Blackmailing my b*****r part 1

My name is Emma and i am a 17 year old teenager and i am 5ft 6 inch tall and i have blonde hair, brown eyes and my bra size is 36c. I am your average teenage girl really, i like going out with my friends, shopping and most of all i love boys. Like most other girls i often find my self fingering myself to guys i know or even some celebrities but today i was a very different day. When i go to bed tonight i would be fingering myself but not over any guy i know or a hot celebrity, i would be fingering myself over my little b*****r which of all people is wrong but somehow it felt so right. Let me tell you what happened for me to do this.

So today is a Tuesday and on Tuesday i go to college and finish about 3:30pm and i go straight home. It normally takes about 20 mins to get home as i get the bus but today i was late getting home as bus was late and there was more traffic than normal so i today i got home about 4:20pm ish. I opened the door and so that no one was downstairs, i was going to shout out hello but i just didn't want to so i thought i would go to my bedroom. While at the bottom of the stairs i started hearing some noise from upstairs, sound like moaning or something, i could hear some words being shouted out as well but couldn't make out what they were. So on hearing these noises i started to walk upstairs quietly, well what i thought was quiet as i heard someone shout out hello, i stayed quiet and then again hello was shouted again but a but louder. It sounded like Jon but i thought lets take a look anyway. So i carried on walking up the stairs and i could see my parents bedroom door open bait and normally this was closed. I was thinking were my parents home, was it Jon or was it someone else, what else could it be? I got to the bedroom door and what i saw was Jon wanking and while he was wanking he was saying names like Katy, Emma and Jessica. He kept saying these names over and over again. Well i thought i want to know what he was thinking and thought i would have some fun with him and blackmail him for a bit. So i took out my phone and started taking some pictures and even recorded so video. He sounded like he was about to cim and i saw him pick up my thong and then there it was, he was cumming on my mums thong. I was still recording and taking pics at this point and then i saw him start to gets his boxers back on so i stopped the recording and i turned back round towards my bedroom.

On leaving my parents bedroom to go to mine i must have caught the door because when i got into my bedroom and shut the door he knocked on it. I opened the door and before i could even say anything Jon steps in and says to me "when did you back?" i just looked at him and said in a calm voice "early enough to see what you were doing, what you were saying and what you did at the end." All he could say to me was he could explain, i said back to him "i don't want to hear if right now, I'm shocked, surprised, and well just confused. Don't even think about trying to lie about it as i recorded you and took pics of it with my phone." I then showed him a pic on my phone that i took to prove to him i wasn't lying. He didn't say anything after that and just left my room.

After Jon left my room i had time to think about what i saw, and for some strange reason i can't seem to get the sight of Jon's penis out of my ahead and i found myself looking at the pics and watching the video. I could feel my pussy become wet from thinking about him wanking. For some reason i want that cock, i want to hold it, stroke it, i want to suck it and i want it in me. These thoughts are very wrong i know but it feels just right. When i first caught Jon wanking i was shocked and well i want to blackmail him to get him to do things for me that i just don't ant to do like housework ect so i can be lazy, but now i want to blackmail him and get him to do sexual things for me.

After all this thinking i heard mum shout me and Jon to go help her with the shopping so i went downstairs and Jon asked her what she was doing home so early. She replied saying she felt like coming home early to do some shopping.

After a few hours we all sat around the table eating tea. There was me, my mum, my dad and Jon. Jon couldn't look at me he just kept staring at his food but me well i kept looking at Jon but not making look obvious i was doing that. All i kept think it "What should i get him to do first?" How long do i blackmail him for? Will he like what i have in store for him or will he cave and just tell me to fuck off and tell if i want?" All these questions where going round my head and i couldn't shake them off.. He just keeps staring at his food and all i want to do is tell him to cheer up but if i do then questions will be asked by mum and dad. After dinner Jon went upstairs i guess to play his Xbox and i also went upstairs and went to my room. I try to take my mind of it for a bit before i decide what I'm going to do so i call Jessica. Jess is my best friend and when we are on the phone we can talk about anything for hours on end but this is one thing I'm not telling her yet, not till I've made my mind up on how I'm going to play this.

