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a pregnant milf

i lived 2 years ago on the 3-rd floor in a block and everything was as boring as you think it was until Neo apperd

Neo was a married woman,with a familly and all that and she lived next door,she was beautiful,40 years old nice tits and 6 months pregnant

i didn't pay much attention to her until one day when i was just going out and i ran into her and she said that she can't get her stuf up to her appartment so i helped her(she got some stuf to prepare for the new baby).she offerd me some juice and she got to her room and in a few minutes when i wanted to leave she came out just in her lingerie

i was in shock(that was the first time when i was a naked woman).she came closer:"listen i have a proposal to make:my husband don't like to link my pussy and i used to love that but i haven't had that pleasure in a long time and i can't resist any more so i want you to link me,it will be our secrete and i will please you...i will suck your cock,i don't want us to have what do you say?you want?i mean i am already wet and ready and you cock looks like it's ready also,i mean it's hard"

"i...i .."

"listen i really need this and will help you make your decision" she takes my pants down and starts to rub my cock,i couldn't belive how soft her hand's wore.

"i will give you a hand-job now to help you decide and then..."

"aahhh aaahh yes i agree ooo it feel's so good aaahh aaahhh"

and she stopped rubbing it:"i don't want you to cum so early.come"

she takes me to her room :"i want you to grab with your teeth my pants and take them down" so i grabed her panties and take them down and i saw her pussy,she had a shaved pussy

she layd on the bed:"now come to my and start linking me"

so i go to her and i could smeel her pussy and i started to link her.she was telling me what to do:to do faster,now to put my fingers into her pussy,now to link her while i have a finger in her asshole...she was almost roaring out loud until she finished

she told me to stop and then she grabed me and put me on the bed:"it was so amazing,i loved it,now let me reward you"and she started sucking my cock,my first blowjob,ahhh so great my cock in her mouth...she sucked my cock until i cum on her face(i wanted on her face,i wanted to see my cum covering her face)

Posted by doriandorian 2 years ago
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