Fucking mommy at the gas station

Me and my mom were on our way to south Carolina to visit my grandmom so knowing this was going to be a long drive leaving from Philly we loaded up on snacks and other essentials. Only thing left we needed was gas…

We had enough in the tank to get us out of the city and onto the road so we just decided it be best to get it while were on the road. So we got to about the end of Delaware about to go in Maryland when we stopped for gas. We both got out to stretch and we both had to use the bathroom.

So we decided we use the bathroom after we filled up the car. So we got to the back of the little convenient store and noticed there was only one bathroom. So we decided we both go in for some reason.

We go in and I tell mom it wont take me long to piss so I whip out my dick and piss and flush. Then I wash my hands but I leave my dick out for mom to see…and knowing she was looking was making me get a ragging boner.

So as I looked over to the toilet I see my mom pull down her jeans and her panties and she shows me her pussy and her ass before she sits down to piss…

Then I start stroking my dick to the thought of possibly fucking my mom…while she sits there on the toilet she pulls me close to her so she can suck my throbbing dick while she pisses.

So there was my mom sucking my dick while caressing my balls while she sat on the toilet in a gas station bathroom…then I pulled my dick out of her mouth and took off all my clothes while she got up and did the same then…

I bent her over with her hands on the sink and shoved my dick f***efully inside her pussy… making sure I was in so deep that my balls would bang up against her ass…

Then I fucked her hard and fast beating her pussy up hard as hell from the back …
While I was beating it up she began to moan soft …

“Oh…oh yes…oh that’s it…right there baby.”

“Fuck me baby …fuck mommy’s wet tight pussy that you came out of…”

Then as I started going harder and harder the moaning got louder and louder…




As I started going as hard as I could I came close to reaching my climax then I felt my moms cum run down my shaft and past my balls…

I emptied my cum inside my mothers pussy then my dick slid out her and some of my cum too…

Then she put her fingers in her pussy pulled out some of my cum and ate it off her fingers… then I kissed her passionately no caring that I was tasting some of my own cum which actually tasted rather sweet…

As we got dressed and walked out of the bathroom together people in the store looked at us crazy but we just laughed at them got in the car and continued on are way to grandma’s house…

But the fun didn’t stop there…

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10 months ago
Great story!
1 year ago
Good start. I would love to hear more details within the story. Like this though.
1 year ago
Pics of mom please!
1 year ago
Correction (which I was attempting to make before my computer "glitched") to my previous comment: "...to the writer...: Don't begin the..."! My apologises.
1 year ago
Word of ADVICE to the wrer: Don't being the majority of your sentences with the word "So"!! It's irritatingly redundant.

It has to be the ultimate turn-on to have the best piece of pussy a man's ever had to be at his, and of course her (mother for son and son for mother), beck and call, whenever, wherever!!
2 years ago
Off we go to Grandma's house. Along the way we will stop and Grandma's grandson will fuck Grandma's daughter. Huummmm! What an invitingly cum relieving way to spend som extra time along the way. Hurray!! See ya out on the fourlane byways.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Need more
2 years ago
I'll think about pics...ill leave it up to my viewers what I should do
2 years ago
We need pics of mom
2 years ago
Nice! I wonder what else happened on the trip.... ;)
2 years ago
2 years ago
very nice mmmm
2 years ago
Whew... Thanks!
2 years ago
Feel free to comment ...thanks!