My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 9

My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 9 – Chad’s Reward

I followed the girls out into the hallway as they headed to the second guest bedroom.
If I didn’t already have a Viagra fueled hard on, the sight of their three asses swaying down the hallway would have given me one.

As we went into the bedroom, I noticed the DVD had finished playing and Chad was still secured to the bed with his cock swelled in his cage.

Tricia said, “Has my little slave been a good boy and not cum?”
Chad was still gagged and could not reply but nodded his head up and down.
Tricia walked over to him and removed the gag and Chad said, “Mistress. Please let me cum… I need to cum!”

Tricia said, “ I will give you a reward and let you cum on one condition.”
Chad replied, “Anything Mistress! Your slave needs to cum!”
“You must agree to pay me a tribute of $100.00 every time I give you the privilege of letting your pathetic little cock cum!” Said Tricia.

“I agree Mistress, $100.00 every time I cum” replied Chad.
“Just please let me cum!” He said.

Tricia unlocked the cock cage on Chad but had to use lube to remove it as his cock was so swelled. She then applied lube to my wife’s sphincter and had her get over Chad.
My wife slowly lowered her asshole down on Chad’s cock. When it was all the way in, she hadn’t pumped more than ten times when Chad screamed, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”
He grunted as his load shot into my wife’s ass, she pulled off him and his cock quickly began to grow limp.

Tricia said, “Look at the mess you made in my Aunt’s ass! Bad Slave! You will clean that mess up right now!”

Tricia had Beth lower her ass onto Chad’s face, his tongue shot up into her rectum eager to clean her of his load. He must have licked her for a good 10 minutes before Tricia said, “That’s enough slave, now you must be punished!”

She un-cuffed and unshackled Chad and had him get on all fours on the bed.
“Uncle Mark, will you show my slave how an ass should be fucked?” Asked Tricia.
“Sure Trish, lube him up”. I replied.
Tricia started lubricating Chad’s ass while Cindy started lubricating my shaft.
I Jumped up on the bed and Beth guided my cock to his sphincter. With one thrust I penetrated Chad’s ass and started pumping.

“Oh Mistress, it’s too big! I can feel him hitting my stomach!” Cried out Chad.
She said, “shut up frat boy! You’re going to learn to love it!”

I said, “Yes Chad, you love it! You love having a cock in your ass!”
His brain succumbed to my order and he said. “yes sir I love it!”
I fucked his ass for forty-five minutes until I felt that familiar tingle building. I dismounted his ass and shoved my cock in his mouth.”

“Drink it all bitch, don’t spill a drop!”. I yelled.
His cheeks puffed out as I sprayed six or seven jets of cum into his mouth.
He then swallowed my load and sucked my cock clean.
Cindy, Beth and Tricia were all playing with their pussies taking in the scene.
They almost all came simultaneously as Chad swallowed my load.

My erection was finally subsiding and I needed rest.
I told everyone to take showers and rest up for tomorrow.
I’m going shopping when Chad and Tricia leave in the morning.

By: Draugrmaker

Next Chapter: “Christmas Shopping”

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2 years ago
hmm ok but it needs more. Next chapter make it A WHOLEEE page worth :}
2 years ago
hot naughty series