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I was always okay with jerking off, wether it be by myself or in front of my current partner. I have always had a fantasy about jerking off in front of a group of people.
I met Ted and his wife at a bar downtown one night and one thing led to another and the next thing I know we are in the local Super 8 naked and having a great threesome.
I looked over and Ted was stroking his 10" cock while I continued banging his wife. I still had not cum yet after she climaxed, so I rolled over on my back and grabbed my still hard cock and started stroking with Ted. He instantly was rock hard and stroking like crazy. I continued my strokes and saw her with her fingers jammed in her pussy and working on a new orgasm.
Ted was the first to let loose. He muttered he was cumming and that he did. He shot 4 thick shots of white cum all over his wife's boobs.She was next, letting loose a barrage of moans and cumming very hard.
Ted said "you are next". I had my right hand wrapped around my shaft while my left hand was rubbing my balls. I continued to stoke for them as they sat and watched intently, talking to me about how they could not wait to see me shoot my load for them. My cock felt huge in my hand as I started to feel my balls contract and I knew I was getting close.
I kept my eyes on them as they looked at my cock waiting for the prize to shoot out. Suddenly I felt my hips rise and I shot the first of four big streams of white cum.
We all hugged and laughed about how fun that was.
We are now trying to get a mastrubation group together once a month so we can watch each other and others cum on their own!!!
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1 year ago
watching cum shooting from a hard cock is hot, rubbing it onto her nipples is way more fun