Ok so i have been on the phone to Jess for hours, i did say we could be on the phone for hours and in that time i have managed to figure out what I'm going to get Jon to do first. I don't know how i managed to come up with it but i did, maybe it was just the thought of seeing his cock again and how wet it made me earlier and how wet i want to be again and how much i want to finger myself over him. I get undressed so i was completely naked and i put on my dressing grown and i tied up the ties. I then sneak out of my bedroom and i am stood outside Jon's bedroom door and i tap on it i walked in. Looks like Jon just got into bed as he didn't look like he had been laying down for a while. I looked at him and said to him "This isn't over and we need to about this" He then replied back to me saying "What do you mean it isn't over and when do you want to talk." "Well talking we will do tomorrow maybe but not now. In regards to not being over, well you will to work for me and with every 1 week that goes by i will delete 1 of the pics and at the end of the time i will delete the video, do you understand?" I said back to him. "I understand but what do you want me to do for work wise and exactly how many pics did you take and what did you record?" he asks me. "Well that is a conversation for another but for now i want you to do something for me before i go to bed" I said back to Jon. He looks at me says ok and asks me what it is. I wanted to ask him why he was saying my name before i get him to do this little act for me so i looked back at him and said "Before i tell you that i want to know why you were saying my name? Do you like the say i look? Do you often wank over me? So you fantasise over me?" In response he said yes to every question while looking down, and explained that he said my name because he wants me.

So after Jon told me he wanted me i stood there and i was shocked and surprised by this and I'm thinking, wow my bother wants me and i want him, this is going to make all this blackmailing really fun. I can make he do all sorts, i will be able to see his penis when ever i want and get him to do what ever i want. Just thinking about the fact he wants me and i want him gets me turned on and already i can feel my pussy getting wet. "well thats….ummmm….ok…lets deal with that another time" is what i said to him while looking at his duvet. I placed my hands on my hips and said to him "What i want you to do now is to pull down that duvet, pull down the boxers, and show me you penis" So he does it, he pulls his duvet down, then his boxers and there it was, his penis was showing and it had a hard erection and oh my god i want it, i want that penis and he wants my pussy. "Start wanking for me" I told him with a smile my face and so he did. He starts wanking for me and its wrong that I'm stood here loving the fact i am watching my b*****r wank but at the same time it feels so right and to stop my self from saying or doing anything i should i just watched while biting my lip.

I could see Jon was about to cum so i told him stop as i wanted to make him enjoying cumming more than he has ever enjoyed it before. Jon did as he was told and stopped wanking. I was going to give him a little treat for doing as he was told. He was struggling for breath after he stopped but managed to ask me what i wasted to show him. I started to undo my gown and just as it was about all off i stopped. "Would you like to see this before you cum?" is what i asked Jon. "You could then imagine cumming over my naked body. It will only be a quick 5 second peek thou" i told him. I agreed to that so i then opened up the rest of my gown and there i was i was stood there naked in front of him. His face wow he can't stop staring and well i wish i could slow time down and make 5 seconds last 5 mins as i wanted him to stare at me for longer but i said 5 seconds. I covered myself back up and asked him if he liked what he saw and he was still god smacked and whispered yes to me and so i told him to carry on wanking. He started wanking hard, going faster and harder with each stroke. He was cumming and wow he said my name as he was cumming. That turned me on even more and all i wanted was to have him inside me. No i will wait for that, i will make him wait, this is going to be hard. There it was Jon came for me. He came all over his duvet and boxers and well it looked a lot of cum. As he finished cumming we looked at each other and then i turned around towards his door and just as i exited the room i said "night Jon" and walked my way to my bedroom.

As soon as i got to my bedroom i took off my dressing gown and went straight onto my bed. There were so many thoughts going around my head and i just kept thinking how much i wanted Jon's penis inside me. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with every second that went by. I moved my hand down to my breasts and started playing with my already hard nipples. Pinching them, flicking them and twisting them. With my other hand i started to move it slowly down my body and it reached my wet pussy. I start rubbing my clit and mmmmmm it feels good. I then move my fingers a bit lower and i slowly start to slide a finger inside and my pussy really is wet. I then take it out and move it up to my tongue and i suck it. Mmmm tastes good. I then move my fingers back down again and insert my finger again. I move my finger faster and faster inside me. I then insert another finger and my pussy is tight so it feels as if i really do have a cock inside me. I have only ever had sex with 1 guy, he was my ex bf and we had sex a few times but not many so i am still tight. I move both my fingers faster and faster and my eyes are closed and all i can imagine is Jon inserting his penis inside me and how good it will feel. Before i can even do anymore i can feel my self starting to cum. I can feel my pussy tighten up and then oh my the feeling is immense this is it I'm cumming, I'm cumming while thinking of my little b*****r. This orgasm is the best i have ever experienced. My body is shaking and yet my fingers are still inside my pussy. I take my fingers out and again suck them dry and again they taste nice. Oh how much i would love that to be Jon's penis. The things i would do to it and how much i wish my cum was his cum. I lay there for a few mins catching my breath and trying to get my heart rate back to normal before i go to sl**p. I quickly get up and put on my bra and things and then get back into bed. I then close my eyes and imagine i am laying next to Jon and i drift off to sl**p wondering what i will get him to do tomorrow
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11 months ago
That's a great start! Nice!
11 months ago
Thanks for the comments. Hope to do more soon
11 months ago
Can't wait for next part.
11 months ago
Excellent, I hope there is more to cum ...