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when i turned legal drinking age i drank a lot. then i got married and didnt really drink for 12yrs. then i got divorced and....well, you can figure the rest out. most of my memories are hazy and i will fill in the gaps using...ahem..."creative license". at the end of each story i will give the facts of what happened as i recall them. so that being said...on with the stories! jules

i was sitting in what i guess you would call a drinkers bar. you know the type. no grill. no crafted beer on tap.shitty pizza and chips were the menu items. so there i was when in walks this girl with a couple of guys. i took quick notice because she was native american. they orderd drinks and sat at a table just behind me. as the night wore on she became pretty intoxicated as did did we all.i was just putting down my 9th beer when i felt a tap on my shoulder. it was her! she said "well"? i said well what? she asked why i hadnt bought her a drink to which i replied i thought her friends would object in the most physical manner. she just laughed and said they were her co workers. i said in that case sit on down and i will definitely buy you a drink.

so to speed things up we spent the rest of the night sitting alone and getting gloriously annihilated. we even did a chorus of the song "my favorite things" from the sound of music movie. as the barkeep announced last call she touched my leg and said she would rather have last call at my place. ok! well we left there and walked to my apt. and i tell you we were half naked before we got in the door. she walked in the door and located my bedroom. she lay on the bed with her tits hanging out and motioned me over. i stumbled over and she hung her head over the side of the bed and reached for my zipper. she took my cock out and started to slowly stroke it. she pulled me down and took my cock in her mouth. i slid in and out of that warm moist mouth and played with her tits.

she reached down and slid off her jeans and panties. jet black pubic hair and moist swollen pussy lips were all i could see. i reached down and slid a finger in that hot wet box. she arched her hips and said more fingers. i slid three in and she started to moan. i grabbed her from the bed and held her upside down as i slid my tongue in her pussy. she grabbed my balls and swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. i licked her clit and pussy lips as fast as i could. i just couldnt get enough! finally she pulled her mouth off my cock and whispered fuck me. well hell! i just couldnt resist. i dropped her on the bed spun her around and gently started to slide my cock in. her hot wetness engulfed my cock and i damn near exploded right there. i pushed her knees up almost to her ears and started fucking her deep. she raked her fingernails down my back and bit me on the shoulder. she yelled faster faster! so i went crazy on her pussy pushing in as deep as i could go increasing my thrust as a went faster and faster! i tapped on her asshole with my finger and she looked me in the eyes and smiled so i slid a finger in and out and started to moan loudly.

she went wild and started tearing at my back with her nails and biting my chest and arms. i was a b**st fucking her like there was no tomorrow! i jammed my cock in her as deep as i could go and grabbed her ass. i slammed my pelvis against hers till i swear i heard something break! i could feel my balls starting to swell and i said here it comes! my orgasm was so hard and intense i swear the jizz spilled out of the condom! her pussy gripped my cock like a vise as she shouted im coming im coming. i then collapsed on top of her. we lay there breathing heavily and she put her head on my chest and smiled up at me. she whispered i cant wait to do this again in the morning....yikes!

ok the facts. yes i took her home. and yes i banged the hell out of her pussy. she was a fabulous lover and truly enjoyed sex. she also puked all over my bed and bathroom lol! and yes i held her hair back for her. i am a gentleman after all.....

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