Naked in the Parking Lot

Being naked outdoors is one of my biggest thrills.

A few months ago I was using the therapy pool at a nearby hospital and then going somewhere afterwards and I intended to change into clean clothes after swimming. I forgot my change of clothes in my van in the parking lot. As I approached the van I decided to be bold and have a quick thrill. I decided to strip naked and change clothes in a public parking lot in broad daylight.

I was backed into the spot and I approached the van from the drivers side front. It is important to picture this in your mind to fully understand the story here.

When I got to the drivers door I opened it grabbed the change of clothes and stood there with the door open which shielded me from view of anyone in front of the van to some degree. I looked toward the back of the van to make sure no one was coming from that way. I then took off my shirt tossed it in the van and looked around again. There was someone about 35 ft away rooting arount in their trunk but they were across the row and the door blocked their view a bit and they were preoccupied.

Then I dropped my shorts and underwear and picked them up and put them on the seat as well. I was keeping a good eye toward the rear of the van and with no one there I was in no hurry. I stood there, scratched my nuts, pulled on my dick a few times and just enjoyed the thrill. After about 45 seconds I bent down and started to put on the new shorts without underwear deciding to go commando. As I pulled them up they were too snug for comfort and I took them back off opting for the original shorts as I'm a slave to comfort.

I stood there again for about 2-3 minutes playing with myself and basking in the freedom of being nude in public in the middle of a pretty busy parking lot at about 2 pm. There were people nearby during these 2 minutes but they never actually walked past me. Even though no one nearby could actually see my nakedness it was a rush. Had they looked at me I would have just seemed to be shirtless. I stroked my dick a bit and enjoyed the warm sun on my body starting to get a slight erection. Finally I pulled on the old shorts and got in the van. As I started the engine and put it in gear I looked out the passenger window and there was a woman sitting in the next car looking directly at me. She had a big grin on her face. I knew immediately that she'd seen the whole show.

She was also backed in and only 6-8 feet away. Being that I'm taller than the van the roof itself was in my way the whole time so I hadn't seen her until now. I must have had a shocked look on my face but I grinned weakly back at her, pulled out and left and hoping she didn't get a good look at my plates.
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1 year ago
That's awesome, getting caught is such a rush.