Her - Where did she come from...

"Hard Eight" was the call from the dealer, cheers went up and the table got paid. It was pure excitement, the table was hot... a crowd gathered to watch, the stick man passed the dice back to me. Picking them up, tossing them towards the other end of the table, "Five, number, pay the line." we are still going...

Chips are being paid, people are smiling, the crowd is amazed... I haven't had a roll like this in years and it is exhilarating. I look around the group of people gathered, yet I couldn't see anyone as my eyes had just caught a glimpse of an angel. I turned back and our eyes met, she blushingly smiled as my whole being seemed to turn into jelly.

I smiled back and found it almost impossible to look away, but the dice had already been passed to me and the players were ready for another roll. I reached down for the dice and rolled them again against the back wall.

"Six, the number is Six".. bets were being placed, pucks and chips were being moved and I could no longer concentrate on the game, I looked back in her direction and she had gone. I looked around and couldn't find her. Where had she gone?

The Stick had sent me back the dice. I rolled four or five more times, I can't remember nor did I really care. At this point I just wanted to get out of there and see if I could find her, again.

"Seven Out" was the call. The players all clapped, "good roll" I heard from a few. I gathered up all my chips and passed them to the dealer to color out.
Three Pink and Four Black... were given back to me. Not a bad hour of playing. I picked up my chips, turned around to walk to the cage to cash out and felt a soft touch on my arm... as I turned, I again saw the smile that melted my heart earlier.

She walked with me to the cage where I cashed in my chips, the whole time I couldn't hardly take my eyes off of her, nor she me. "Follow Me", she said and started walking away. This was the first time I had a chance to see her full view, great body, not too skinny, enough weight to add great curves... I almost had to run to catch up with her.

She led me out into the parking garage on the fourth level and behind the barrier pole, and stopped, turned, threw her arms around my neck and looked deep into my eyes. Not a word was spoken and it seemed as if we were locked in this gaze for hours. Her hands found their way to the sides of my head and she pulled me down to her soft supple lips and kissed me a deep, passionate, (I want you inside me)kiss...

Electricity shot through my body. I was feeling things I never knew I could feel. She rubbed her body against mine as we kissed and I could feel myself getting rock hard. She must have felt that as well as her hands left the sides of my head, slid down my broad shoulders, down my sides and onto my hips, still deeply, passionately kissing.

She loosened my belt, undid my pants and dropped them to my knees. She reached around and lowered my boxers as her soft hands found their way to my hard waiting shaft. Stroking me in rhythm to our deep kisses..

She broke off our kiss, looked me deep in the eyes and said, "please cum quick... I want to taste you so bad" as she dropped to her knees and licked my balls as she stroked... I felt her tongue move from my balls, up my shaft to my head. She swirled it around three or four times and then took me all the way in. I heard her gag a little as she backed up, keeping just the head between her lips. I could feel her tongue massaging me as she slid up and down my rigid manhood, her hands now grasping my testicles.... and squeezing ever so slightly.. enough for excitement, but not too hard to hurt.

I felt my load building up inside me, I looked down at her and saw pleasure on her face... she stopped just long enough to give me a smile.. and again she said, "I want you to cum now.. please".... She lowered her mouth back over me, her tongue dancing as she lowered further down, taking me down her throat...
what a technique she had.... she backed out again, massaging the head again with her tongue... I start moaning, ready to explode.. she sensed this and stroked and sucked harder and faster... I can't hold it any longer... and feel my balls tighten as my whole body goes rigid in delight, filling her mouth with my juices.... she doesn't stop, nor does she let even one drop escape... She swallows, licks, sucks and devours my cock for another five minutes, making sure she gets every little bit... looks up into my eyes, rises up onto her feet and kisses me again, deep, passionate lovingly...

She pulls up my pants, secures them, kissed me deeply again and said, "My turn, will you please take me home?"

Yes, dear, it will be my pleasure.... We walk to my car, I let her in... she undoes her top two blouse buttons exposing her gorgeous cleavage, I hop in the other side...Hurry she says.... as we drive away we notice the security camera pointing right where we were... Gave the guard a good show!

Continued at her home..... Next

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