My fantasy Part 2

I crawl between your legs, poising my swollen dick at your moist cunt hole. I look down at you, smiling a little at the picture you made: wanton, desire, lustful and hot. I thrust home in one stroke, sliding my pounding hard cock into your heavenly cavern of pleasure. You scream at the pleasure, feeling my tip push against your womb. “Oh, fuck!” you cry. I pull out of you almost all the way, allowing just my smooth tip to stay inside. I thrust in again, harder, all the way, filling you up with my man missle, making your body shudder. I begin to pick up the rhythm, creating a fast and furious beat, just the way you wanted. Your legs wrap themselves around my hips, slamming back into me at just the right moments. I lower my head and catch one of your nipples in my mouth, teething it hard, making you cry out even more. Rather than hurting, it becomes a nice complement to the pleasure spreading out through your entire withering body.
“Fuck, yeah!” you yell. “Harder, fuck me harder!”
I pound into you even harder, making the headboard of the bed slam against the wall. You can't even hear it over the pounding of your heart and the gasping breaths you pull into your body. I could feel your orgasm building, and suddenly it was on you in a flash, all but rendering you u*********s as bursts of light explode within your brain. You scream long and loud. I don't stop. I just kept thrusting into you, loving the hot, wet, gloving of my prick in your cunt. You feel so good and the clenching muscles around my dick nearly blow the top of my head off. The contractions of your climax squeeze hard around my dick, and you know I won't be able to hold out much longer. I slow down, trying to make my esctasty last, but you wouldn’t have it. You rear up and push me down onto the bed, keeping my manhood deep inside your cunt the whole time. You begin to ride my cock hard, slamming your hips down onto mine, forcing me to go at the speed you dictate. My hips buck hard in response, and you feel me explode my creamy load into your sopping wet pussy. I yell out, "Oh fuck, yeeesss", as I come, and you come again, even harder than the first time, making the entire room spin and twist in sheer pleasure.
Your hips keep jerking as your climax subsided, and your steaming body slumps over mine. Both of us breathing hard, and I pull you to my chest as the sensations of pure bliss ebb away. I softly kiss your sweat soaked forehead, and whisper "I've died and gone to heaven. Are you an angel"? You softly chuckle and murmur, "I was thinking the same thing about you." We embrace in a warm, loving hug of tender love. We slowly drift off to sl**p, knowing that our esctasy of pleasure will carry us into a restful and long sl**p.

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