Homecoming week... pt 2

The rest of the week was pretty frustrating as Megan’s and Christie took every chance they could to tease me around school.
I managed to survive the week of football practice with Christie and the squad practicing around in short shorts and sports bras. Christie was a huge tease as she would often talk dirty to me during our nightly calls and even email some naughty photos. She told me not to jack off all week because she wanted me to save it for Homecoming.
Through it all, I received good news on Thursday practice as the coach told me I was starting at Strong Safety cus Danny, our starting Strong Safety half assed it last game. While it did bother me that I was used as a punishment, I was stoked to be starting in Homecoming game.
Homecoming finally came and I was more than nervous, I missed an easy interception during the first series in the game as our opponents scored an easy 6 on their opening drive. As our offense stalled out and f***ed to punt. The Coach jumped down my throat screaming at me to get my head in the game. Out of the corner of my eye I stared at Christie and the rest of the squad shaking their asses around. I went back on the field and heard the playcall for me to be on a QB spy on this mobile top 10 QB in the state. I set up on the outside and came up to the line on his blindside. I read Play action and knew this was a great opportunity to blitz. He snapped the ball and went to hand off the ball, I faked commit to the run and rushed the edge. As everyone bit on the playaction I sprinted as fast as I could as he pulled the ball back and looked down field to his receivers. That was his last look of the game as I launched my body into the air and placed my shoulder square in his back. As he his head snapped back he lost control of the ball as it fell out of his hands and I landed on top of him with a thud, Chris ran behind and picked up the loose ball and walked it in for an easy six points. That sparked our offense and for the rest of the the QB was scared, We ended up winning the game 31-7 with me getting 2 ints, to go along with my f***ed fumble, sack and and 16 tackles. The win helped push our team to 7-0 for the season and clinched a win for our division.
After the game I was interviewed by every media in our corner of Southern California. I knew I must have sounded like an idiot as I was more focused on going to homecoming with Christie the next night. I wanted to go out that night and see Christie but it was more of an all-night celebration at my house with some of the football players, my parents and f****y friends. I ended up being named defensive player of the week for all of Southern California and even got mentioned on a couple of college scouting websites.
While I was excited for the awards I was more excited for the dance. The next night, I got cleaned up dressed in my best clothes and took my dads 300C over to christies house. I met her parents and while I was nervous they gushed over my play in the game last night, little did they know I was ready to gush all over her daughter later tonight. As the conversation stalled Christie came down stairs in a Strapless black dress, her tits pressed up to her chin. The dress hugged her curves and had a deep slit up the side ¾ of the way up her thigh. Years of her cheerleading had toned her body in all the right places while still giving her feminine curves and a thickness that could put her in any rap video. To top off all her dress her makeup helped her ooze sex appeal with a glitter lipstick that made me weak in my knees.
There was a collective gulp as her parents and I stared at her as she walked down the stairs. We posed for pictures as she kept talking about how much her dressed cost and how long her hair took. While she was undeniably hot she had the crazy annoying to go along with it. After we finished up with pictures and posing we went out to the car and got in. Immediately, she squeezed my obvious bulge and said she was excited for tonight. We went to dinner and met with some of her friends and my friends. She made sure to tease me as much as possible eating dinner and desert as slutty as she could. While she wouldn’t shut up I couldn’t help but be turned on by everything else about her. We left dinner and drove back to the high school for the dance. We walked in and the danced went off without a hitch. We both got mutual admiration from guys and girls. Being a white teenager with no rhythm I let Christie, a stripper in training do all the work. She was obviously pissed off as Megan and other girls asked to dance with me. Everytime she was close to starting a fight I had to pull her back either to makeout or to rub my hard cock up against her ass. I managed to calm her down each time and she continued dancing and grinding on me. As our dancing and petting got more and more heavy she grabbed my obscene bulge and stroked my cock with every part of her body. We were told to tone it down multiple times by the chaperones at the dance and about halfway through the dance Christie showed my hand into the slut of her dress. As I reached around to her pussy I felt 2 things, of more like 2 things missing; 1.) no panties and 2.) she was shaved smooth and sopping wet. I nearly busted right there and she reached back to pull down my zipper. We were hit with flashlights by the chaperones. We were ushered out of the dance by two of the most uptight teachers. We were effectively kicked out of the dance before it was even done.
While I was hard as hell and had to walk back to the car, Christie licked up my neck to my ear and said,” the fun isn’t over yet.”
