First Time unexpected Blowjob

She was 19 and I was 34. I went to help her b*****r one day to help fix his truck and that is when she noticed me. She was always around, looking at what we were doing. After several hours, we finally finished and he invited me for dinner. She sat next to me but was very shy. After dinner, her b*****r ask me if i could give her a ride home since it was on my way.

I agreeded. Caroline and I talked on the way and she mentionned that she didn't had much friends so I told her that if she wants, I could be her friend. Arriving at her place, she was living at her Dad's house. She thanked me for the ride and I told her that I would call her soon so we can do something together.

A few days later, I called her if she wasn't busy, we could hang out and she agreeded. As i got to her place, she open the door and greeted me like she was ready to go to church. I told her are you dressed to go somewhere?

She replied, no, just waiting for you. I didn't know at the time but she had a crush on me. She invited me inside her place and we had soda and chips. We talked for hours and the more I looked at her the more she was looking at me like she was amazed by me. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no. Then I asked her if she would be interested to be my girlfriend. At first she turn beet red then said YES. I was sure she would have said no.

Her father arrived home and her made dinner, we had a good conversation then at 9 pm, he went to bed and we were alone again. we talked all night long and she fell asl**p on my lap. I stayed there till 5am when her father got up, I joined him in the kitchen for a coffee and he left for work.

Caroline woke up at 7am and asked if I stayed here all night and I said yes, ou fell asl**p on my lap so I could no leave. She then asked if her father was here. I told her he left for work already. She the said, Do you mind if I go wear something more comfortable and I said go ahead, you can wear what you want.

She headed downstairs to her room while I stayed upstairs reading the newspaper. After a few minutes she came back up and said Do you like what you see!

I turn around and to my amazement, she was wearing a see-threw purple nightee and I could see her naked body. I told her that I do like what I am seeing. She then told me to come here that she had another surprise for me. I walked towards her and she grab my hands and put it on her breast. What a great sensation that was since it was the first time that I every touched a girl.

She then kneeled down and said, here is the other surprise. She undid my belt and unzip my pants and pull down my briefs. I had a rock hard erection and she grab my cock with one hand and strted to stroke it. Then she said I hope you will enjoy this. She opened her mouth and inserted my cock inside slowly. This was my first time ever that I was getting a blowjob. It was more pleasure than I expected.

I felt like grabing her head and fuck her mouth but I didn't want to upset her so I suggest that we do a 69 so I can please her as well and she agreeded. We lay down some blanket and I lay down on my back and she climb on top of me.

She grab a hold of my cock and started to suck me and as soon as my tongue made contact with her clit she let out a loud moan. As I licked her pussy, she was moaning more and more and I started to suck her clit and I notice that she was reaching her orgasm so I continue to suck more and more and to my surprise, she shoved my cock deeper in her mouth and down her throat. She sarted to gag a little but kept on going.

I continued to licked her pussy faster and faster and she got a second orgasm and she was bobbing her head faster on my cock and was massaging my balls with one hand. I was ready to cum in her mouth and I told her. She said YES, I want you to cum in my mouth. She then swallowed my cock and deeptroat my cock and moving her head up and down, faster and faster until I explode inside her mouth and down her throat.

Her mouth filled up and the overflow came out of her mouth and down her chin. She licked all the cum that came out of her mouth and swallowed it. She said that she had never received so much cum before.

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1 year ago
How fun!
1 year ago
We always remember our first time!!!
2 years ago
Please tell more.
2 years ago
Awesome gf...