My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 12

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 12 – Roadtrip

Tricia had followed her instructions to the letter, she showed up with Chad Friday morning under the guise of helping Beth wrap presents. I just had to send Chad on an errand to give Beth and Cindy time to give Tricia her pregnancy test. They were using some test that supposedly provides results six days before a woman’s period is due.

To give the girls the time they needed, I gave Chad a shopping list and sent him to the local fetish store. He was to get the following items:

5 Double Headed Dildos.
4 Double Delight Strap-On Dildos.
2 Dick Extenders.
10 Tubes of Anal Lubricant.
7 Jars of Clit Sensitizer.
5 Tubes of Delay Gel.
5 Hollow Strap-On Cocks.
15 Tubes of Lubricant.

With Chad off to the store, the girls proceeded to administer the pregnancy test to Tricia. They were using two of the digital tests to be sure.
After following the test instructions, both tests displayed “pregnant” after about three minutes.

Tricia squealed and ran over and hugged me. “Uncle Mark! You did it! You knocked me up!” she happily exclaimed.

“You know what this means, you must give yourself to Chad tonight. For our plans to work, he must think it is his baby!” I told her.

“I will Uncle Mark! I will fuck that slave dry! But this will be the only time I’ll give him my pussy unless we want another c***d! Tricia replied.

About an hour later, Chad returned with my shopping list. After he gave me the box of items, Tricia said, “come here slave!”

“Yes Mistress!” Chad replied dropping to his knees in front of her.

“You have done well for my Uncle today! I shall reward you shortly! I am going to let you stick your pathetic excuse for a cock in my pussy, would my slave like that?” Tricia said.

“Yes Mistress! I will try to please you!” Chad said.

“Now go to the guest bedroom and get undressed, after I help my Aunt I will be in to remove your cock cage so you may try to please me.” Tricia told him.
Beth, Cindy and Tricia spent the next couple of hours wrapping my “gifts” for the f****y. When they were done, Tricia said, “ time o get this over with”.
Tricia went down the hall to the guest bedroom.

I instructed Beth and Cindy to pack for our holiday trek and then join me in bed.
After about 45 minutes they both slid into bed with me. Beth started giving me a hand job while Cindy started sucking on my nipples. Beth was coating my cock in her saliva, and then pumping it again, getting me harder by the minute.
She then started licking the tip and swallowing the shaft. Progressively taking more of me into her mouth with each swallow. It wasn’t long before my cock was in her throat.

Cindy had moved from my nipples, to straddling my face. My tongue entered her pussy lips and found her clit. I used my tongue to draw circles on the surface of her clit and occasionally licking her pussy lips! I could tell by her moaning and hip gyrations I was having the desired effect on her.

I then used my tongue to draw figure eights on her clit and occasionally holding her clit with my teeth and flicking it with my tongue. This drove her wild, she screamed, “eat me you mother fucker! Eat my pussy!”

She began climaxing in my mouth! I lightened the pressure on her clit while she was climaxing and then slowly and gently began drawing circles around her clit
with my tongue. Her hips bucked as she began to come again! I began sucking on her pussy lips and licking them. As this orgasm passed I once again drew circles with my tongue on her clit, just barely touching it. Another orgasm rocked her body. I stuck out my tongue a little to maintain contact with her clit until this orgasm passed.

She gasped as she lifted off my face, “No more! That’s all I take for now!”
Beth withdrew my cock from her throat and used this opportunity to impale her pussy on my cock! She began to finger her own clit as she pumped up and down on my cock! She slowed down the pace and started grinding her pussy o my cock. Cindy who had been laying exhausted next to us, got her second wind.
She leaned forward and sucked one of Beth’s nipples into her mouth. I reached around Beth’s ass and shoved two of my fingers up her anus.

Cindy told Beth, "you have wonderful sexy tits!" Then she began to kiss each one. She sucked each nipple stretching them with her lips. Beth seemed to be really turned on by getting her nipples sucked by her mother. She once again began pumping my cock with her pussy at a maddening pace.

Cindy started gently nibbling on Beth’s nipples.
"Oh yes! Bite my nipples while I fuck Mark! OHH FUCK! I love your big fucking cock Mark! Ughhh! So fucking good! Yes! Uh, uh, uh...fuck me! Ugh fuck yes!" Beth cried out.


