I saw a advert for a special job
so replied they needed some information so I sent it off
like how many s****rs in your f****y I come from a f****y of 6 s****rs and me
hopped on a plane and off
picked up at the airport by a couple of very nice ladies I kept asking them about the job and they just smiled and changed the subject
about 12 hours later arrived at the place where the interview was
to take place was taken to the office and talked to buy 5 very nice looking older ladies
the job was to keep all the ladies pregnant would I like it I did not tell them that I was a 20 year old virgin so I said yes
the first thing then is to strip down and lets see your cock
so off comes the clothes wow look at that size of your cock
not to big the girls will like that will not hurt them to much
here take this this will make you hard in no time so I took a teaspoon
off the powder it took about 30 seconds and my cock started to go hard
with in a minute it was rock hard so all the ladies had to have a feel
for the first week I am going to put you a breeding room with this lady over here you are to fuck her as often as possible and after a week we will see how you got on food will be bought in so no ned to leave the breeding room
you will not need any clothes so leave them here and go and get started
well into the pussy I get the first hour I managed 3 fucks she said slow dowm a bit and pace your self I will be available when ever you want it we like someone that can fuck about 50 times a week that way we are sure the giels get every chance to get pregnant
80% (11/3)
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4 years ago
nice but short & needs more details. this is wham, bam, thank you mam
4 years ago