my weekend fuck with mommy

Like every boy I love my mom and like every boy I fantasized about fucking my mom…now she didn’t have a great figure but she had these beautiful big breast that hung down a little but not to much and these dollar coin sized nipples that you just wanted to suck on all day… she also had a belly not a big one but a nice size one that turned me on cause I like my women a little chunky…and she also had a nice fat ass and from peeping through the key hole when she was about to shower trying to get a look she had a nice fat pussy… and her clit poked out almost looking a tiny miniature dick.. . and as soon as I saw it for the first time I knew I had to have it in my mouth…but who knew sooner or later my fantasy would become reality

It was the weekend and I stayed at my moms house …her and my dad split up awhile back and I come over on the weekends now…but that’s not the point… well when I got there it was late so me and mom were about to go to bed in her room…I was sl**ping in there for awhile because my room wasn’t setup yet and she told me that we would be working in the front and back yard tomorrow so… as I got ready for bed I noticed mom was wearing a sheer black robe that stopped a little bit past her ass and she wasn’t wearing a bra because her big tits were sagging a little and her nipples were poking threw the thin material of the robe…so as I noticed moms half naked body I took of my pants wearing briefs I caught a semi-erection hoping mom would see it but I don’t think she did…the I took off my shirt revealing my six pack that I spent all summer working on…then I jumped into bed with my mom…then as I realized I was almost naked laying next to my mom who was almost naked the bl**d started rushing to my prick and my 10 inch cock started throbbing …being adventurous I snuggled up against my mom pressing my hard dick up against her ass…expecting her to tell me to move…she proved me worn and didn’t say anything we just laid there my dick throbbing up against her fat ass…as we drifted asl**p.

Saturday morning came and I woke up to a beautiful sight …my mom ass naked about to get dressed… she was standing there I didn’t move a muscle I just laid there with eyes half open

Then she started to cup her large breast and pinch her hard black nipples…then started to rub her inner thigh…and then she stared caressing her ass….then she did the unthinkable

She started to finger herself right in front of me …I was speechless and my dick had filled with so much bl**d I thought I was going to faint …but while she was fingering herself she kept looking back at me to see if I was awake…then she stopped looking back but she kept fucking her self …then before I realized it this urge took control of me

I got up out of the bed…released the b**st within my pants and walked up behind my mom and with my left hand I grabbed her large breast and with my right hand I joined her fingers and placed two of my own inside her pussy…

“I thought you never wake up.” My mom said … “I been waiting for you to put that big dick inside me.”

Taken back by what my mother just said I didn’t say a word I just moaned as she started to stroke my dick with her left hand and with her right she kept fucking herself…

Some how some way we ended up on the bed and I went on my knees to indulge myself in my mothers pussy as I ate her I began to tongue fuck her then I started to flick her clit with my tongue then when she started to squirm on the bed I started to nipple on her clit and chew it softly which caused her to lift her ass off the bed almost making her cum… then I used my secret moves with my tongue which caused her to lock her legs around my head and cum all in my mouth and face… after she came I got up and looked at her as she watched me swallow all of her sweet tasting cum…

Then I took my throbbing b**st and shoved it deep into her wet twat and I began to f***e my dick deep into her making her take all 10 inches of her youngest son… I started off slow then I went harder …and harder…then I started stroking faster…and faster… until I was fucking my moms dripping wet cunt hard fast as I was fucking her hard and fast she began screaming my name loud enough I was sure the whole block heard this great fucking she was getting …then as the screams silenced the dirty talk began…

“Oooohhhh yes baby!! Fuck mommy’s pussy harder yes baby drive that dick deep inside me.”

“You like this dick mom?”


“Do I fuck better than my dad?”




“Yeah mommy cum for me cum all over this big hard black dick!”

As she fucked me harder and harder I reached my climax and painted my moms insides with my warm cum. As I finished shooting all my ropes of thick cum inside my mom I collapsed next to her holding her close to me.

Then she reached between us put a finger in her dripping pussy and licked off some of my cum.

As I laid there looking at her sexy brown eyes we kissed …but not as mother and son but as lovers… and I fell asl**p realizing I just fucked my own mother…but I realized my weekend with mom wasn’t over yet…

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1 year ago
The paragraphing and better sentencing makes the story more enjoyable, and the reading is more conducive to smoother flow of interpretations and eye movement!

It's evident that unnamed mom and unnamed son are both hungry for each other, not only sexually, but also emotionally and carnally and as the opposite sex in comfort and respect and love!! There is no mention of "protection" so the reader is left to wonder if momma might now be pregnant with their first child.
2 years ago
Both this mother and her son know from where the best fucking sex is to be found--within the friendly confines of the family home!

What joyful music emitted from the clashes of their love muscles. Just heavenly!
2 years ago
love the stories you post
2 years ago
A terrific story.
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
wowsers!! tight story man
2 years ago
black incest!!!! love it
2 years ago
Should I post what happened on Sunday when my aunt came over too? ;)
2 years ago
love it!
2 years ago
2 years ago