Fucking Christa's Ass

Christa said she had a special place she wanted to take me to for lunch. I met Christa outside the restaurant and she gave me a big kiss and held my hand as we walked to the door. I must say Christa looked great. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a light pink top which showed off her full firm breasts and let her erect nipples peak thru showing her excitement. By the time we had reached the table in the restaurant my excitement was beginning to show also. I could tell Christa was watching my crotch for the telltale bulge I was showing as my cock hardened at the thought of a tryst with her.

Lunch went pleasantly and I thought I was wrong about her intentions but as we were leaving Christa asked me if I would like to go to her place and relax a while as it was already late and I had already confided to her I had no intention on going back to the office. Sensing this would be too good to pass up I told Christa I was at her disposal and we got into our cars and I followed her to her house.

Once we arrived at her house Christa poured us both some white wine and lead me around her house showing me the different rooms. When we arrived back in the living room Christa suggested we go out onto the patio and get some sun. I begged off as I was wearing a suit and felt it was not much use. Christa reminded me of my story about sunning naked in Jamaica and showed me the high walls around her patio. Slipping my hands down around her waist I told her I would like that a lot if she would join me. Christa answered by rubbing my stiff cock thru my pants and pulling at my belt.

This was all the encouragement I needed and I pulled Christa close to me and kissed her deeply probing her mouth with my tongue as I squeezed her ass and began to pull up her blouse. Slowly I exposed her breasts and massaged those full firm globes releasing them from her bra and licking her pink erect nipples.

Christa was fully aroused by now and had my belt undone and her hand in my shorts fondling my cock and balls. My dick was fully erect and the tip was already wet with pre-cum which Christa was rubbing around making her fingers sticky and bringing me close to orgasm.

I unsnapped Christa's skirt front and slowly lowered it as I licked down her flat belly to her cunt which was covered with a thong. Pulling her skirt off I moved up her legs licking her inner thighs until I reached her cunt, her thong was wet with her juices and Christa moaned as I pulled back the thong exposing her bush and pink cunt lips.

I flicked my tongue over her erect clit which brought a low moan and caused Christa to thrust her hips forward in an attempt for more contact. Reaching up I grabbed the waistband of her thong and pulled it down fully exposing her lush cunt with full pouting lips and a large erect clit which was already peeking out of its hood. I pulled the thong off Christa's legs and reached up behind her caressing her ass and pulling her wet pussy to my mouth as she spread her legs and let me work my fingers up her slippery cunt.

I continued to tongue and suck Christa's clit as I worked my fingers in and out of her sopping cunt getting them slippery with her thick sweet pussy juice. Christa was close to climax as I eased a well lubed finger into her twitching anus and pumped both her tight holes with long firm strokes and sucked her erect clit with mindless abandon. This was all Christa could take and she began to cum like there was no tomorrow wetting my mouth and tongue with her sweet pussy juice and grinding her cunt into my mouth as she continued to move stroking her cunt and asshole on my fingers.

As soon as she had regained her senses Christa move to my side and kissed me thanking me for the pleasure I had given her and started pulling my pants down. Soon Christa had me naked and looked me over staring at my now throbbingly erect cock and she asked how big it was. I replied it was 10 inches and I would like very much to probe all of her holes with it.

This made Christa hot and she began to rub her own pussy as she descended taking my cock into her hot wet mouth. Christa began to suck and lick the head which made me grind forward trying to f***e it down her throat. Christa saw my desire and cupping my balls with one hand she moved her other hand from her pussy to my ass and slowly inserted her finger wet with her own juices up my hot anus as she f***ed my thick cock deep into her throat. Once my balls rested firmly against her chin my cock fully imbedded in her velvet like throat and her index finger deeply probing my hot anus Christa set up a long slow rhythm matching her anal probing to the in and out rhythm of my cock in her throat. A few minutes of this were all I could resist and I began to pump a big load of sperm down her vise like throat.

Christa sucked all my cream down then continued to suck my cock until my erection returned. I wanted to fuck her right then but Christa suggested we rest a bit on the patio. I followed Christa out to the patio and joined her sprawling on some thick pads Christa used for sunning in the buff.

Christa and I sipped wine and talked as we continued to tease each other with kisses and handwork until our desire overcame us. I moved Christa onto her back and rubbed her inner thighs as she pulled at her erect nipples and begged me to fuck her. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and moved her hand down to my cock and had her rub the engorged head of my prick into her juicy cunt lips, over her clit and down to her puckered anus. This made her moan in delight as I bent down to suck her hot tits and kiss her.

Soon there was no turning back and I slowly pushed my throbbing meat deeply up her tight slit until my balls rested on her ass cheeks. I began to fuck her hard making her tits jump with each thrust and bringing a seductive moan to her lips. Soon Christa was wrapped in the throes of orgasm and her cunt convulsed tightly around my cock trying to milk the sperm from my swollen balls. All too soon the tightness of her cunt brought me to the brink and I began to spray the insides of her pussy with my thick creamy sperm.

