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present for my cousin

my cousin is a very beutiful girl great ass and small tits.

she came to my hoase in visit a few days ago and we wore talking and stuf like that when my mom said that she is going to make an something to eat so i thought to make her a surprise

so i got downstairs to my mom:"my i want to make Angela a surprise:i want to cum on her food"

"what?are you mad?you can not do's your cousin and it's disgusting"

"i want to see her eating my cum "

my mom was kinda angry

"you want all our neighbors and our relatives to know that my own mother is sucking her own son's don't?perfect,so you can use your mouth to make me cum on her food."

so she get down on her knees and starts sucking.she put down my pants and put my cock in her mouth and starts doing it.while her tongh was rubing the head of my dick i was thinking about my cousin that will taste my cum.

so it didn't take long until i was done and she took the plate with the food and and i finised on the food.

i took the plate and i gave it to mt cousin.she started eating my cum and she was enjoying it.i got hard again while i was looking at her eating my cum:"you know what is that great sauce that is on the food?"

"no,what it is? tastes pretty good"

"i am glade you like it.let me show you from were it came"and i stand up and pulled my pant down,my cock was hard and she was looking at my cock.

"you want some more?"

"i can't belive"she was surprised,exactly how i expected

i masturbated a few times in the past with her in the same room but it was a few years ago so i grabed her hand and put it on my cock

"come on you saw me a few times do this,it's different just because your hand is doing the job"

"i's so weird that i just ate you could you do this?"

"you used to like this things like eating cum,outdoor and things like this"

she was looking at me and she reached for my cok and started to rub it slowly:"you like it?" and started to strok it and she took my hand and put it on her tits

"i like something else" and i put my hands on her ass,she was wearing a short dress and thong so i grabed that great ass of her and i took here thong's down a little and slowly put my fingers in her asshole.she moamed and sterted to rub my cock faster until i cum again on her legs

after we finished her:"you know i haven't been fucked in my ass for a while a i loved that you put your fingers in it"

Posted by doriandorian 2 years ago
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