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sex doll

a few days ago i found a sex doll at a friend of my.

it looked pretty interesting to try something new so i bought one from a sex shop:i entered in the shop,i found one but i was curios about the doll so i called the woman from the cash register :"hi,i want to buy one but i want to know about it before i buy it,i mean if it feel great when i .."

she smiled:"well i know personaly a few guys that bought this kind of doll and they said that it fell pretty good when you fuck one and if you have some imagination it can be amazing"

"this will sound very strange but can i try the doll first"

"hahahaha i don't think so"

"i will buy it but i want first to try it here,i never did something like this in a sex shop and i would also like if you would like to watch me"

she was sursprised :"i ...i don't have enything else to do and i also never did this so come with me in the back"

we went in the back and i inflated the doll:"well what are you waithing for,get your pants down and fuck that doll"

i put down my pants and i was semi-hard so she put her hand on my cock and rub's it a little to get it hard and then si takes her pants down and she let me smell them and then she got a toy for her and puts it in her's pussy and start's playing

i put my doll to give me a blowjob and with a little imagination it felt pretty good

"you know your cock looks like you like the doll and the doll loves your dick so why don't you start to fuck her in the ass?you like to fuck her in the ass?"

"yes"so i put my cock in the doll's ass while the girl starts moaming so hard

in a few minutes we both finish and i go and buy the doll so i can have more fun
Posted by doriandorian 2 years ago
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