the day i will never forget

this is an experiance i had awile ago and it was great. sorry about it bein gin 3rd person im only good at writing like that

Axel woke up streching his arms out "its still hot? this is getting annoying." he stood up and put on some clothes befor he started making his way to the kitchen. As he put the milk back in the fridge he stood there looking at a photo of a class photo from a few years befor knotising somthing he never knowtised that while everyone else was avoiding him he saw that harry was realy close to him almost next to him close to him he stared at this and looked at the clock. "Not bad I guess that that I should go for a walk" Axel put on his shoes and walked out the door and locked it.

As he walked round his town he found ben who waved at Axel, He walked over to Ben still half asl**p "Hi, Ben can i ask you somthing?" Looking confused he replyed. "sure what is it mate?" . "Do you know where Harry is today? i need to talk to him." as he said this he saw harry coming out the shop "never mind found him." He walked over to harry and lookes at him, " umm harry u remember the class photo from a few years ago right? why did u get close to me i thought everyone hated me back then?"
Harry looked embaressed and started to blush "well... I dident hate you for being different, i'm different too I dont fight like everyone else so i thought and still think were the same." Axel shocked by what harry just said and smiles he turns to ben "ben can i take harry away for a while please?" ben dident say anything just nodded his head and axel grabbed harry's hand and ran off.

"harry where do you want to go? its your choice" smiling stopping at a tree to catch his breath, harry just replyed with " follow me" and walked slowly down the street coming to an appartment were harry opened the door "close your eyes Axel trust me." axel closed them worried about what was going to happen, harry took his hand and took him inside closing the door behind him " ok open them" axel did and was shocked.

"harry what is all this?" looking around the room at photos of axel and they seemed everywere. "axel... I was not able to tell you this infront of ben but..... " harry blushing and looks away almost ashamed of what he was going to say. "You what harry?" axel said confused, harry taking a deep breath and befor he could say anything he blurted out " i love you axel!" harry covers his mouth about what he said he turns around and looks away embaressed. Axel stands shocked the words running threw his mind, suddenly axel realised what harry had said and spoke gently. "harry ... you... love... me?" harry turns back around and looks at axel's eyes and and replyes with a shacky voice. "Yes axel ... I love you and I have for quite some time now and I never told you because I was never able to even in our class I was close to saying it but we were called so I was not able to." axel blushed a deep red at the thought of somone caring about him and he spoke with a smile on his face "harry ... umm I like you alot and i mean alot," unable to controle himhelf the puts his arms around harry.

Harry puts his armes around axel's waist and kisses his lips softly afraid of how axel would respond.axel pulls back shocked bet something in his mind telling him it's right, so he puts his hand on harry's head and kisses him deeply blushing. "A-Axel? What was that for?" he blushed and spoke with lust in his voice "it felt right and... I think I love you...." harry shocked unable to speek untill axel broke the silence "so harry, what do we do now?" axel had no idea what to do he had never seen anything about this only what was told to him by a few people about relationships , but nothing was ever mentioned about same sex relationship. "well... follow me." harry took axels hand and took him to his bedroom were the photos were less but there was a few things axel hand given harry or lefts around when axel was having a sl**py day

harry lies axel on his bed and kisses him again taking off axels top exposeing his perfect muscules, axel blushes and slowly reashes up pulling off harry's sweatsuit showing harry's body "what do you know about this sort of thing?" harry ask's curiously, axel responded embaresed "well... nothing, sorry." harry stunned " realy... well i guess i will lead for now"

axel lies there blushing as harry slowly pulls down his pants showing that axel had nothing on " well i guess you had a bad morning" harry says smiling and slowly rubs his hand down Axel's body untill his hand gets to axel's cock and it gets hard almost immediatly. " my,my axel its much bigger than i thought it was harry puts his head next to it " axel relax" as he sais that he slowly puts his mouth on the end and licks it teasing axel when suddenly he lowers his head down untill half of axel's cock is in his mouth and harry relises that he cant fit anymore in and slowely lifts his head back up and blushes,he moves it back down faster and starts going faster as he does the same thing going faster and faster.

