One Night to Themselves

Dan had waited all day for this moment, the k**s were with their grand-parents, Ellie had been alone for most of the day and he knew that she would have prepared for his arrival. Probably she would have taken a long, relaxing, hot bath and would now smell of all those products that women use to pamper their bodies in readiness for their men, but most of all would retain that overwhelming natural perfume unique to women’s sensual bodies.

His wife would have been waiting too, all day, with anticipation of the night that they had waited for many weeks. To be alone. To be able to express their love, their joy, their pent up sexual desires without fear of waking the c***dren.

Now Dan had a heavy heart, he had had a bad day at his work. It had been a long day, with many worries and now he felt that all he wanted was to flop in a chair or even go to bed to sl**p. How was he going to be able to live up to his side of all the plans that they had made about a sexy night on their own?

Could he creep in unseen? Perhaps feign an injury. It was accepted that Ellie when not in the mood for sex would explain how her whole body ached and that she couldn’t face the prospect of their bodies touching. Why not, just this one time, him too?

The key jarred noisily in the other-times silent lock. His stomach tightened with anxiety and guilt as he pushed open the front door and stepped in. Her perfume percolated throughout the entrance. If only he wasn’t so down that scent would have had his John-Thomas stirring, even if, as it definitely would, have been stirring already at his behest in the car as he rubbed at it with lust driven by his desire to fuck his desirable lover.

Soft music reached his ears as Dan hung his coat in the closet; damn it, it was their favourite band. Reaching once again to his crotch he tried desperately to kindle his missing libido. It wasn’t to be. He would have to betray her trust that he was her he-man, her hunk, her man who this evening and long into the night would take her to sexual heaven. Would she forgive him, ever? He listened at the door but only soft music was to be heard. He unzipped his pants, reached into his boxers and withdrew the pitiful nub of soft flesh that had been crushed there all day. Dan flipped it side to side and up and down but with the same effect as rubbing it through his pants; nothing. He zipped it back to its hiding place.

As his hand twisted the handle and eased the door forward his mind flooded with all the excuses that had already been rejected as useless. He felt near to tears. The words would be meaningless anyway; his lover, his darling, his bad girl for the night, his wife, would be devastated.

The kitchen was lit by the glow of a myriad of perfumed candle-lights, quite bright yet warm and romantic. Dan wondered where Ellie was hiding. As he rounded the centre island he saw her, sat on the floor in the lotus position, her eyes closed and just a hint of an enigmatic smile on her succulent pink lips.

It was immediately obvious that all that was covering her curvaceous body was a black apron. On her feet a pair of patent leather shoes with the thinnest, highest heels Dan had ever seen. The swell of her breasts as they assumed their natural position peeped from behind the bib of the apron-top. Just a hint of one areola teased his eyes as it strived to escape the confines of the covering. Although the desirable smooth flesh of her lower legs and thighs were in view the meeting of them at the ”Y” was covered by the exciting material of the apron; P V C!

Dan swallowed hard. Now John-Thomas was awakening! Dan's spirit lifted as if a metal ingot in his guts had evaporated. He stood mesmerised by the beauty of the scene before him. What seconds before had been a shrunken, putty-like object in his boxers now strove to assume its proper proportions. Dan reached to adjust his pants to accommodate it.

Ellie's gorgeous eyes opened, she smiled. Lifting the apron slightly her hand reached under and retrieved a pot, a tub, a largish one. Using one long painted nail the lid to the tub was eased slowly open, still obscuring the contents. Her index finger disappeared into the tub and Dan watched enthralled to see it reappear. It was covered in a white, liquid film. As his wife slowly raised her finger to her lips the white substance dripped onto the shiny black apron spattering it as Dan would want his cum to spatter it.

Agonisingly slowly Ellie sucked at her finger as she withdrew it from between her gorgeous lips. Dan could stand it no longer. He tore at his shirt and threw it to the kitchen floor. Then, as his lover repeated the transfer of whatever was in the tub to her mouth, he hastily and excitedly tore off his pants and boxers. His John-Thomas sprung outwards and upwards and he grabbed at it feeling the reassuring hardness in his fist. He pumped it a couple of times and it felt good.

Ellie's mouth and chin were now smeared in the substance, droplets falling onto the apron and onto her chest where is trickled between and over her heaving breasts. Dan grabbed at the tub wanting to know just what delight was entering and smearing his wife's body. Yoghurt!

Dan dipped in a finger and then tasted the product... his favourite plain yoghurt. His lover caught his eye, she looked first at the tub then at his cock and opened her eyes wide, licking her lips lasciviously. He raised his eyebrows in question. She nodded in approval. Dan slowly and deliberately took the tub to his cock which he then pressed downwards from its erect position and dipped, millimetre by millimetre into the cold substance. Ellie wriggled her butt on the floor in excitement as her man's cock slowly penetrated the foodstuff. She squeaked with delight as he boldly continued on when his dick was fully enveloped by the yoghurt, burying too his tight balls.

For an instant Ellie watched in awe as the yoghurt dripped from her husband's genitals before shuffling her naked butt forward across the kitchen floor to bring her mouth within reach of the tasty snack standing erect before her. Her eyes fixed on his she sucked the coated phallus into her mouth delighting in the combined taste of milk product and hot man-flesh. Her hand grasped his coated and dripping sac and manipulated the balls within. Dan groaned with pleasure as his wife's hot mouth enveloped his tool.

Ellie demanded more yoghurt so Dan did as bid and plunged his cock once again into the pot. His lover sucked greedily at it, performing fellatio on the white-coated cock. Dan felt the first stirring in his balls of the pent up cum wanting to burst out into the girl's throat but he wasn’t ready yet. He had an idea.

From a cupboard he took a jar and held it up for his wife to see. She squeaked with delight and lay back on the floor lifting the apron and revealing to her man that she had freshly shaved her pubic hair, something with which she had teased him for months as she preferred a neatly trimmed bikini area.

With the lid discarded Dan held the pot high above Ellie's crotch and tipped it until the contents began to pour slowly over her belly and then in a sticky, golden trail to the bright red lips of her pussy. Ellie giggled as the viscous product tickled her labia. Reaching down she rubbed the stickiness over her pubes and lips, then with a middle finger rubbed it over an aching clitoris and between her lips. Dan watched as he continued to pour, as his wife lifted that finger to her mouth and sucked the sweet honey from it.

Dan lay down, lifted Ellie's ass from the kitchen floor and attached his mouth to her sticky and streaming pussy. He lapped at her labia then followed the trail of honey lower where his long tongue rimmed her anus. Ellie screamed with delight and yelled to her lover to fuck her.

That night would be like those that the two had enjoyed when first married.

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