"Ughhhh fuck...I'm going to cum too baby!”
“Ugnnnn...gonna fill your pussy with cum!”
”FUCK UGHHHH!" I groaned.
I blasted one, two, three, four, five...thick loads of cum deep into Beth’s body.
Her orgasmic high fueled even higher by my seed!

Just as I blasted my load into Beth, Tricia appeared nude at the doorway.
“Oh fuck! I missed the fun!” she said.

”You can have a snack honey!” Beth said as she pulled herself off my cock.
She laid on the bed and spread her legs, Tricia dove between them and happily licked my cum leaking out of her pussy!

Cindy dove between my legs and happily licked her daughters juices and my cum of my cock!

I looked at the clock, it was only 4pm. As Tricia and Cindy cleaned up Beth and I,
They worked us up to full horniness again! I pulled Cindy up on top of me and inserted my cock into her pussy!

“Ride me mom!” I instructed her.
“Lets see if your as good of a fuck as your daughter!” I challenged her.
Beth and Tricia had gotten out a double headed dildo and were grinding their pussies against each other!

Cindy was sliding up and down on my cock, eager to prove she was every bit as good as her daughter. I told her to stop and get on her back on the bed, I wanted to fuck her tits!

Cindy laid on the bed, I squirted some lubricant between her breasts
and placed my cock in her cleavage. She pushed her tits in from either side onto my cock. My cock was engulfed between her beautiful tits! I started a slow steady rhythm and rode her tits.

Beth and Tricia stopped their grinding and put the dildo in Cindy’s pussy!
They matched my tit fucking rhythm. Tricia started licking Cindy’s clit.
Cindy started moaning as the three of us played with her body.
“So Cindy, would you like me to spray my cum on your face?” I asked.

“Uhh, Uhh, OK I guess.” Cindy Replied.

“That didn’t sound to enthusiastic, what’s the matter?” I asked.

“My ex-husband was into facials, I never really liked them too much!” Cindy Said.

“We can’t have that, listen ladies…. I want you to be dirty foul mouthed sluts in bed. There is nothing nasty you’re not willing to do or try” I instructed them.

So I’ll ask you again, ”Cindy, would you like me to spray my cum on your face?”

“Paint me with your cum Mark! Spray that hot load all over my face! “Oh god…..yes, yes, yes. Ugh….fuck my tits!” Cindy replied.

“Oh my god! Yes…that’s it…fuck my wet cunt Tricia!. Suck your granny’s clit good.” Cindy said.

Beth said, “I want you to cum all over her face and in her mouth! I want to lick your hot spunk off her face and share it with Tricia!”

“Oh god, Tricia that feels so good! Jeezus, I’m going to cum. Fuck that cunt.
"Oh Mark! Oh Tricia! Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh ughhhhh!" Cindy's body stiffened, she shudders from head to toe as her orgasm erupted!

As she orgasmed, I thrusted my cock above her breasts and said, “That’s it… oh god…oh…oh” as I sprayed cum onto her face and into her open mouth!

As I finished painting her face with cum, Beth started licking her Mothers face and kissing her, trails of my cum dangling between their tongues.

“Oh Mommy, let me clean your face! Beth said. I lifted myself off Cindy’s chest and Tricia scrambled up to join the feeding frenzy.

Beth leaned over and dribbled some of my cum into Tricia’s mouth. Cindy then kissed Tricia savoring the taste of my cum mixed with her own juices.

As the girls swapped cum, I again looked at the clock. It was now 6pm.
I asked Tricia how things had gone with Chad.

She replied, “I fucked him finally, let him cum in me three times. Dumb bastard thinks he took my virginity. When I get things confirmed in a couple weeks by the doctor, I’ll tell him he’s a daddy!: I’ve got my slave shackled to the bed with his cock cage on right now.”

“Then lets refuel, Just gonna microwave something and grab a power drink. We have to head out by 10am” I told the girls.

I ate and jumped in the shower. When I came out the girls we’re in a triangle formation on the bed eating out each other.
I instructed the girls to eat something if they wanted, take a shower and get some sl**p. We have a big week ahead of us!