"harry this is the first time i done anything like this i feel strange" harry stopes and looks at him," you mean you have never played with yourself? " axel shakes his head, harry goes back to it and goes faster entill he hears axel moan and he feels loads come out thinking to himself " so much i can't swallow all of this" trying his best untill he takes as mush as he can and lifts his head. axel blushing "harry i love you will you go out with me? as my boyfriend?"

harry stunned and hugs axel kissing him "oh yes axel i will" axel smiling and feels somthing on his leg as he looks down he see a bulge in harry's pants " say harry what do we do now that you got that?" pointing to the bulge. harry looks down and smiles pulling down his pants showing his cock that was about 9 inches and just thinner then axel's, he turns axel over " can you go on all fours it is an easier way." axel does and harry looks at him and blushes more moving closer "axel this may hurt are you sure your ok?" axel replyed almost asking for it "yah im fine with it just be careful"

harry smiles and puts the head on axel's ass and pushes it in slowly. axel colaspses the top half half his body with plesure "Mmm...." harry suprised he goes faster slightly "axel your so tight are you sure it doesn't hurt?" axel smiling and says in a loving voice " it does it hurts bit its a pleasure that im loving so please... MAKE ME YOURS!" as harry hears this he smiles and goes all out and moans loadly several times "axel im cumming" harry cums deep in axel and as he feels harry erupting in him he tightens his ass moaning deeply.

Suddenly the door was opened and axel coverd himself with the sheets and they heard jack's voice "harry are we practicing or what?..I know your here" they hear jack walking closer to the door and the bedroom door opens as they see jack standing there "what is this? harry you know how i feel about axel and you do this?" axel lies there in shock at the thought that jack also has feelings for him and as he thinks harry stands up " jack you think i did this to hurt you? I could never hurt you but you left me and axel was the only person who talked to me since then so what was i suposed to do?"

axel started to get up still covering the lower half of his body "harry, jack you both love me? but jack you are alwayed so mean to me?" They both go silent for a moment then suddenly both said at the same time "Yes i love you" axel stands there suprised and shocked for a moment and walks to them both and puts his arms round them both "you now you can both share me? right?" both of them look at eachother and grin then jack says "you want to be shared? say harry wanna share him?" harry just looked and him and nodded grinning more. "say axel you liked what happend befor right? well how about you try it with me?" harry bends over and wiggles his ass teasing axel in, axel smiles and slowly pushes it in whe he get at feeling of somone pushing somthing in his hole, he looks back to see jack had taken off all his clothes and had got behind axel and slowly pushed it in more.

"jack?" axel said cringing with pain "your hurting me!" jack looked at him suprised "but Naruto the heads not even in? harry looked up and smiled" jack is thicker than I am but also smaller, but axel if you want i can help if you want?" axel nodded and harry moved out from under axel and pushed jack aside and moved axel so his head was right next to jack's twithing cock "jack be carefull with him he never done that befor ok" as jack put his cock on axel's lips "open up axel" axel nerviouse opend his mouths when he felt harry push somthing in his ass and open them, jack slowly put his cock in axels virgin mouth and slowly moves it back and forth

axel closed his eyes thinking of what was happening and he suddenly felt a jolt of pain run threw his body,he pushed out jack cock and looked back "harry what fuck are you doing? that hurts more then jack" harry looks up and pulls out his fingers "sorry just helping so it wont hurt as much but i thing your ready now, jack you can try now" as harry slides back under axel and puts his ass infront of axels still hard head teasing him, axel pushes his cock in slowly lusting for harry's ass and also bracing for jack

jack pushed his in fast to stop axel feeling as much pain but insted of finding him crying axel was moaning with such lust it made jack sure he loved it, so he moved faster wile axel was keeping speed in harry, as all three was moaning loader and loader and after what seamed a lifetime axel had a thought suddenly shoot on his mind "My god i can't get enought of this!" and all of a sudden he shouted "I LOVE BOTH OF YOU I LOVE THIS SOO MUCH!"

Those words sent harry and jack into a frenzy jack going deeper wile harry started moving his hips to make it go faster when suddenly axel put his hand on harry's cock and rubbed it as fast as he could and harry let out the loadest moan he could as he erupted over the floor tensing his hole making axel as an effect cumm as deep as he could go in harry panting after wile jack was going crazy with pleasure untill he could hold back no more and he erupted so much it was seeping out the sides of axel's ass

The three of the collapsed on the floor breathing heavely when axel breaks the silence " can we all go out?" he said smiling blushing faintly. after a short time harry and jack both said "yes if your ok with it?" axel nodded

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Awesome.. Thanks.. xxxxx
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This one of those erotic love stories thanks
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verry good