Good times to mend a broken heart

I had issues getting over a bad break up. I confided in a female friend that i been talking to for months. She told me she was a lesbian, and hadnt had dick in two years. We would hang out, shoot pool--look at women in the mall. She was like one of the fellas. A stud, and she was proud of making hetero women weak with her tounge. We got extremely close, to the point where id sl**p ova her house if i had to many beers. I woke up one morning still feeling dizzy from my buzz, an hopped in the shower. She fumbles thru the door while im in the tub n says she has to pee. I didnt care, i figured it would make her uncomfortable becuz her shower curtain was see thru. I had my back facing her at first, and when i turned around i seen her sitting on the toilet in just a tshirt. I seen her fiddling in between her legs but there was no tissue in her hands. I joked around and said is it still there or did u grow a dick? We both laughed, and i got out the tub right in front of her. She looked at me and asked me if she could touch it. I felt weird at first but the site of the size of her ass and legs turned me on. All this time she wore baggy clothes and fitted baseball caps, i never really looked at her like a woman. She said its not like im gonna suck it-i just wanna see it grow, but im no dick diver. I asked her whats a dick diver? She explained in short a lesbian that likes to service dick every once in a while. Naive to the lifestyle, i figured what the hell. She looked at me in the eyes until she massaged my dick hard. She looked at it and spit in her hand and started to pay more attention to the shaft of my dick. Using one hand to stroke it and the other to massage my balls. I was getting extra hot and completely forgot she was a lesbian, i pushed it in her face. She licked the tip and got off the toilet. I grabbed the top of her head and she got on her knees. She took in half of my dick and started choking. I asked sarcastically. I thought u werent a dick diver? She pumped my dick in and out of her mouth 3 good times and said im not. She stood up flushed the toilet and walked out the bathroom. Frustrated and highly turned on i snapped at her from the bathroom. Hey you never wiped wtf thats just nasty. She replied i never had to pee.

To be continued
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3 years ago
looks like she wants you ,,so help her out...