Found my Cuck and Wife at the YMCA (True Story)

True story that happen to me two years ago. One day I was working out at my local YMCA. When this sexy mature white lady walks into the workout area. She had a veery sexy body, with the perfect ass and tits, and dirty blonde hair. As I continued to work out I noticed her looking at me with those fuck me eyes. Then I saw the wedding ring and thought to myself..." shit she married".

I continued my working while enjoying looking at her sexy body. As I was almost done with my workout. A shorter white man walks in and the two of them began to talk. At one point they look at me and they both kinda smiled. I figured I most of creep her out by my staring are something. I finshed my work out and began to make my way to the shower when I heard him say " see you in a few dear I am going to take a shower" and kisses her goodbye.

After getting undress and jumping in the shower this same guy walk in shortly after me. He started talking to me about the weather and how hard a workout he had. Then he started in on more personal question..where you from, how long been living here, where you work,...etc. The whole time though I see him checking out my dick. Which I am use to because I hang 9in soft and gay or not most guys always check me out when I am naked in the shower. Then the guy drops a bomb on me, and said " did you see my sexy wife in the weightroom". I answered back how could I not, and that he was a lucky man. He replied that he was but that she never lets him fuck her. I was surprised by this, and he must of read my face and said she only lets black guys with huge dicks fuck her. I smiled and ask if my dick was big enough. He replied "why do you think I am talking to you now". HE then told me to meet him and his wife in the front of the YMCA when I was done getting dress. Once I was done him and his wife were in front of the YMCA, and she had a big smile on her face. I walk up to them and she said " so are you the big present my husband found". I said yea and the only question now is when do you want to unwrap it. She said if I was willing to follow them back to there place then she would unwrap it now. I was more then willing and we got in our cars and drove to a nice part of town. ( RICH people are the sex freaks) As we drove I called into work and told them I was sick.

Once we got to the house I walk in, and her husband explained that he likes to watch but that would not join in. I said thats fine with me, and that I would give her more then she could handle. She then walk up to me and began to feel my dick ( already hard) through my pants. She then said time to unwrap my gift. She pulled down my pants and all 11in of my dick jump up. She gasp and said thank you dear for this cock. She suck me for about 2min. Then I lead her over to the couch and bent her over and slid my dick in inch by inch. She went crazy, she yelled that she was cumming before I even got my whole dick in. I fuck her for about 2 hours, and when i was ready to cum. She said cum on mt face. I unloaded on her face and her husband walk over to her and lick my cum off her face. I have fuck her a few times more, but then they moved away.

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2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
wish that happened to me
3 years ago
I want 11" in my pussy!
3 years ago
I want 11 in and cum on my face
3 years ago
Not a bad story.
3 years ago
wow... hot story
3 years ago
Dam,just when you had some nice meat lined up,,,very good story,,thanks for posting