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it start with my ex wife calling me to watch my k** for a few days while she and husband number 2 went away for a few she and i were still very tight. we had been divorced for 2 years but still i had no problem packing a few things and going over to watch my k**....i sent her off to school and then hop into my car to go to the was a chilly day out and as i came out of the store a young black girl came up to me asking if i needed a date. I looked around to see if this was a sting or a setup as this was not the right area for her to be looking for a far as i could see there wasn't any cars in the area that looked to be out of place I asked her what the hell hop in and we go around the corner to the parking lot..i pull deep into the lot and parked by a few bigger trucks to hid us..I ask her the price she said 40.00 for a full this was below the normal.. so I ask her what was the con....she said she was hungry and getting cold and just need some spare cask to get some hot food she would be able to go home in about 2 hours.. i said ok paid her and then pushed my seat back ..i had left the car running so it was nice and warm inside..she removed her coat i saw for the first time she was wearing a tshirt and tight jeans that were unbutton at the top her belly had a good size bump to it and her tits were hard and firm she didn't have a bra on i told her I did have a rubber but that i was shooting blanks she laugh and said to to worry that she was 6 months along with a k**....this was just to good...i fuck her for 15 min drop my load in a tight black pussy i pulled out i watched as my drip out and on to my lap as she was on top of me the whole time..she then climb back i to her seat and lean over and clean me we were getting dress i ask her if she would like to come to were i was staying and maybe earn a little more money and I would fix her a good lunch for free...she said ok, so we finished dressing and i drove her to my ex house...i took her coat and hung it up and we moved into the kitchen i ask her what she like to i fixed it we spoke a little.. i found out that her boyfriend had got her knock up and then took off so she was staying with her aunt while she was here..her mom didn't have the time for a daughter who couldn't keep her legs closed and had kick her out..she had gone to the store but had lock herself out of the apartment she share with her aunt...i almost had a heartattck when she said she just turn 15 a month ago...i figure in for a penny in for the pound..i told i give her another 75.00 for the next two hours of fun but we would do it in a nice soft bed...i lead her the to bed room and for the first time watch her get completely nude her perky tits and big nipple stood out hard and her dripping cunt with my first load now running down her leg..i as her if she would like to jump into a hot shower and wash up ..she said yes so we both moved to the bathroom ..we took a nice hot shower and i enjoy soaping up this little teens body i ran my finger into both her pussy and ass making sure she was totally clean..she did the same..i offered her a razor to shave her legs and watch as she did that and her pussy so know she was completely moved back to the bedroom and i laid her on her back i had wash her pussy out and watch shave it smooth but before i start to eat it i move my face in close a smelled her...she was so clean i also wetted two finger and move them into her pussy finding it clean i start to eat her start to wimper and cry and grab my head and pulled it hard again her pussy i enjoy eating this little black pussy i even move down a slowly started to finger fuck her ass first with one then moving to two cum at least 4 times before asking to stop as it was getting her clit was tender .. as i move back i started to remove my fingers form her ass..she ask to stop and leave them as she enjoyed the feeling of being full there ..she ask me if i was going to try to fuck her ass..i told only if she wanted to...she told her boyfriend had try it once and it hurt but she liked what i was doing and was willing to try it again....i reach over and open the night side stand and sure enough there was a bottle of lube.. one thing i know about my ex was she like her lube..she need it for her other lover as the strapon she used on her female lover was really big...but that another story and another time..i lubed up my fingers and added a third one to her little slut was really getting into it. when i was sure she was ready i move her too her hands and knees and got ready to mount this hot little whore...i slowly move my cock into her ass letting her get use to took about 4 minutes to get balls deep into the ass but she was moaning and enjoying it...i start too slowly pump my cock in and out slowly ..after a couple minutes.. she ask me to move faster and harder i lasted about 10 minutes of hard and fast pounding of this little ass before dropping my second load deep into her ass...i laid down next to her as she just drop onto her belly and lay there panting her ass gaping open and drooling my cum out...after a few i got up and went and got a warm wash cloth and clean her ass off as well as my cock..i return to find on her back and i laid next to her she started to play with my cock again trying to get me hard...she ended up blowing me for a good 15 minutes until i was rock hard again ..and she ask me to fuck her again...i warned her it was going to be a long fuck as i had cum twice...she didn't care she just want a good i spend a good 30 minutes fuck this way and that way... me on top , her on top, doggy standing when i finally was able to cum again she ask for me to put it deep into her pussy so i did...i let her jump into the shower again to was off the sweat and cum..we got dress i drove back to the store she was now over 100.00 richer then she was this morning and she told me she was very sore but well fucked..she give me a cell phone number to call if i ever need a repeat of today...and that form now on it was free...I did call her a few times after that...once when she was 8 1/2 months and three time after the k** was born ...she added up moving back home when she turn 17 for her mom want the grand k** to spoil...we had or last time in a motel and we fucked the afternoon away...she left that day with ass and pussy dripping with cum. she told me she want to feel me on the train ride home...never saw her after that..but while it lasted i had a hot little black whore who just love to fuck
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Good story
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wow fantastic story
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great story
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fantastic story
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gtreat story tobad you didn't see her later on