My first Asian in the High School Bathroom

It was finals week at my high school. And not a lot of people where in the building because nobody really had finals everyday. Now me and my Asian mistress finally got around to spending time together before we left school for summer break. She was a year younger than me. But I didn’t care because I wasn’t looking for a relationship with her just to bust a nut and keep it moving. (I think she knew this too) so as well we walked around the building talking we kept looking around for places to spend some “alone time” we walked to the theater…nope didn’t work…tried to go to the basement…nope didn’t work either…finally we decided to go upstairs. When we where in the staircase I leaned against the wall…as she walked past me I pulled her towards me and began to kiss...are tongues rubbing against each other I began to feel the bl**d rushing to my ever growing erection…I put my hand on top of hers trying to guide it to my dick when… suddenly the door at the bottom of the staircase opened and she quickly jumped off of me… “Damn!” I thought to myself. Before I knew it she took my hand again and we were off searching for another spot. As we reached the end of the hallway I came up with another venue for our sexual endeavors. We went up the main staircase and headed to the 3rd floor. As we got to the top of the staircase…I began to grab on her small but soft ass and pinch at her nipples and lick her small breast. We got lost in the moment and didn’t notice that someone had just walked by and saw us. Until I caught them out the corner of my eye…knowing that anyone and everyone could see us up here I pulled out my extremely hard 10’ dick and told her to stroke it. She argued with me for a little time but finally I got my way as she stroked it. Finally I couldn’t bear it any longer. I quickly put my hard-on anyway and took her hand and led her to the boy’s bathroom. Not even caring who was in there I picked up my small Asian mistress and took her to the last stall in the bathroom. It was the handicap stall so we had enough room. I told her in my stern serious low pitch voice “take of your close!” she didn’t exactly what I said without question or hesitation. I stood there looking at this small 5’3 girl ass naked in the stall waiting for me to plunge my big black cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy. As she stood there I told her to “play with herself…now!” and she did also without hesitation. I then reached in my book bag and pulled out my gold wrapper condom… I dropped my pants…then dropped my boxers and before I could open my condom I felt this tiny mouth sucking and licking my balls. She took one ball into her mouth and licked all over it as she tickled the other …then she switched and sucked the other ball… “Oh that feels good!” I said in a loud moan not caring who heard me from the bathroom. Before I could even get the words out of my mouth she already began sucking my throbbing penis. She started licking all over the tip…then started licking all over my shaft and than spat on it and started sucking it…taking it deep in her throat she looked up at me for confirmation that she was doing good…then she pulled it out and said “Fuck my mouth.” “Damn. She must be reading my mind.” I thought to myself. Then I began to f***efully fuck her mouth as she gagged and spit all over my hard throbbing erection. Then we heard the bathroom door open and someone come in. She tried to get up but I kept her on her knees as I continued to fuck her mouth harder. She tried her best not to make noise but I wanted her to gag and be loud. I don’t know if it was the thrill of being caught or if it was me fucking her mouth that had me so horny…but whatever it was I didn’t want it to stop. But just as quickly as they entered they left and I told her to get up I sat on the toilet and told her to “Ride this dick.” She nodded and soon we were fucking. She was bouncing on my dick so hard I thought my dick was going to break… I then slowly got up and picked her up and placed her against the wall…and fucked her against the wall as she moaned and clawed at my back like a wild a****l. Then I fucked her harder and harder as you could hear the clap of my dick being shoved in her dripping wet pussy. She let a loud scream of pain and pleasure that I was sure could be heard throughout the whole school. I continued to fuck her harder and harder and harder until I felt her pussy clinch up around my dick as she had an orgasm. I took a brief pause to give her the impression that I was done…but when she let her guard down I began to plow my dick deeper inside her twat…she was so shocked she couldn’t even speak she just made faces…her wet labia felt so fucking good that I was quickly coming close to my climax so I picked up the pace and intensity and I was sure I was breaking this small little pussy with this massive dick and as I came inside her she pulled me close to her…before I let her down I licked on her a little longer before pulling up my pants and grabbing my bag. Before I walked out the stall she was still getting dressed I gave her one last kiss goodbye and I left without saying word thinking to myself… “This is going to be a good summer.”
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2 years ago
Little Asain girls always hot.
2 years ago
discribe her better
2 years ago
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