I instantly perked up and rushed with her to the car. When we got in we started making out like…..well a couple of high school k**s at a dance. As I groped her body and went back to rubbing her pussy she asked, “Is there anywhere we can go?” As I worked her pussy and clit with my fingers I brought her as close to an orgasm as I wanted and stopped. She seemed disappointed but all I could say was yes.
Fast and furious style I drove through town with her deftly unzipping my pants and giving me some of the best lip service I could imagine. I pulled through a gated community and up to a house that was in its finishing stages. My f****y and I were less than a 2 weeks away from moving into our new house. Everything was hooked up but the carpet and tile hadn’t been laid yet.
Christie and I got out of the car as I carried her into my “room” I went back out to the car to get some blankets out of the car. As I came back in she was literally peeling off her dress. It was one of the best sights I had ever seen.
She undid the top of the dress first as her pushup bra came into view. Her bra was overflowing with tit flesh. She unsnapped the back of her bra and let her 34D tits spring free. Her bra almost burst off of her as she revealed some of the most amazing tits I have ever seen, porn of real life. She let go of the rest of her dress as she stood there completely naked, she walked over to me as I hurried out of the clothes I had on.
She got down on her knees and took little time to work me back to full hardness. Her hands were like magic and she sucked dick like a pro. Licking and sucking all over my cock she worshipped it like it was her last meal on earth. As I felt myself begin to get close to cumming I pulled her up to my level and worked my fingers into her pussy. I sucked all over her tits as my fingers worked my magic in her pussy. As much as I wanted to fuck her right then I wanted her to be teased as much she had teased me all night. I laid her down and on the blankets as I gave extra attention to her tits as I crammed as much as I could in my mouth. I licked her nipples her breathing grew weathered and she gasped for air. I stopped before she came and she wimpered. I worked my fingers in her pussy and started licking her clit while massaging her g-spot. I lapped up her sweet pussy juices as they flowed like a river soaking the blankets she was laying on. As I teased her G-spot her clit poked out and I paid special attention to, I brought her to the brink of orgasm as her hands grasped my head pressing it against her pussy. Time and time again I brought her to the brink only to stop teasing her until she knew what I was doing. Ii was about to start again when screamed for me to quit the foreplay and fuck her. That’s what I was looking for as I pulled myself up and placed my fat cockhead at the entrance to her awaiting pussy. I held my dick at the entrance and slowly pushed 4 of my nine inches in, as she screamed out in ecstasy. Knowing it was going to be tough I grabbed her tits with both hands and slammed the rest of my cock into her. I felt something pop and felt a warm liquid ooze down my cock. It was at that moment she screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain. Her pussy then clamped down on my cock as she came for about a minute writhing around as her already tight pussy squeezed my cock like a vice. I felt liquid dripping on my shaft I pulled out as she groaned.
I then realized that this slut was just a cocktease for everyone and I just took her virginity at the same time losing my own, as she woke from post orgasmic bliss she reached and slid my cock back inside of her. I instinctually, slowly pistoned my cock in and out of her newly broken pussy, working her for all she was worth. As I worked up speed she starting to moan in time with each thrust, her tits while firm and perky were flapping around and hitting her in the face.
Halfway out of selfishness and to do her a favor I cupped her tits and built up more steamed thrusting in her. Her moans grew louder and louder until she screamed out
“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!” as she came again, this time I didn’t stop fucking her as I sped up my tempo and gave her everything I had. Her orgasm last for almost two minutes as I felt my balls tighten up. Not wanting it to end that quickly I pulled out, to disappointment.
As I leaned breath out of breath and trying to stop my impending orgasm. She crawled over my body and said, “My turn”
She positioned herself on top of me and lined my cock with her pussy and stuffed my head in her pussy, as she worked herself slowly down my cock she started to work up some steam. She looked like a pro riding me for all I could take. She slowed down, sank my cock all the way into her and leaned over placing her dangling tits in my face. I took the cue and sucked them as she worked her hips back on forth and grinded on me.
After the constant teasing, not getting off since Monday and fucking her already, she did her job as my balls tensed up and I felt like I was going to cum. She saw the look on my face and hopped off my cock. I slid my dick between her tits as she mashed them together trying to envelope my cock. I got only a dozen or so strokes in until I busted easily the biggest load of my life all over her tits and neck. I came about 12 times giving not just her chest but also her lips a heavy gloss of my cum. I looked down at her proud of what I had accomplished, effectively drenching half her body. As she started to lick off the cum she scampered away to the shower. I sat down trying to catch my breath. I heard my shower turn on and I saw her reflection in the mirror as she lathered up her tits. My cock responded instantly and started to chub up again. At the point I knew my night wasn’t over yet……

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excellent she gave you & you gave her something very special