Sex on the boat

This story took place July 4th, 2000. I was invited to spend the day on a boat with my girlfriend Donna, her boyfriend Mark and his two older twin b*****rs, cruising and then to watch the fireworks. We met the guys at the dock and climbed aboard. It was a beautiful day, as it usually is in San Diego. We head out. They had some champagne for us start with, a huge cooler of beer and some other bottles of alcohol. Paul was driving. Donna, Mark, John, and I were seated in the back talking and drinking. As we got going we took off our clothes and were just in our bathing suits. They invited us to the front of the boat where there was a big area with mats to lay on. Donna and Mark were applying sun screen on each other. I asked John to help me with mine and I put some on his back. We are not shy girls, and had already decided that we would take our tops off at some point. We were pretty far away from land just floating, and figured it was time. You should have seen the guys faces. We got the sun screen out and Donna says, here, let me help you with that, and applied it on my tits. Then I put some on hers. The guys were in awe. We just laid back enjoyed the sun.

Other boats would come by. We would sit up and wave. Got lots of hoots and hollers. It was so fun.The guys got used to it after a while and didn't stare as much. We spent most of the day topless. After a few hours in the sun and jumping in and out of the water to cool off, we all needed to apply more sun screen. This time Donna asked Mark to put hers on. The other two b*****rs just looked at me. I think they knew my reputation of being a party girl. Pretty sure that's why I was asked to spend the day with them. I asked if someone would apply mine. They both jumped at the chance and were more than happy to help. We all had a good laugh at their response. They tried to be very professional about it, but spent a long time making sure it was all rubbed in. I had to stop them, telling them that good enough, before they rubbed me raw. Which we all joked about. Sara and I applied their sunscreen. We both worked on one guy at a time. Their grins were ear to ear. They especially liked it when we put it on their legs. I don't think they needed it so high on the inner thigh but we teased them.

They were the nicest guys, always smiling and joking. And wow, could they drink. We were drinking Corona's and shots all day. There was a platform on the back of the boat. So when you needed to pee you could lower yourself in the water and let it fly. Mark thought he would be bold and take his suit off one time while he was in the water. He was a little embarrassed when he pulled himself onto the platform. The water was cool so there was quite a bit of shrinkage. Of coarse we all looked at his dick as he got out. His b*****rs made all kinds of comments. Donna and I just turned and laughed. He had his suit on in no time. Donna had to speak up and tell everyone it's not normally like that.

It was around five or six when we headed back in. We put our tops back on as we got close to the shore. Which brought about a sigh of disapproval from all. He pulled in to a dock and we got off for dinner. It was a nice place on Shelter Island. We covered up and went in. I felt a little under dressed but was assured it was ok. After looking around I noticed other people that probably did the same thing. You could tell they had bathing suits under their clothes too.

After dinner we took off again. We motored to the bay to get a prime spot to watch the fireworks. He dropped the anchor and we waited. More beer was served and now we are just taking shots straight from the bottle. This is when it starts to get interesting. We are all pretty wasted. There are other boats around us and everybody is waving and showing their drinks. We are not the only d***ks out there. There was a big sail boat near us with two couples on it. They had obviously been drinking too. One of the ladies is standing, holding on to a rope that goes to the top and cheering us with a drink she has raised in the air. Her husband or boyfriend comes up behind her and pulls her bikini top down. Her tits come out. She didn't care. Instead she waves them at us cheering. Not to be undone I flash my tits and wave them right back. Cheers erupt from other boats. I thought it was pretty dark but I guess enough people could still see. Paul was standing there and excitedly says, nice, they are out again.

By now we are all more than comfortable with each other and plenty d***k. So I turn, show him my tits......then I take the back of his head, pull him between my tits and slap them about his face. I think he was waiting for that moment all day. His hands were on me and had me down on the bench in a second. He was sucking my nipples and mauling my tits. It didn't take long for his hand to go in my suit and finger me. He was still on top of me sucking my tits and I feel a hand touch and caress my hair. It's John. He's sitting by my head watching.