Christa was crying out incoherently by now and thrusting her hips up to meet my pounding strokes. As soon as our orgasms subsided I reversed my position and dangled my half hard prick in her face. Christa quickly sucked my cock down her throat and began to give me head as I descended on her fuck happy twat licking and sucking her clit as I probed her cunt and asshole with my fingers. Taking her cue from me Christa spread my ass and slowly f***ed two of her slippery fingers into my anus and fucked my asshole as she sucked my cock. I was licking her cunt with fast strokes and Christa began to cum again clamping her cunt and anus tightly around my invading fingers.

In all Christa came two more times before we collapsed in a sweaty heap unable to continue without rest. After some much needed rest Christa and I began to talk again and she confided in me that it had been a long time since she had a hard cock up her pussy. I told Christa I was glad to oblige and that I would very much like to see her more often but was surprised that a dynamite lady like her didn't have more guys just waiting at her door.

Christa explained that she was bi-sexual and that guys seemed to shy away from her once they found out. I told her that it didn't matter to me and far from a turn off her sexual predilections made me hotter for her than before. Christa said she had been hoping for that based on our office conversations and really hoped I would continue to see her. I told her I would like to and in fact would like to see her getting it on with one of her ladies. I could see the twinkle in Christa's eyes after I said that and felt sure she would eventually let me in on her other sex life.

We wiled away some time talking and teasing each other until we were rested and ready to go again. This time Christa took charge pushing me back and planting her pink swollen cunt lips directly on my mouth and begging me to eat her sweet pussy while she deep throated my raging cock until her nose was buried in my balls. I began licking Christa's clit while I probed her hot slick cunt and pulsing asshole with my fingers. Christa was giving me the greatest head I have had in a long time pulling back until only the head of my cock remained in her mouth then thrusting her head down until she engulfed my whole 10 inches her lips tightly locked around the base of my cock.

I could feel the head of my cock squeezed by the tightness of her throat and then lashed by her quick tongue and sucked hard over and over as Christa worked me at a frantic pace. Just as I was about to shoot my load down her throat for the second time Christa stopped and turned around squatting over my thick hard dick and spread her cunt lips exposing the pink inner folds of her pussy. Grabbing the swollen head of my cock Christa guided it up her juicy slit ramming its whole length into her throbbing hot cunt with one stroke.
Christa maintained her squatting position and continued to ram her cunt with my cock using long hard strokes. I watched in absolute awe as my prick was sheathed and unsheathed by her hot tight hole, her strokes were so hard her firm tits with their stiff pink nipples shook with each violent downward plunge. I reached up while watching this incredible show and grabbed her nipples pulling and twisting them until I felt Christa convulse with orgasm and her already tight slit clamp down on my cock as my cum spurted deep into her sweet pussy. Not wasting a minute Christa reversed her position and asked me to fuck her doggy style and finger her anus at the same time.

I moved in behind Christa and worked two fingers up her sopping cunt while licking her erect clit until I had my fingers well lubricated with her cunt juice and the remnants of my cum. Spreading her firm ass cheeks I tongue fucked her asshole then f***ed my fingers up her squirming butt until I hear her squeal with delight.

I got to a kneeling position and guided my cock up her juicy slit and began to ream her cunt with the same ferocity Christa had shown when she was on top. In short order I felt her pussy tighten around my cock signaling her impending orgasm and her anus clamped tight on my thrusting fingers as Christa began calling out my name and begging me to ream her harder.

In a few seconds Christa went over the top and collapsed in a heap pulling my still hard cock from her well fucked twat. Not having gotten off yet I rolled Christa on her side and lifted her leg exposing her pink juicy pussy and now dialiated anus. Moving in behind her I began rubbing my stiff swollen cock into her cunt and asshole. Christa looked up and reaching back pulled her ass cheek stretching her asshole further open.

Seeing her willing gesture I slowly pushed my cock into her asshole until I was buried balls deep in her tight back door and fucked her ass as I fingered her cunt and she rubbed her clit. About five minutes of this and Christa was in the throes of orgasm again and watching my pulsing cock ramming her tight butt hole made me climax hard. I filled her hot little asshole with what was to be my last load of the day.

Later we showered together and relaxed on her bed playing with each other but never being able to muster enough energy to fuck again. Before I left Christa asked me if I meant what I said about watching her and another woman and I reassured her I meant what I said.

Little did I know then that I would be getting it on with her again so soon. Later that evening I got a surprise call at home from Christa inviting me to join her and two of her friends the next day for some sun and fun. Needless to say my fantasies ran wild that night and I had all to do resisting the temptation to masturbate myself to orgasm thinking about what would transpire Saturday. -------- to be continued --------

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Awesome story, had my man-hood throbbing as I read it.
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excellent start erotic
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Fantastic...almost every mans fantasy
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