Bill and Mary


I was late the first time I met Bill and Mary. I had naively agreed to meet them in an hour at a Mexican restaurant and bar, realizing too late that I was trying to get there in rush hour, and was going to be at least 40 minutes late. Not a good beginning. Fortunately I had Bill’s cell phone number, stopped alongside the highway, and called him to let him know. Bill agreed to wait for me, but I was convinced he was already wondering what kind of dufus he and Mary had agreed to meet.

Bill and I had connected through a Craigslist ad he had placed over a month before. I know Craigslist is filled with scammers, picture collectors, people with fantasies they never intend to fulfill, and some just plain losers. But, one in one hundred times I had found some really nice people. Now I was afraid Bill would sense he had picked one of those losers.

Early on Bill had suggested that we wait until the holiday madness ended, and reconnect. We had done that, albeit I had to refresh his memory as to who I was. And now we were about to meet. Bill had sent me pictures of both he and Mary, and I had been impressed.

Finally getting to the meeting place I could not find Bill – so another call, and he cheerfully guided my gaze to his waving arms and I joined them at their table. I apologized profusely for being late. Amazingly he and Mary apologized for sticking me in rush hour traffic. I was immediately at ease.

Bill and Mary are in their early 50’s and look more like 45. Bill has a kind inquisitive face, a quick laugh, and a strong, tall body. Mary is a delightful woman, quick to laugh, a smile to die for, and a totally no-nonsense approach to life. In seconds we were deep in conversation about who we were and about ideas. That conversation ranged from dance to travel to jobs and even to just how big and hard a cock Mary preferred. (Mary confided that she is still as tight as a teenager, and that “wrist sized” cocks are not her preference.) Bill is a very successful web site designer. Mary had run a swinger website for years, and had written a lot for that site. Both are intensely excited about what they do, about friends, and about sex. Amazingly, despite my tardiness and tendencies to talk and talk and talk, they invited me to their home – to which we went in a now blinding snowstorm. Mary rode with me to show the way, and Bill went on ahead. I saw that simple act as a total vote of trust in that Bill was comfortable letting Mary ride with me, and that she trusted me enough to go.

Bill waited for us in their garage, let us in and closed the door behind us. Mary disappeared upstairs and I became fascinated by a gallery of pictures of grandk**s, and dozens of glass and ceramic dragons. Soon Mary appeared again in a robe.

“I’m guessing you’re naked under that robe,” said Bill.

Without a word Mary smiled her elegant smile and opened the robe to reveal a magnificent, real woman’s body. Firm full tits, a tummy domed just enough to pronounce her female, a full, firm butt, and a magnificent dragon tattooed on her shaved mons. Below that mons is a delightful patch of red brown hair that stretches down between her legs and along her full pussy lips. I do not recall what if anything I said. Mary had me speechless. She held the robe open as I stroked her mons and she told me about the dragon, showing me other dragon tattoos she had. Nor do I remember what Bill said. I do remember following Mary up to the bedroom. She shed her robe, and laid back on the bed as she smiled at me. I got naked, asked if I could wear a cock ring (she agreed), and knelt beside and over her on the bed, stroking and gazing at her wonderful body. As Bill joined us on the other side of Mary she reached out and took my cock in her hand, and I became oh so aware that Mary really liked hard cocks. I wanted so much to be hard. I kissed her mouth, realizing only later that I had not shaved my face and was treating her to end-of-the-day stubble. But she kissed me back and I slipped a finger between her labia, found her cunt entrance already wet, easily found her clit and began to stroke the tip as she lifted her hips and moaned. Bill was getting erect and it was so easy to lean over Mary’s body and suck his growing cock into my mouth. He arched his back to give it to me and I soon learned what a delightful, erectile cock he has. It was pure bliss to feel him get hard in my mouth and to know he liked my sucking.

