my best friend Raul

a new story:

my best friend,Raul and his f****y,wore doing very bad with money so my parrents wanted to help them but they didn't agree so they came with a solution:his mother to be our maid(his mother was 44 years old and a very good looking woman.

i knew Raul all my life but i didn't knew this about his:one day we wore at my house and we wore waching a movie and we saw a sex scene in the movie and i got turned on and i propose Raul to wach some porn(i didn't taught about what was about to happen.

so we started to look at porn and i got a hard-on but i didn't get naked or started to jark off in front of him.i was with my clothes on.after a few minutes RAul told me taht we should masturbate,what is the problem?so he got his pants off,his cock wasn't hard and strated to rub his cock.i looked at the movie again and i said:why not?so i put my pants down and my cock was alrady hard and started to jark off.

Raul then put a porn clip with blond giving a blowjob:

"you know if you want i can jark you off"

i was in shock:"what?"

"listen you look at the clip and i will jark you off"

"no,what are you gay?"

"no,but it's no problem"

"listen i don't feel very confortable now"

"you want me to tell you something about my mom?"


"i heard her a few night ago masturbating and scriming your name"

"oo came on"

"hey i know you like this like kind of things"

hi started to tell me abou how he linked her pussy and this kind of stuf and i got hard again so he grabed my cock and started to rub it slowly and the he put some lotion and it felt so great(it better when is another hand that is rubbing you cock)

so kept rubbing until i cum in his hand

the next day at school he told me that he is turd on by men but that he likes girls olso

a few days passed until at school i was so horny after i saw a girl from my class and he so my boner and he said that if i want in break he will give me a handjob at the bathroom.i didn't wanted but i tought about it in that hour and i accepted so we went in the bathroom and i got in and when there was no one else he came in and he get on his knees and put my pants down(i was hard alrady):"you know i can do something else for you,i can give you a blowjob"

"what np,i.."

"don't worry i do this for you,i don't want you to do the same"

so i put my cock in his mouth and he started to suck my cock,i coudn't belive that it felt so good.i cum in his mouth very quick and he swallowed my cum

after i got home he came to my house and said that if i want he can give me blowjobs because he likes to do it

so a few days passed and he was sucking my cock every day while i was waching porn until one day when my mom almost caught us.

after that we wore agree that he will suck my cock only when we are alone in the house so that no one will catch us
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