The Judgmental Slut

Thirty lashes with his tongue was what the Judge said his penalty should be for eying his best friends wife...who happened to be the Judge.

But it didn't seem like a penalty, since he'd waited for this to happen all his life.

The Judge considered a longer penalty, but she knew he would like it too much...

So he was sure he was doomed to only tongue lashings, instead of feeling two penises touch.

The Judge wanted instant judgement, no further appeals would do, so she pressed onto his best friends shaft and said, "Thirty lashes you pervert, with your tongue on my clit and make sure you lick him too.

He seemed reluctant at first. Could this really be real? To delve into these fantasies he once felt ashamed to feel.

::Snap:: He felt the slap of his wife's hand on his ass, "Get to it and stop dreaming about it!" she said with a firm delivery.

The slap and command woke him from his sweet dreams, and he got down to business, tongue flicking steadily.

He felt his wife tug him from behind and whisper loudly in his ear as she counted down his penalty in synchronized lashes.

Oh, what a lovely punishment, he thought as he served his sentence, with this ultimate goal in mind, and his cock swelled with anticipation.

He slowed down each lash, to prolong the punishment he must endure. He licked everywhere under her hood, to her sides slipping his tongue inside...then down his friends shaft to catch each drip of moisture she wetted her husbands cock with.

He felt her quiver at the wetness dispersed and he knew that very soon he would feel this moisture enfolding his cock, but he stayed, just licking as his friends cock pulsed.

He knew it would be extra special, if he licked them both just right, so with his final ten lashes, he aimed between them, flickering intensity on his friends cum trigger as she raised to make power thrusts.

As he completed his sentence after much flicking up of juices, he waited for the invitation to be extended to him, so that he could exercise these long imprisoned desires.

he enjoyed making his friend burst inside her, just as she was arching cum began to run down her lips and his friends cock...still, he remained hard as a rock. He longed to place his own cock in there and fuck them both...but he had to give his wife a taste of his work first.

So he gathered these lustful juices onto his tongue and rose up, plunging them into her mouth, and mixing them together with their tongues, and he felt her fingers wrapping around his hardened rod, as she looked into his eyes.

The Judge approved, fingering her clit and her man's shaft still throbbing inside her...then she demanded he fuck her with two...rubbing the cummy goo over her mound where he will soon enter.

His entrance was slow as the pressure began to squeeze his eager cock. Such tightness he had assumed would never be felt, but he let his thoughts dissolve as he fully penetrated her waiting hole.

He mused momentarily, that his friend and wife, were about to become best fucking friends...the hot sticky cum being the only lube they needed. His own wife peering at them as her hand gently rubbed his ass as he uttered a moan of his lust fulfilled.

He felt her inner muscles tighten as his rythm began to increase. She moaned and sighed releasing more juices from deep inside, making the entrance more slick and he felt his friends cock rubbing the wetness up and down his swollen member. He felt ready to burst, but held it, not ready for this feeling to end so quickly.

Then...he felt their balls contact. His own wife grabbed his friends balls in her hands, lifting them up to be slapped against his. He looked down, bit was almost unable to see the view, then he looked at his wife, making her naughty face as she fingered herself while helping his friend slap against his balls

She was like a pro, watching them, feeling them, helping them feel each other. The slippery goo she extracted helping them slide together. He felt the tickle of her fingers and he let out a moan and felt her quiver as she began her powerful orgasm.

His wife stopped fingering herself to help the Judge file her motion, rubbing the judges clitty as she began to spank two sets of balls in her other hand...she knew she would soon be feeling this too, two cocks thrusting in her hole, bursting inside her, getting fucked with the cum of two.

Only a few more thrusts as their bodies writhed and those two cocks exploded, filling her with warm cum. She could feel it inside warming her and squeezing outward in gooey drips around the cock bases, and dripping downward onto places that would soon need soft licks in the naughty process of cum retrieval, which she looked forward to immensely.

The Judge looked forward to getting her cunt licked. She hoped that she wouldn't squirt too much cum out as that would be a waste for her friend not to enjoy...then to be kissed with that cum...well, judge her as thy whilst, it was the icing on her face that her husband loved to see such declarations of beauty upon her face...Though it was never a deep kiss, just a peck on her cummy lips that was her reward for helping her friends arrive at a mutually based satisfaction that was the hallmark of her character.

As the two who who had filled her with cum, they should be the ones who help each other lick her swollen and satisfied pussy to make her clean. So she spread wide and watched her husbands best friend take part in the cummy mess that was running from between her legs. As he cleaned with his tongue, she took her husbands cock into her mouth and hungrily sucked off all the goo that lingered on the tip, then slowly let her tongue trace slowly down to his balls where she sucked lightly.

It took them awhile to clean her up, each one giving cum kisses to her friend, to be delivered to her lips, she told her friend, shortly, your turn will come. And with a smile, her friend said, "I hope so you dirty slut...because you fucked them dry."

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2 years ago
yes pussy dp is one of the sexual playtimes of mine too....
3 years ago
double fucking the same pussy and cock is, I think, my favorite thing in the world. I have had the pleasure several time and loved it every time, oh my fucking a cock and pussy at the same time and it is a great way to get a totally "Straight" guy to have bi sex during a three some, Hmmmmmmmm
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good & hot