I knelt back up and asked Mary if she like to be licked. Her answer was, “Oh my yes.” That answer I do remember, and will always remember. I leaned over and as she stroked my growing cock slipped my tongue into her slit and along her clit shaft and clit tip. Her moans convinced me that she really meant “yes’ and soon I was way, way more interested in Mary’s cunt than anything else. I moved to lie between her legs, arranging my cock below my tummy, and began focusing on her clit as Bill moved his face over hers, alternately kissing her mouth deeply and sucking her nipples. Mary began to move her hips in arcs that f***ed me to concentrate as I tried to keep my tongue on her clit. She got close but not over the top, finally grabbing my head, pulling me upright to give me one of her amazing smiles and inviting me to lie between them. As I did she pushed my head toward Bill’s lap suggesting I suck his cock, which I did willingly. Mary moved her mouth over and around my cock as Bill watched her and slowly fucked my own ready mouth. He got so fucking hard I repeatedly felt a need to tell Mary just how hard he was. Soon my saliva and his precum had him slick to his balls. Then he leaned over and began to share my cock with Mary.

Even in that position I was able to get a hand on Bill’s rampant cock and jack him as his precum flowed and flowed. Then what a treat!! Bill’s hard cock in my hand and he and Mary shared my cock, as they loving looked at it, as they remarked about my swollen balls, licked and sucked the shaft. I began to get as hard as I hoped I could. Mary knelt up at my feet and watched Bill sucking me. I could watch her over Bill’s head and was transfixed by her face, which reflected her excitement in watching us. Her fingers worked expertly on her clit, and soon her cum started. I’m sure I can never capture the beauty of that moment in words. That cum pulsed through her entire body. I swear she instinctively pushed her tits out on display as her hips rocked in mini-fucks. The most beautiful part was her face. Mary must have incredible trouble lying, in that her eyes and face tell everything. Her entire cum moved into her face, as her hip bucking became spasmodic, and deep growls in her throat told Bill and I exactly how good that cum felt.

Slowly Mary’s cum subsided and she dropped her head down as she pushed Bill’s head away and she began sucking my now rampant cock.

“My God, Bill!! Get behind her and fuck her,” I pleaded.

As Mary made love to my cock, Bill knelt behind her and expertly (I could tell he practices a lot) set his cock in her entrance. As his hips moved forward Mary slipped her mouth off my cock and looked into my eyes with her face filled with rapture. That face, with her open mouth that had just been filled with my cock got me even harder. Bill set a solid fast fucking rhythm as Mary alternately sucked my cock and stared into my eyes as she held that cock in a hand, Bill held his pace even as his own cum began to grab him.

“I’m there!! I’m there!!” and then as he thrust deep his face became as beautiful as Mary’s, totally telling me just how amazing his cum was. His cock must have pulsed a dozen times, and then gradually he relaxed.

They asked me what I wanted and I told them I really wanted to fuck Mary. In seconds she was on all fours offering me her cunt as I stood behind her at the edge of the bed. I set my cockhead in her slit knowing Bill had opened her up, and had filled her with hot, lubricating cum. Then suddenly I knew I wanted to see Mary’s face. She turned, laid on her back, gave me her amazing smile and allowed me to lift and open her legs as I pulled her butt to the very edge of the mattress. She kept smiling as I placed her legs over my shoulders and set my cock at her entrance. My going in got her excited again, and I soon learned she really is as tight as a teenager. It took several thrusts for me to get my cockhead in her cervix (at least I thought I had it in her cervix), and I was rewarded with lots of encouragement from Mary. I began giving her long strokes and it did not take long for my cock to began to skim a cum.

“Is it OK for me to cum?””

“Yes! Yes! Cum!”

I moved rapidly as I felt Mary’s exquisite cunt grasping and loving whatever cock I thrust into her. The cum began to fill my entire cock shaft and even my balls until it exploded. I managed a couple of more thrusts and then set my cock deep and watched Mary’s eyes as I came, my cock seemingly leaping in her cunt. As it stopped she smiled and I warned her, “I am going to fall in love with that smile.’

Bill joined us and we cuddled on the bed and chatted for at least a half an hour, before I realized Bill was amazingly tired and had the good sense to get out of their house.

Life is not always perfect. But there are perfect moments. This evening with Bill and Mary was one of those perfect ones


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