Donna and Mark are seated across the way watching. His hand goes to her tits, and her hand to his crotch. Now Paul has a finger on each side of my clit, stroking and bumping over it. I'm enjoying it, looking up into John's eyes, who is still seated by my head. I see Donna and Mark stand, undressing each other. They are naked and walk to me. Donna holding his erect cock. She pushes him over me to suck his cock. I take him in my mouth and suck him as he moves up and down on my face. The taste of salt water is strong, but I didn't stop. She was right, his cock is not always so small. Shortly after they move back to the other side if the boat where he lays her down and is fucking her. By now Paul has me about to orgasm and start to moan. I pull John's hand to my tit. The orgasm hits. It is wonderful. My eyes closed, enjoying it. It subsides and I'm back to reality and wonder why John's hand is no longer on my tit.

I open my eyes again to see him standing next to me. Cock fully erect stroking himself. He's trying to move in to put it in my mouth when Paul starts climbing up on me wanting to fuck. He's pulling my suit aside trying to stick his cock in me. Poor John gets pushed away. I push Paul's head to the side and can now take John in my mouth. He is leaning over me. Hands on the rail, fucking my mouth. He tastes so salty too, but I didn't care. It went away after a while. Paul was fucking me. We were like that for a minute or two, but it was just not comfortable for anyone. I pushed Paul off and took John by the hand, said, follow me. Took them to the soft cushions at the front of the boat and said, let's try it like this, and got on my hands and knees. Paul took my suit off and didn't hesitate to start fucking me from behind. John kneeled in front of me, holding my head, fucking my mouth. This was much better. Then I pushed John down, and got between his legs. My ass still in the air for Paul. My mouth now fully impaled on John's cock. I was sucking him good. I deep throated him to his balls and even tried to push them in my mouth too. They wouldn't go. I could only get some of the sack in my mouth. Oh was that salty. I stopped because I was afraid I would hurt him. I had him deep in my mouth when, BOOM, the first firework went off and scared the shit out of me. I almost choked. But then it was so funny. I was thinking about that movie, Deep Throat. When Linda Lovelace would cum, there were fireworks. I laughed to myself.

Neither of them had cum yet when I hear Donna and Mark, in back of us commenting on the fireworks. Guess they had finished fucking and came out front to watch them.....and us. I turned my head, yes, they were also watching us. I gave them a smile and they laughed. It must have been funny to see my head bouncing around as Paul pounded me from behind. Mark says, Nice motion Paul. As he slams me over and over. Then he laughed and said, hey John where's your cock? Which was completely down my throat at the time. That's when Paul starts ramming me even harder and starts to cums. With each spasm he drives his cock deep into my pussy, almost lifting me off the mat. Then his motions subside. He's done and lets his cock slide from my pussy.

Still working on John's cock, I thought I would put on a little show for them. I would suck him from the tip of his head, to his balls, hard and fast, making lots of noise. I would make that AuuA grunt, (I think you understand the sound), as his cock bounced past the back of my mouth and down my throat. Then a slurping sound as I slid my mouth up the shaft. Soon he was stiffening and about to cum. I stopped deep throating and just went up and down over the head of his cock as fast as I could. My hair is flying. I'm holding his rock hard dick, popping my lips over the head of his cock. I hear the excitement in the voices from the other b*****rs. Wow, look at her go! John moans, I'm gonna cum. The others give a little cheer because they can tell by the noise he was making and his movements, he was filing my mouth with cum. I suck him till he starts to soften, making sure I got the whole load and he is clean. The show was over. We get up and move with the others to the back of the boat and grab a beer. Paul raises his beer to me and says, That was a job well done. I just looked at him and said, I know.

We watched the rest of the fireworks. Shortly after they were over, a guy from the sail boat yells over to us, I don't know which show I liked more, with the motion of him dry humping the air. Both couples were looking over at us. I could see both lady had their tops off. I'm sure the fireworks lit the sky enough for them to be able to see me getting fucked and giving a blow job.The one lady gives us, or me, the thumbs up. Guess they had a front row seat to watch, fucking, sucking, and fireworks.

After that we went to the dock. We talked a bit more. I told them I had a wonderful day. They were more than thankful for the day they had, and wanted to know when we could do it again. We said our good byes, they let Donna, Mark, and I off. Mark went to get the truck and trailer. The b*****rs had to wait in line to get the boat out of the water. Donna and I left, she would see Mark later.

All in all a very nice day. How was your fourth?
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7 months ago
Very fun to read a San Diego story!
10 months ago
Fantastic time! My sort of boat ride.
10 months ago
Your stories are so fucking hot. They are the best on here. You are such a cock hound. Hope you don't mind that comment.
10 months ago
Awesome,,,very hot time in Diego. ,,,and your profile is very hot,,thanks