Homecoming week... pt 3

Coming back to my senses, I watch Christie's firm as sway into my private bathroom with big shower. I hear the shower kick on and see her step in.
Surprisingly, my sexual appetite wasn’t satiated by my first fuck. In fact watching her perfect ass and slightly tanned, sweaty body enter the shower, I was harder than ever. Almost as a man possessed, I crept into the bathroom and entered the shower. She was still in her post orgasmic haze as she didn’t hear me come in. My 9 inch cock gently prodded her in the back she reached her hand back to stroke me feeling my full hardness. My hands immediately went to her 34D breasts as I cupped them as water and soap lathered them to a nice full shine. I licked the back of her ears as she moaned and continued to stroke me.
She asked,” How are you still hard?”
“How am I not? Look at those tits and ass” I replied
“Let me get cleaned up and then we can go onto round two.” She says
I removed my hands from her breasts. One goes straight to her pussy and the other I wrap around her throat. I pinned my cock against her ass and my abdomen and I thrust her forward against the cold shower wall.
“How about now”. I grunt
I slip two fingers inside her pussy, ignoring her clit completely. I fit my fingers and immediately attack her g spot. She quickly comes again, as a shockwave goes through her body. Instead of letting her come down from her orgasm I keep going, making sure it doesn’t stop. Her moans and screams turn to tears as her orgasm lasts for almost a minute. When my hand gets tired she stops as her body starts to go limp. My hand leaves her pussy and goes to my rock hard cock.
The only thing keeping her upright is my hand on her throat. Not knowing where she is I place the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Her eyes light up and head snaps forward right before I slam my entire length in her pussy.
If we had any neighbors I am sure they would have heard her scream. A change from our earlier lovemaking, she knew right then, there was no passion this was pure lust fucking.
I pounded my cock in and out of her as she could do nothing but wrench and scream and enjoy the ride. She tried to push herself off the wall as her fat tits were rubbing up and down it on each stroke into her sweet pussy.
I left my full length in her for a second before I whisper in her ear. “you are enjoying every minute of this aren’t you my little slut.”
It seemed to spark something in her as she used her arms to push me back off the wall. I grab her waist for balance as I guided us to the seat in the corner of the shower. Never letting my cock leave her tight pussy I sit her down. She leans back, kissing me and saying,” let me show you what a horny little slut I am.”
She then grinds her sweet sweet body on my cock making sure my cock touches every nook and cranny of her pussy. Her moans are music to my ears as a million sensations course through my cock ad through the rest of my body. I need more as I reach and grab her tits cupping them as she is grinding on me. I feel her slow down as a guterral moan comes from her throat. She lows down even more and her moans pick up and her pussy tightens on my cock. I hear her moans go to a higher pitch as she screams, her body stops and she cums all over my cock. I was pushed almost to the brink.
She thinks we are done as she leans forward to catch her breath. I surprise her by gripping her around her waist and hoist her back to me. She reaches her hands up on the shelf above me elevating her off my cock so just the head rests inside her. With what strength I have left I jackhammer my hips up into her pussy watching her ass jiggle with each thrust. I pull her hair back as I kiss the nape of her neck.
As I piston my cock in her pussy I tell her,
“God I love using your body as my fucktoy”
I continue on for a few minutes, but I feel her arms giving way.
I stand her up, cock never leaving her velvety pussy. After grping eachother wile I let my everhard cock in her pussy. I turn her and lift her right leg over my shoulder . This spreads her legs open even more as she uses her right arm for balance on my neck. I see a look in her eyes of pure lust,
She begs me to fuck her as I grip her breasts, its size and heft slipping out of my fingers. I start my pace , moving in and out of her pussy slowly. Her moans are music to my eyes even more as jher voice is starting to go hoarse. She reaches with her left hand to play with her clit. I stop her and grab her wrist. She looks at me with a pleading look as I shake my head no.
I unhook the shower head, and slide it up underneath her to her hand leaving it directly on her pussy. I adjust the heads spray to a pulsating massage. Her eyes light up as her clit and my shaft is pounded by a barrage of increasingly colder water. Feeling that I wont last long, I leave my cock in her only grinding against her cervix. This increases her screams more and more. She tenses for her nth orgasm, and I feel my balls tense as well. I pull out of her with a gasp, and unhook her leg from my shoulder. She drops to her knees as I place my cock on her forehead. She looks up at me with her baby blue eyes and begs me for my cum. The shower head amplifies her pleads as her own orgasm approaches0
“Give me that cum, paste my face Peter, stroke your huge cock.”
My hand is now a blur on my cock as I can only look at her glistening dripping body as she closes her eyes as she cums.

That sends me over the edge. We cum simultaneously as my cock erupts on her body for the second time in an hour. 7,8,9 ropes of cum pain her face and tits as she doesn’t even notice as she blacks out. The Shower head slips from her hand as she goes limp and lies on the ground. Feeling, exhausted I leave the shower and grab a towel from the stack we had on the ground earlier. I grab an extra for her and d**** it on her body as I carry her out of the shower back to our makeshift bed.
With her face glazed with cum, and a pretty raw pussy she opens her eyes and says, “best homecoming dance ever”

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there has to be more of this series