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Life is too short to waste it by not enjoying the moments of pleasure around the edges of insanity.

Well, that covers matters above the waist...

I'm a double vaginal fan. Never done it. But I want to. Love seeing cocks thrusting together/to and fro in a slick wet pussy.

extra bonus points if their nuts slap together.
extra points if she shouts out "I've got two cocks in my pussy!"
extra points if they both cum in her pussy.
extra points if one cock cums on them both.

Ya. I like it like that.


Turn-offs in porn:
choking; slapping; fish-hooking; ass-to-mouth; 80% of the anal scenes; scenes where the guy cums in/on a cup/glass/table/floor; pixelation in Asian porn; and finally, scenes where the female is obviously not being treated well by the guys in the scene.

Just had to be said.


There are those that don't like tunes with their cumpliations or seeing two or more cocks in close proximity to each other...rather than bitchin about it, if you are one of those, either hit the mute button and enjoy, or the back button and enjoy something else, or go make your own, or have a nice cup of...
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4 months ago
Well, double vaginal is completely incredible. I can vouch for it. I just wish our MMF fuck toy hadn't moved away! Please send me an invite. Thanks.
9 months ago
luv your vids!!
10 months ago
We have similar kinks! Love your video selections!
1 year ago
hi great vids my favourite act just love getting this, its the best.
why so many men have hang ups about this, I love it
1 year ago
GREAT profile. Just had to be said :)
1 year ago
Double vaginal is the best, isn't it? =)
1 year ago
I'm a double vag fan too.
1 year ago
So glad I found your page bro...this shit makes me so hott
1 year ago
Love to watch wifey do this.
1 year ago
Amen to that!
1 year ago
Very, very nice collection and profile image.
1 year ago
Great page! Id love an invite
2 years ago
Double vag fan too.
2 years ago
love the profile man
2 years ago
wow pounding pulse!!!
2 years ago
Love the vids ;)
2 years ago
If you don't mind filthy gay porn, here's some fantastic double anal with friendly fire. http://xhamster.com/movies/342104/breed_that_faggot_boy_ass.html
2 years ago
great collection! thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
thnx for this great collection
2 years ago
mmm frot and double mmm
2 years ago
Great vids! You're a fuckin genius, m8.
2 years ago
excellent collection.
2 years ago
love yer flicks ...
and yer profile
... love frot 'n bone2bone

- rip
2 years ago
great profle, love the vids
2 years ago
wow, great uploads, so hot!
2 years ago
loved the poker party clip. thx bud!
2 years ago
Well I have no clue what xhamster did with the entire long comment I wrote below this one. Rats! Anyway, hopefully it posts all of this, but in short... loved that opening quote on your profile and your taste in porn; you'll find we have similar taste, especially after you visit my blog ;) All the best to you in your journey to sexual liberation!
2 years ago
"life is too short to waste it by not enjoying the moments of pleasure around the edges of insanity."
2 years ago
excellent vids and profile.