Fucking Christa's Friends with her help!

Note this is a continuation of my first story.

I arose early as Christa wanted me at her place at ten o'clock, I shaved and showered and prepared myself of one hell of an orgy. I had an almost constant hard on driving over to Christa's place and I guess my erect condition was quite obvious as I got some stares from some ladies as I walked from the parking area up past the pool to get to Christa's condo.

By the time I was standing in front knocking on Christa's door I was so worked up the head of my cock was nearly peeking out of my shorts. When the door opened I was just about layed out with the sight that greeted me. Christa was standing there naked flanked by two ladies both of whom I knew and had lusted over in my private fantasies more than once.

Both of them were also naked and were wearing big smiles obviously they too were ready for fun. Christa reached out to her friends and grabbed each of them by the tit drawing them to her and turning them to face her. As soon as they were facing Christa each bent taking one of Christa's tits into their mouths and began to suck on her erect nipples.

Christa reciprocated by reaching between their parted thighs and rubbing their cunts as she inserted a finger into each of their pussies. Not to be out done, Mandy and Carla, Christa's two friends reached down and began to finger Christa's juicy cunt slipping their fingers deeply into Christa's sopping pussy while rubbing her erect clit.

Now before I get too far into Saturdays activities I should tell you about these two women. Mandy is a pretty blond with a nice body and firm tits with small pink nipples which grow to a good 3/4 inches long when fully aroused. Mandy's ass is nice and firm and she has a lush pussy covered with a light blond bush just exposing her jutting pink outer lips. Her legs are in nice proportion to her size and she stands just 5 feet 4 without heels. Mandy is a tiger in the sack and quite aggressive with both her male and female partners and always ready to go for it at any opportunity.

Carla has curly brown hair and while a bit taller about 5 foot 7 has a slim lith figure with high firm tits sporting crimson pink nipples which when erect project a good half inch and have pointy areolas which contract during excitement giving a sharp pointy look to her creamy white tits.

Carla's ass is firm and creamy white and flows soothly to her long slim legs and whenever Carla bends you can see the smooth pink ring of her anus exposed and waiting.

With Christa's pussy exposed and being reamed by Mandy and Carla and their two assholes exposed to my view I quickly closed the door behind me and walked over and began to rub Mandy and Carla's asses as I watched them work on Christa.

I stuck a finger of each hand in my mouth and wet them and proceeded to spread Mandy and Carla's ass cheeks and slowly press my fingers up their tight assholes. I could tell they liked my attentions by the way they increased the intensity of their licking and fingering of Christa. Christa was in seventh heaven as I began a slow in and out motion probing of Mandy and Carla's assholes with my fingers as I moved in on Christa with my mouth.

Kneeling between Mandy and Carla while pumping my fingers up their taught assholes I started to lick Christa's open pussy as Mandy and Carla continued to probe her hot cunt. Seeing my objective Carla and Mandy pushed back Christa's swollen pink cunt lips exposing her stiff hot clit to my tongue. This was just the help I needed and I began to lick and suck her erect button making her squirm with pleasure.

I could feel her fingers working her friends cunts as she probed them deeply working her fingers up their sopping cunts in time to my fingers probing strokes up their assholes. All too soon Christa began to climax bucking into my face as Mandy and Carla to began to cum as well due to our constant probing of their cunts and assholes.

We all collapsed onto the floor and I moved from lady to lady licking their cunts and assholes until they regained their senses. Mandy was the first to attack me and she moved in and undid my cutoffs pulling my stiff cock out and quickly sucked my rod into her mouth licking the head and forcing me deep into her throat.

Carla was next and she pulled off my t-shirt kissed me and began to rub her tits into my chest as I rubbed her cunt and stuck my tongue into her mouth. Christa joined the fun and pulled my shorts off without disturbing Mandy's mouth and hands on my cock.

Once I was completely stripped Mandy straddled my cock and with Christa's help mounted my stiff prick ramming it up her hot pulsing cunt I watch transfixed as Mandy repeatedly rammed my full 10 inches up her slippery tunnel as her tits bounced with each stroke and Christa and Carla kissed her and pulled at her nipples.

Christa motioned to Carla and she moved to my head and squatted down straddling my face making her open pink pussy available to me. I watched as Christa spread Carla's cunt lips and pushed her hips down slowly forcing her fragrant cunt to my mouth. I started to tongue fuck her hot wet cunt and lick her clit which made Carla grind her pussy into my mouth and moan.

