My frozen heart melted

To those who read my last story you will know I had love but soon after posting I was broken hearted and unable to find any love until a few weeks ago
*wakes up early Saturday morning feeling truly alone, so as I have done for some time now I got out of bed and went for a walk it didn’t help I was people in love and I began to wonder If I will ever find love again so I returned home and lied on my bed and sighed * when will I find love…..*when suddenly I realised I forgot something at the shops so I went back and as I went into the shop something happened*
*I woke up with a roaring headache and a guy next to me asking if I was ok I nodded somewhat weakly and apparently he walked into me as I entered and hit my head on the wall * are you ok ? * He asked me, and my response yeah bit dizzy thow * after he helped me to my feet he smiled at me and I could feel something different * what’s your name lad? “Axel and yours? “he smiled and replies with a sweet voice “I’m Leonardo but people call me Leo”
After talking for a bit I realised my heart that had frozen had begun to melt I began to think if he was my love “Leo? How old are you?”, “19 why?” *I begin to blush a deep red and he knottiest fast 2 ohh that’s why” he moved closer and hugs me “yes im single” I blush deeper *
“wanna…. You know… go out …. ?” he kisses me deeply and smiles “yeah I thought you would never ask!” we began to walk back to his house a certain lust was in the air. as we arrived at his house he opened the door and let me in first and he went to the kitchen and returning with 2 beers and put the can in front of me “umm leo … got any wine I don’t drink beer” he smiles and comes back with some white wine “here u are” I smile and took a sip blushing “say axel… what is your place uke (bottom) or seme (top)?” I blush as deep as ever “u-uke” the moment I said that he pulled me up to the bedroom and smiled “now axel how desperate are you for this?” he pulls down his pants showing a huge at least 7 inch cock semi hard.
My eyes widened and my mouth fell open from surprise “l-leo I-it’s huge” gets closer to it and blushes more when he looked at me “how much?” I smile lusting “ I want it more than anything m-may I ?” he nods and I move closer still and kiss his head it’s at least an inch wide and I smile “ leo you will enjoy this” I rub it till hard and to my surprise its about 8 inches opened my mouth and began to get it in inch by inch but not boing t in a while I was struggling “axel stop and turn round I wanna see your tight hole” I do so and turns around shy and before I knew it he had pushed 2 fingers in and I monad sharply I could tell he liked that as he began to pull his fingers out
Leo what are you doing?” when suddenly I felt a jolt of pain and as I looked back I saw him 2 inches in and grinning “ im making you mine” he pushes another two in and another till he was all the way in I was moaning loudly and my face hit the bed “leo plz move plz!!!”he did so pulling back and slamming into my spot making me scream with pleasure he continued this and he smiled “now axel I want you to lie on your back I turn over moaning as I do so and me kisses me deeply moving faster but softer I began to moan against his lips loudly and he grinned” how much do you love my cock “ I screams before shouting at the top of my lungs “ I love it I love your cock” I scream loader and cum hard shooting into my face and he giggles” self-facial nice one now my turn “ he grabbed my ass and moves rapidly moaning and grunting and as I did I could tell he was almost ready to blow so I tightened my ass round his cock and he grunted sharply and came so hard it made me throw my head back evidently knocking me out again
I woke up with him next to me smiling “you have a habit of that” he kissed my cum covered lips and smiled

And still were going out and I have been ruined almost every night but I stop hitting my head

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