My fantasy Part 1

You raise your hands to cup my face and bring me closer to your warm body. I open my lips a little wider and flick my tongue on your nipple, wetting it for better friction. Moving to the other breast and tongue it, too, before leaning my head back and lifting both hands to rub your beautiful breasts.
I ask you, "Is this what you want"?
You nod your head before letting it fall back on your neck. “Oh, yeah,” you answer. Leaning forward again and I latch onto one of your erect nipples with my teeth, worrying the long nub with increasing pressure. You feel an answering tug betweenyour pussy lips, and your legs shift restlessly. I moan as the scent of your cunt fills the air. I release one of your tits to move my hand between your legs, tucking a fingertip between your soft pussy lips. I begin to rub back and forth for a minute, the motion making your legs open wider in hopes I'll probe your wettness deeper. I don't disappoint you.
You moan again as I toy with your now drenched cunt. Damn, he's good, you think, wondering how you got so lucky. “I’m…glad you…came over,” you say through panting breaths. I chuckle. “So am I, darlin’,” I mutter before lowering my head to your cunt. My tongue flicks out lightly, teasing the clit that had once again extended between the lips. You gasp loudly, your hips thrusting forward automatically, trying to angle for more attention. I thrust my eager tongue once up into your pussy before sliding away in a tease.
“Please,” you gasp, “Harder.”
I grin up at you, not answering verbally. Instead, I thrust my middle finger up your snatch in one hard thrust, jolting your body despite the intense wetness I find there. I slide my finger out again, circling your wet hole with its tip. You clutch at my hand with one of your own, trying to shove it back in. I sling an arm around your hips, bracing your weight as I pull you closer. I raise from my knees, pressing my bare chest against your hard nipples as I stand, and you rub your tits in circular motions on my chest. "You have beautiful tits." I softly whisper to you. Kissing I mouth wildly, thrusting my tongue between your lips in a parody of the real fucking we both wanted, I walk you back toward the bed slowly, keeping one hand on your pussy the whole time.I feel you shudder from the sensations, and moan in rhythm with your tit rubbing against my body. I break our kiss and push you down onto the bed, where you eagerly lay for me, rubbing your own hands against you nipples.
“Aren’t you going to undress?” you ask impatiently, looking down at the hard cock that strained the front of my jeans. The opened buttons at the top allowing you a tiny glimpse of my meat. You lick your lips.
I take a deep breath and put my hands on my hips. “Don’t you wanna take it slow,” I ask, tilting my head slightly to one side, looking you up and down. You raise your knees and touch your own cunt. “No, I wanna be fucked fast and hard,” you say, your words low and hot.
I unfasten the rest of the buttons on my jeans and pulled my erect dick out. You gasp at the sight, your mind instantly comparing me to her dildo. I definitely win out. You roll over on your side and touch my prick with your hand, rubbing your fingers up and down it’s beautiful length. As it becomes even harder in your grip, you lower your mouth and kiss its hot, smooth tip.
You make a frustrated sound as I shove you away. I put my hands under your arms and lift you back on the bed, positioning you in the middle. I crawl up beside you, then turn to put my head near your snatch. I thrust my hips toward your head, and you understand the silent demand for a 69. You gladly take me in her mouth, tonguing my swollen dick as I eagerly lick your tasty snatch. You gasp and moan around my throbbing meat, trying to suck me well even as your pussy is lit on fire from my kisses. I moan, too, a low growl that told you I was getting more and more aroused. I bury my nose into your sweet cunt, biting the clit gently, making you writhe on the bed. You swallow more of my dick in your mouth, feeling it slip down your throat a little. Rather than gagging, your throat welcomes its heat. You've always been a good cocksucker, according to your husband. You tilt your head into just the right position, which allows my dick to slide easily into your throat. You move your head back and forth, effectively creating a fucking action in your mouth.
“Ooooh gaaawd!" I gasp, raising my head to look back at your head. When I see you are effectively deep-throating my cock, I rise up on my arms slightly and began thrusting my hips, fucking your mouth and throat furiously. You reach up and grab my buttocks, slamming me down harder into your mouth. You moan again, and I feel it vibrate against my prick. “Gaaawddamn!” I say, in awe. I feel my climax creeping up on me, but I don't want to shoot my load, yet. I want to come in the snatch I've been eating, the one that tasted so sweet. I pull away from your mouth, despite your efforts to drag my cock back. You lick the tip of my dick as it excites your lips, trying to entice it into returning. I shove two fingers up into your sweet moistness again, creating a circular rubbing motion at first before thrusting them in and out hard. Your hips come off the bed, moving in tandem with my probing hand.
“You’re a good little cocksucker,” I say admiringly. You look up at me, dazed in the pleasure I've created. “Is your pussy as good as your mouth?” You widen your legs in invitation, one I could no longer refuse.
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