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ok round 2 here we go

the ride home was quiet, katie and christy sat nuzzled into each passed out in the back seat, katie still wearing the cum soaked costume from our earlier fiasco. they were so out of it they didnt even move when i stopped for food and asked them what they wanted, they looked so cute together in the backseat. the parental units were on vacation and werent due back for another week so all the evil devious thoughts rolling through my head were about to become reality, and i didnt have to worry about sneaking the girls in because they both knew each other and one lived there. once we pulled up i took the time to take the food and costumes in first then came the girls, i carried them in one at a time as gently as i could to keep from waking them, i knew it would take a knock on the head to wake christy but i wasnt sure about little katie i did know her tiny frame felt light as a feather in my arms as i closed the door to the car she d****d her arms around my neck and nuzzled into my chest, i think i even heard her purr, which was nice i didnt have any appendages flapping about as i carried her in. with both girls laid out on my bed i sat at my desk and proceeded to eat, the smell of the burgers must have woke the girls because i heard chrsty " got any extra asshole?" and katie " maybe two extra?" now normally im not so forward but i had to set the tone "if you want any, gonna have to crawl your happy little ass over here and get it" katie listened and crawled over with the cutest little smile on her face, she knew the game i was playing, she knew this was about to get fun fast so i put a burger on my knee for her and beckoned for her to come sit in my lap. christy on the other hand has always been a brat so she just walked over and reached for the bag, i smacked her hand away everytime "you heard me, crawl over here" she tried again and was denied once more "asshole!" she snapped at me but she did as she was told and got the same treatment burger on my knee and a spot to sit in my lap, by now little katie had finished and was snuggled up on my chest again i think she was purring, after christy finished eating "get comfortable girls, time for a smoke, and then ill be back" that was probably the longest smoke of my life i almost couldn't get back fast enough, by the time i got back the sight before my eyes was breathe taking, both girls were naked christy still laid back leg cocked back and spread a little while katies beautiful little ass was in the air at s*s's side kissing, licking, and fondling all over christy. this seemed like a perfect time to quietly shut the door and gather some props, their coos and moans were slightly distracting as i retrieved a sybian and some rope from my closet (s*s said it, i have experience with some freaks) plugged it in and set everything at my desk chair, girls still didnt know i was there but now katie almost had most of her tiny hand in christy's tight little pussy as christy rubbed her clit, now it was time everything was set. i took no time and gripping and squeezing katies beautiful little ass and licking her from clit to asshole and back, he smell was sweet her taste even better i was relishing in her sex as i tongue fucked both holes and gave her ass cheeks hard squeezes and light spanks, her moans started to get more guttural her hips were trying to push my tongue further into her christy's moan were starting to get in time with my licks it was such an erotic sight my cock was begging to be buried in these two vixens, but not yet. the moan of disappointment from katie as i pulled my face from her rear end was enough to make a man give in and just go back to work on her, but i had a plan, i sat in the chair and both of them looked up at me, spit glistening on their lips and the scent of sex on their hands, the look of hunger in their eyes as they looked over at me cock standing tall "come here girls, crawl over here and see what ive got" their asses wiggling as they came to me, and still wiggling as they sat on their knees at my feet "what the hell is this b*o?" christy questioned "that s*s, is probably the best 200 bux ive ever spent" i said with pride "but what is it!" i smiled at katie she knew what was about to happen and her nipples got even harder " well let me show you" i stepped behind christy adn bound her elbows and hands with the rope i brought "sit up" i ordered "what the fuck?!" the smack on her ass reverberated through the room this time she sat right up "which one are you thinking katie?" she smiled and chose the single cock with clit stimulators on it "good choice " i kissed her forehead and katie got to work sliding the toy into christy and i slid the base under her. i sat back in the chair then reached down for a handful of kates short locks and pulled her back into my and locked her lips to mine, once again her moan of disappointment as our bodies lost contact was absolutely adorable, "spin around little katie" she did "sit on it, you can choose which hole" she spun around and perked her ass up to get my massive cock in her sweet little pussy, i had to take the opportunity leave my handprint on her tasty ass cheeks again, as she impaled herself on me her pussy was so tight it felt like it wanted to peel the skin down my cock but as she settled down on me her wetness soothed me, her tightness embracing me like it was where i belonged, her small frame layed back on my body i handed her the remote to my s****r and she gave me a peck on the lips with a tug from her teeth, i moved us into reaching distance of christy's mouth and katie started her easy as soon as the thing started christy almost jumped out of her skin and then her her eyes started to roll back "oooooooooh my god thats the spot" came from her mouth in an almost primal growl katie clicked her up 2 more notches her growls turned to borderline screams i leaned in and started biting katies neck, licking her earlobes and nibbling i whispered to her "leave her on that setting for now" then lifted her knees onto the arm rests, she knew what was coming so she pulled christy's face into her cunt the muffled screams and moans coming from my little vixens as lips locked with lips and locked more lips with more lips was bringing me to the point i could blow at any moment. so i clicked up my s*s to another notch watching her breathless already and bouncing on the fake cock with her face buried in my new playtoy was enough to send me over the edge and that sent little katie's hips bucking milking me for every drop and her own orgasm started "stand up sweety let her clean me out of you" katie did as she was told and stood spread and bent so christy could lick her clean i took this as a chance "now you clean me up dear" as i used her hair to frce my still hardened cock into her sweet little throat. she made sure to let her tongue swirl over every inch of skin, any where she could still taste her sweetness on me she got it her moans were bringin back the familiar tightness and i let her work on me for another minute or so before i stood and pulled away from christy jerking my final load onto my s****rs chin tits and face which brought on her own powerful orgasm again. katie just kissed and bit on my chest and stomach i squeezed her ass lovingly then looked down to her "now its your turn to clean up the mess i pushed christy onto her back her pussy bringing the fake cock with her but the evidence of how many times she came was still on the base. i turned off the base and kate licked up some of the mess and then started to work on christy's young body making sure to get every drop off of her and to taste christy's sex also, then moving back up to lock lips with her again moving her hips into position to grind their soaking mounds together. i just watched as the lovely katie man handled christy's tits and worked them both into yet another earth shattering orgasm that ended in both of them collapsing, once i was done taking a sip of my drink i just savored the view for a moment then set to putting the girls to bed, katie in mine, christy in hers with out the rope on her of course, i cleaned up the props and put them back. "time for a smoke" i thought to myself, as the cool night air went across my naked body thoughts for the next day ran through my head and the devious smile returned "this is gonna be fun again" as i smashed the butt. back in my room i just brought kates naked form into mine "about time you came back, i was getting cold" i kissed her shoulder and wrapped her tiny frame with my arms.

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