My Descent Into Subliminals - Chapter 3 - My Undoi

My Descent Into Subliminals - Chapter 3 - My Undoing!

My mother in law Cindy had asked me to drive down to the coast with her
to pick up Tricia (my niece) from college for the Christmas break; she
arrived at my house at 7am on a Friday morning. My wife Beth made us a
quick breakfast and told her mom, "don't wear Mark out or drain him dry,
remember we have special plans for him tonight!"

I could only imagine what these two had cooked up. Cindy asked me to
drive on the way down and tossed me the keys to her Ford. As we jumped on
the highway, Cindy spoke, "Mark. As you may know, since my divorce I have
become a woman of substantial means. I've spoken to Beth so she knows my
plans, but we don't have to pick up Tricia till 6pm. There is a rather
large adult store outlet in the college's city and I want us to make a pit
stop. I hope this is ok with you."

I said, "Sure, so this is what you two have cooked up!"

She laughed, and rubbed my crotch. "Speaking of cooking things up.
Have you ever had a blow job while driving?" "Yes, when I was a teenager,
but it's been a long time"' I replied.

Then we are going to have to fix that right now!" she retorted. Cindy
unzipped my pants and fished out my hardening cock. She began licking it
like a popsicle, causing it to get fully erect. She took my cock into her
mouth, and sucked. Her mouth felt heavenly. This went on for 10 and then
20 miles.

I knew I was close to cumming and was stroking Cindy's hair. I said,
"Cindy I'm about ready to cum. Make sure you swallow it all, I don't want
any stains on my pants!"

Cindy stopped for a moment and said, "Oh, Mark, I love your beautiful
cock. It tastes so good. Give me your cum, I won' spill a drop! Make
your cock shoot in my mouth". With this she resumed her sucking, and after
a few moments, I warned Cindy that I was about to cum.

My cock started to convulse in one wave of orgasm after another, Cindy
continued sucking until she had milked me of every last drop. She
swallowed my cum and moaned softly. She then continued sucking a little
while longer, just to be certain.

She tucked my cock back into my pants and zipped me back up. "Don't
worry about Beth, I asked her if I could wash down breakfast", Cindy
stated. We rode the next 60 miles without event until she said, "take this
exit and make a right."

"Here we are, I love this place!" she exclaimed.

We exited the car and walked into the store. She walked up to the
counter and handed the clerk a list. "Why yes miss, we have all of these",
the clerk stated.

Her list contained:

3 waterproof prostate massagers 3 anal dildos 5 pairs of wireless
vibrating nipple clamps 4 ball gags 1 vibrating wireless thong for him 1
remote control wireless cock ring 6 remote controlled power butt plugs 14
remote controlled vibrating panties 4 wireless power harness strap-on
dildos 4 double delight strap-on dildos 6 rippled double dildos 4 naughty
school girl uniforms 6 Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaners 20 tubes of water based
lubricant 50 AA batteries 50 AAA batteries

I never did see the bill, but Cindy whipped out her platinum card to
pay. The clerk put everything in 3 boxes but withheld 2 items for Cindy who
went to the ladies room. When she came back she handed me a remote to the
power butt plug she had just stuck in her ass.

She handed me the vibrating wireless thong for him and said, "Your
turn". I went to the men's room and replaced my boxers with the thong. I
returned to the store. I carried the boxes to her cars trunk and put them
in. As I stepped into the car I felt the wireless bullet stimulating my
cock and balls.

I returned the favor by activating her butt plug on high speed, Cindy
began to bump and grind her ass in the driver's seat. She said, "Ok, ok, I
have to drive now you know!"

I switched it off saying, "just so you know, tease me and I'll repay in
kind". The vibrations abruptly ceased in my pants.

We drove the remaining 10 miles to Tricia's dorm. We were still early
but Cindy called Tricia on her cell phone. As we drove up to the dorm,
Tricia was outside. Her eyes were red and it was obvious she had been
crying. I jumped out and threw her bags in the trunk, as I gave her a hug
the vibrations started in my pants again. I said, "What's wrong Trish?"

"I'll tell you in the car", Tricia stated.

I jumped in the back seat and the vibration stopped. As Tricia gave her
grandmother a kiss, I activated the butt plug. Cindy's eyes grew wide and
pulled off an Academy Award winning performance. I switched the butt plug
off and we headed towards the highway.

"So Tricia, what's wrong?" I asked.

"It's my boyfriend Chad Uncle Mark, he's being a jerk! He wants me to
give him my virginity, and I just don't want to. I want it to be my
choice, not his" said Tricia.

Cindy chimed in, 98% of men are assholes dear. Here I've got something
that will help you relax. My new Michael Buble CD!"

"Oh my god!" I thought as the first track started to play. My body
started to tingle as I felt my mind melt away.
By: Draugrmaker
Next Chapter: "Tricia's Initiation"

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