I went down to my studio and packed several items for the trip, my own MP3 player with noise canceling headphones and several emergency CD’s just in case! I went back upstairs and crawled into bed between Cindy and Beth. I had set the alarm for 5am.

I awoke to the buzzing of the alarm at 5am, took a shower and got dressed.
I grabbed a quick bite to eat and started loading Beth’s Mini-van for the trip.
Tricia sent out her slave Chad to help me. We loaded all my “gifts” , luggage and “toys” for the trip.I did a quick double check to make sure I had everything and then gathered everyone in the f****y room before we left.
It was already 7:45 am by this time.

“Listen everyone, you will act and behave totally normal at Danny and Stacy’s house until you hear me say, the party is really going to start now! After that you may refer to me as Master or Master Mark, whichever you prefer. Now lets get going!”

Tricia and Chad piled in his Escalade and Cindy, Beth and I jumped in the Mini-van. We started the long tedious trip to Stacy’s. This was something I’d have to correct. I had let Beth drive so I could stretch out and read in the rear seat. Once we were on the highway for about forty minutes, Cindy yawned and said, “I’m bored!”

With that she climbed into the rear seat with me and pulled down my fly and fished out my cock. She started getting it hard by fondling it and once it was semi-erect popped it into her mouth. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect and she had my cock buried in her throat and her nose buried in my pubic hair.

She kept this up for a good twenty minutes and I could feel the pressure building in my shaft. I grabbed her head and buried my cock as deeply in her throat as it would go! “Here comes your treat Cindy!” I yelled as I pumped hot cum down her throat. Cindy was a pro, she didn’t gag or spill a drop! She kissed the head of my cock before tucking it back in and zipping me back up.

“Hey you two! Three exits to go!” Said Beth.
Cindy climbed back into the front seat, fifteen minutes later we were pulling into Stacy’s driveway behind Tricia and Chad.

Stacy was in the doorway waving, she came outside as we piled out.
“Mom. s*s, Mark! You made it! Let me show you to your rooms.” Stacy said.

“Tricia and Chad will be staying in Tricia’s bedroom. I’ve moved Amy and Jen in together in Amy’s bedroom, so you’ll be in Jen’s bedroom mom. Mark and Beth are in the guest bedroom. Joe and Laurie and the boys are set-up in the recreation room.” Stacy said.

I brought in our things with Chad’s assistance, and then went down to the living room. Amy and Jen were lying on the floor in front of the TV playing a video game. Brad and Dillon were on the couch staring at their asses rubbing their cocks through their pants. Stacy, Beth and Cindy were talking in the kitchen. Laurie was hovering over a bowl of chips on the dining room table, stuffing one after another into her mouth since Joe was out of sight.
Stacy yelled to me have a beer with Danny and Joe who were in the doorway of the garage lighting the grill.

I went out to the garage to find Danny and Joe playing touchy feely around the grill. I grabbed a beer and said hello. They gave me the polite hello treatment and then went back to their own little world. I knew then and there that I couldn’t tolerate this till New Years Day!

I got out my cell phone and texted my surprise for Beth, telling her to get the house ready. I then played games on my cell phone till dinner was ready.
At dinner, It was the same old tired dinner conversation and lame jokes.
If there wasn’t coffee, I would have surely nodded off.

After dinner, everyone retired to the living room where they pit on some pathetically asinine music talent show for two hours.

When the show was done, I made my move.

“Listen everyone, can I have your attention a moment? I know we don’t normally open gifts until Christmas Eve, but I have a special favor to ask. I need you all to open 1 gift tonight to help me with a special project.. I need your feedback on something I’m doing some contract work for.”

The f****y happily agreed since it would help me with work.
I retrieved my packages and passed them out.
“Now everyone open them at the same time!: I announced.

“Now I need everyone to wear these to bed tonight, I’m creating the accompanying audio tracks for the company. so wear the mask and use the MP3 player and let me know what you think at breakfast.” I told them.

As everyone slowly retired to bed, the Christmas week I dreaded now showed some promise! I said my good nights and waited for dawn!

By: Draugrmaker

Next Chapter: “The New Dawn”

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