and walked to her changing cubical.

I lent my head back closing my eyes, I started breathing heavily, I was close to cumming, I really badly wanted to run out there as she was bent over, pull down her bikini bottoms and fuck her tight asshole. I was so close.

Suddenly the door opened for my shower cubical, I had forgotten to lock it. Just as I opened my eyes, Emily was stood there, her tiny bikini soaking and still showing her nipples and pussy, as I saw this and her eyes wide open staring at my huge rock solid cock I let out my load, it shot all over Emily, all over her perfect flat stomach and all over her bikini bottoms over her pussy and all over her thighs. Emily didn't move to dodge the cum shots, she just let it happen. As I looked up from my throbbing cock and her perfect body in front of me, covered in my cum, she was looking at me, giggling and smiling at me. She loved this, not the fact her older sibling was a shemale but the fact I was wanking over her. She heard me breathing heavily, what I didn't notice was that I was moaning her name too.

"I heard you moaning my name, I noticed the door was unlocked and wanted to see."
"I am so sorry Emily" I replied, I was bright red and embarrassed.

She put her finger to my lip gesturing me to be quiet. She untied her bikini top and bottoms and standing in front of me totally naked she turned around, her perfect ass facing me and bent over, straight legged again, her amazing ass poking right up, her ass cheeks spread wide. I could clearly see her tight asshole and under that her perfect tight bald pussy. Seeing this got me hard against as it slowly rose up between her legs rubbing against her pussy. She giggled as she leant forward, holding my cock she slid it into her pussy, she was soaking wet and surprisingly took my huge cock easily, letting out a moan as she pushed herself back I pushed my waist forward as she finally hit the base of my cock. She was taking my big 9inch cock easily. I was impressed. How well would she take a very hard fucking by my big cock though, I wanted to find out.

Holding her waist I began pounding into her, thrusting my waist against her hard as I pulled her back, my balls swinging between her legs slapping against her pussy. She let out loud moans as she quickly got close to an orgasm. I was so hard and wanted to fuck her really rough. I let go of her waist with one hand and I spanked her big beautiful ass hard, watching it wobble and as I did this she let out a loud moan, her pussy tightened around my cock, it felt so good as it made me push my cock even deeper.

"Cum in me Charlotte, I want another huge load like that but all inside me."

I couldn't say no to that. I started to pound her pussy so much harder then and suddenly Emily's pussy clenched so hard as her cum shot all over my cock pushing me over the edge to shoot my load for the second time. There was a lot more this time as I was having sex for this orgasm. I filled her up, there was a lot more.

After finally shooting all of my load I leant over Emily, my nice big tits pushed up against her back, both panting for air. I stood back up again as Emily leant forward I looked down watching my big hard cock slowly slide out, watching as all 9inches of my cock slipped out, it took longer than I thought and it was amazing to see all of what Emily had just taken inside her pussy. As my cock finally slipped out it was followed by a big flow of my thick white cum which she let dribble all down the insides of her thighs. She turned around and running her hands up her thighs, covering her hands in cum she rubbed them all over her big round bouncing tits, covering them in my thick white load. She then put on her bikini again, still covered and filled with my cum and went to get changed.

As we got into my car to drive home she looked at me, pulled down her top and bra and showed me her tits, her tits were still covered in my cum. "And it's still all inside me." I loved that, she loved my cum. This wouldn't be the last time I would fuck my little sibling.

Hope you have all enjoyed this. Pictures of me and Emily can be found on my page. Add me if you like, message me if you like, I'll try my best to reply. More will come soon :)
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5 months ago
This is so fuckin sexy. I'm so horny my cock is rockhard, and wet with precum.