surprise pick up

This is how I lost my virgin ass.

I got off work one day and on the way home I figure I'll stop by the adult book store to try see some peak show. The place was unusually packed. I usually go there an play with my dick.

So the place packed so I leave when I leave I notice two girls walk in across the street one had those short shorts and made me honey right away the notice me looking at them.

They waived hello and I drive past them and toght fuck it let me see if I can give them a ride. I drive my car in front of them open the passenger window and the girl with ahorts come up and says hello.

I said hello and from the looks I figure they might just be prostitutes. So I figure am broke I have no money and no chance. All she asked for was a ride to their hotel room that was it.

OK I'll take u girls one has long curly brunete hair about 5.6 tall 125lb. The other one was taller wearing long black pants about 6ft tall and milky white skin.

How lucky I get to give them a ride and look good doing it the short one sat in front and tall in the back she was quite. The short one asked me if I wanted to go to the room with them and of course I said yes.

We get there and as am walking to the room I was looking at the short one ass she was ahead of me the tall one was behind me. We get inside the room ad the short one stars to dance setuctevly. Wow I can believe my luck.

She stars to strip and Ger friend goes to the bathroom she tells me you can have me or my girl friend. My smart ass says I can handle you both. The small one comes ad plans me a kiss tosse me on the bed she has my clothes off in a flash.

She asked me are you sure ucn hndleus both? Am rock hard by noe she has me on the bed and nacked teasing my dick then tell me she wants to fuck my nice ass. And here I as just thinking just course I was a nice guy am going to get some hot looking pussy.
She takes her shots off.

Am so fucking horny she tells her friend that I have a nice dick and tells her to start sucking be, her lips wrapped around my cock so hot wile the little one was deep frenshing me. She tarts to take her panties off and spread her legs. When I niticeshe has a dick.

Am enjoying the blow job too much when she asked me do you mind. I tell her I'm to horny I don't care she deep French me pulls me to the middle of the bed when she starts to suck my cock the both taking turns then the short one steps over me an puts her nice ass in front of my face.

The dick looks smaller than mines but she was limp as I eat her ass whole out she starts to play with it and it grows thick long and hard she about 8in long and a good 3in round. Her friends now makes and she also has a dick I looked over at her she was small maybe 3in but she's jerking her cock.

The short one now on top of me digging her young in my mouth am ficking frozen unable to move from the shock here I was thinking I was going to get some pussy and for the first time in my life these two sexy biches have me loving the sight of their dicks.

Then all of a sudden shortie clime s up and sicks he big back cock in my face and commands me to suck it.I open, y mouth and she starts to fuck my mouth low at first then she tells me to relax, y mouth she wants to fick my thought for the first time ever she slams it deep so deep I can't breathe am choking she pulls out slaps me with her cock and tells the tall one to suck on my cock.

She pulls me to the edge of the bed my head hanging of the edge of the bed she stands over me and continues to fuck me hard in the mouth tears are falling from my eyes and am choking I try to pull her of but I know she in charge my mouth is hers now. This goes on for like 10 minute.

I feel humiliated he I was a man just a few minutes ago and ow these to tranies are using me like their fuck toy. I thought that was it. Then shortie pulls me to the middle of the bed and starts to rub her big cock head on my virgin ass and commands her friend to put her cock in my mouth when I looked at her cock hard she was about 9in wow I was in trouble.

Shortie gas me tight and tells me you know that your ass belongs to me now she pulls my legs up to her shoulders and spts in my ass whole licks it then tells me relax baby I won't hurt you then I fee the hard ass cock start to stretch my as as her friend big cock I'd deep in my mouth I could not protest her friend held my feet so I could not resist. I was being fucked like no tommorow I was in pain like never before then he said are u ready.

She was half way in me when she thrust the full Monty in me I felt so full like. My ass was riping in half but yet still honey and good at the same time. She keep telling me how nice my ass felt on her dick and that am her now to do as she please he fucked me for 20 min then I felt her tense up and my ass was filled with her cum. She told me ur pregnet now your my bitch the she told her friend to fuck me.

Her cock was longer than short I not as thick and she was more gentle she fucked me dogie style my face down ass up it felt so good 20 min laret she fills me up the shortie comes back and feed me her dick am sucking her like she wants chocking on her big fine cock

The both fuck my brains out 3hours later wow what a world 3 hours and am these two fine looking ladies boy toy and loving it. Nice guy finish first for once.
77% (15/5)
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1 year ago
keep writing
1 year ago
thank you sorry for the writting my second lenguage and yes this actually happend to me and it changed me
2 years ago
Wow you write really bad!!!
But it is an interesting story if it really did happen, I just wished it was easier to read. lol
2 years ago
great time had by all need to let me join you next time
2 years ago
Awesome. I wish that happened to me
2 years ago
Well Done.
2 years ago
Thank u for the comments. I want to do it again any sujestions my ass hurt so much afterward
2 years ago
wow that was fun would like to join in next time
2 years ago
2 years ago