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so i went with the train to a vacantion and in front of me was an old lady not bad looking,a couple in the back of that compartmant and a 40 years old woman(something like that) that was sitting in the next to me on another bench

her face was sooo amazing and beutiful(i don't know just i loved her face,she was extramly beutiful) she had big tits,yes and a great body but her face i just loved.

she was wearing a short skirt and i could see that she had no bra.i was looking at her and looking i was just amazed and started to get horny.she noticed that i was staring at her and she smiled and turned so she can be facing me and she moved her legs and i noticed that she didn't have any panties and she started to touch her legs and i was already hard

so i did something that i never did until then:i unziped my pants and i pulled my cock out,the old woman in front of me didn't noticed and that amazing milf smiled when she saw my cock and she reached her hand to her pussy slowly and i just started to rub my cock,to strock it,she just keep smiling and then she started linking her lips so i got up,the old woman saw my cock at she was starring at it but i didn't mind and i walk to my milf and when i got in front of her she started robbing my cock,aahhh her hand and she started to suck it .....her face was....and her lips,her mouth ahhh so good at blowjob and i just keep admire her sucking my dick and asking me if i like what she was doing ....she kept going until i cum in her mouth and she swallowed my cum

the old woman when we finished:"i haven't seen in a great while this....and you two are great and don't worry i wont tell any one"

she said that she does this kind of things very often,that's what excitats her moust...when i got back from my vacation there she was in the train again so.....
Posted by doriandorian 2 years ago
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