Christa stood between Mandy and Carla and pulled their faces to her cunt and her ass cheeks as Mandy started to tongue fuck her puckered anus and Carla f***ed two fingers up her pussy and began to lick Christa's stiff clit. Mandy began to climax and I could feel her cunt convulse around my cock intensifying the pleasure until I came too filling her tight pussy with a massive load of sperm.

Carla was close to climax and I pushed my thumb up her asshole which f***ed her over the top and she began to climax wetting my face with her sweet juices. Christa watching all this from her standing position began to climax squeezing her tits and wetting Carla's face with her pussy juice as she reamed herself on Carla's fingers and Mandy's stiff tongue in her asshole.

Mandy layed back between my legs opening her cum filled twat to Christa and Carla and begged Christa to suck the cum from her swollen pussy. Christa responded and moved in between her splayed legs and began to suck and lick my cream out of Mandy's slippery slit while she inserted her finger deep into Mandy's very exposed anus.

Carla watched her two friends for a moment then moved to Christa's exposed pussy and crawled between her legs and stuffed a finger into Christa's cunt and anus and pulled Christa's sopping cunt to her mouth and began to lash her clit with her long tongue.

Watching this scene I began to get hard again and move in on Carla pulling her legs up and spreading them exposing her pink pussy to my lust.
I pulled her cunt lips back and began to lick her clit as I inserted a finger up her cunt and asshole. Carla began to moan for me to mount her and I reversed my position and f***ed my entire ten inches into her tight slit. Carla f***ed herself up to meet my pounding strokes and I found my face just an inch away from Christa's exposed cunt and ass as I reamed Carla's tight pussy with long hard strokes.

Carla must have sensed where my face was as she pulled her finger from Christa's taught anus and spread Christa's cheeks further forcing Christa's anus open to my mouth. Taking my cue from Carla I buried my tongue up Christa's pulsing ass and began a slow tongue fuck of her twitching rectum.
All to soon the Carla's pussy began to clamp around my thrusting cock as she climaxed beneath me and Christa's asshole began to clamp down on my invading tongue as she began her orgasmic spiral. I could hear Mandy in the background as she climaxed in Christa's mouth and looking up saw Mandy hips raised off the floor grinding her pussy into Christa's mouth as she begged Christa never to stop.

As with all good things Mandy's orgasm subsided as did Christa's, Carla's and my own leaving us all a bit out of breath. As we rested I began to work on Christa with my tongue and fingers hoping to work her up as I had not had a chance to invade her tight twat yet this visit.

Christa responded and soon pushed me on my back bringing my now rock hard cock to a ready position. Christa slowly straddled me and asked Carla and Mandy to help her push my straining prick up her pussy. Carla and Mandy came to her aid Mandy spreading her swollen pink pussy lips as Carla grasped my throbbing cock and rubbed the head between Christa's slick cunt lips.

Suddenly Christa rammed herself down forcing my cock deep into her steaming pussy and squeezing my dick in her vise like hole. Mandy quickly straddled my head and f***ed her cum scented cunt onto my lips and demanded to be licked and tongue fucked. I lashed out at Mandy's erect button bringing a moan deep from her throat and f***ed a finger up her pink puckered anus as I sucked and fucked her pussy with my lips and tongue.

Carla got between Mandy and Christa and lowered her head to suck and lick Christa's clit as Christa pounded her twat onto my stiff cock. Mandy being presented with Carla's creamy ass cheeks began to tongue her asshole while she reamed her cunt with two fingers and frigged Carla's exposed erect clit.
I could feel Christa start to cum as Mandy poured her juices into my mouth with orgasmic fervour mashing her cunt and ass into my mouth with her frenzied movements. I heard Christa call out during her climax and she rammed her cunt down on my still stiff cock until I thought by balls would burst from the pleasure. Finally I began to shoot a large sticky load of sperm into Christa's cunt as my climax peaked. And as I started on the down side of my pleasure I hear Carla begin to moan out her own orgasm begging Mandy to ream her cunt harder.

Once we had all reached nirvana we rested and got some wine and retired to sun ourselves out back while we each began to formulate plans for additional parings. ----------to be continued.--------

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1 month ago
There is nothing better than hot women so sure of their sexual prowess that they know when to take action to get their pussy licked to orgasm or a guy licking their cunts has just the hard cock for them to ride. Multiple women doing the hard male often compete with one another to get the best orgasm with him. What a treat.
3 years ago
Part 2, or parting 3 wonderful! pussys!
4 years ago
excellent continuation
4 years ago
Lovely tales; waiting for more with baited breath, and a stiff cock
4 years ago
I enjoyed your story very much