Homecoming week... pt 1

After my encounter with Andrea in our local gym, the rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful. Besides me replaying that amazing night in my head over and over, and going on my morning runs, it was a pretty long weekend.
The weekend seemed to drag out forever, simply because I was waiting to see Andrea again on Monday. That Monday was the first day I was ever excited to go to school and not just because it was Homecoming. After my first 2 hours were through I could hardly contain my excitement for 3rd hour Psychology with Andrea, my cock was already pre-chubbing as I walked into class. I scanned the room for her to no avail. I shouldn't have been surprised as she was always showing up late. I couldn’t focus on the first few minutes of class as the teacher talked some bullshit on how we were going to watch an old ass movie about some chinese psych experiment.
I snapped back to the real world when my buddy Chris slugged me in the soldier, waking me out of my horny daze.
Chris asked,” Dude what happened to you on Friday, you missed Andrea’s party?“
I said.” Yeah I had my own party with Andrea on Friday,”
Chris,” Bullshit, if you did you would know why she isn’t in class today”
Me, “ Oh yeah, why’s that?”
Chris,” Dude are you retarded? Everyone around school has been talking about her party and how it got broken up early”
She’s not in class because her party got broken up?
“No dumbass, she’s not in school because her parents came home early and caught her with Troy (her bf) in her parent’s bed. Her parents took her out of school and are she is going to military school in Carolina.”
That killed any and all fantasies I had with her for the upcoming future. I was in shock dismay, and overall pretty pissed that I missed my chance to fuck her.
As my dreams to fuck Andrea were shattered Chris slugged me again, “If I were you I would quit moping and pay attention. I don’t know if you noticed, but you have been getting the "fuck me look" from half the girls in class.”
My attention perked back up, as I quickly scanned the room, I found out Chris was right. About every 10 seconds I found at least one of the girls was checking me out, more specifically trying to sneak a peak at my crotch. While some were less obvious than others, one caught my eye.
Megan wasn’t quite on the same level of hotness as Andrea but she was still one of the schools hotties, at 5’6 and 114 pounds with sparkling green eyes, prolly a 34C in a pushup bra, she definitely had what it took to get my bl**d flowing.
While I didn’t have any classes with her until Lunch I made a mental note of talking to her then. As the next two hours went by with agonizing pain, I finally had to my chance to talk with her.
Since seniors could go off campus for lunch, I had to follow her and her friends to Robertos Mexican Restaurant. As I pulled up to the fast food restaurant I saw her and her friends had already ordered inside. I went inside and ordered my food, as soon as I turned around I was already asked to come sit with her and her friends. As I slid in next to Megan I could feel her tit pushing up against my arm. As Megan, her friends and I created small talk (mostly about the party last weekend), Megan made sure to move her hand to the outside of my cock in my pants. As the discussion went to how Andrea got caught, it didn’t help my case and my cock had snaked its way down my jeans to full hardness.
Coinciding with my growing cock was the smile on Megan’s face. Almost on cue, they called out my order, I begrudgingly got up as my obscene bulge caused a couple of giggles from the table I just left. As I got my food, with a bright red face, I went back to sit down and saw the girls had already left the table. I looked out the window and saw Andrea and her two friends driving away whith their shirts pulled up flashing me and the rest of the restaurant their tits.
While I had no idea what had just happened I did know I once again had a case blue balls.

As I sat back down to eat my Carne Asada Fries. A vision of hotness came through the door, Christie. Christie was a as close to a Kat dennings/ Lindsay Lohan Clone as you could find in a high school. She was anything but shy as she was an attention whore who wouldn't shutup. She was known for frequently gave lapdances and stripped to her bra and panties at parties. She also was a cheerleader, so needless to say she loved attention I stopped eating as I saw her walk in and order her food.

Christie was 5’8 120 in all the right places,with blond hair and bright blue eyes, 34d tits and a fat ass, Christie was the definition of thick. She was wearing a low cut black spaghetti strap shirt which showed off her red bra. Her outfit was finished off with some tight jeans that accentuated her nice thick ass and muscular legs. She came back over and sat across from me in my booth leaning over showing my more than half of her tits. She had a light dusting of freckles all over her body even though she tanned religiously. I was half surprised to see her there as she was a Junior at 18 years old , but she was a sly minx so she had to have snuck off campus for lunch.
“Hey Pete, I didn’t see at the party this weekend what happened to you?”
“I was a little tired after my workout” I said
I heard, “Andrea spoke pretty highly about your "workout", pretty shitty what happened to her huh?”
“Yeah I was looking forward to spending some more time with her maybe even ask her to homecoming this week” I said trying to test her.
Well you know I would love to take her place and go with you to Homecoming. She said as she emphasized the word “coming” She stood up and wiggled her thick ass over to get her food and sat back down. She toyed with me as she sucked and licked all over her rolled tacos. She cleaned off the Sour Cream and Guacamole off her food as she awaited my answer. My concentration was lost as I snapped back to reality and asked her how she got off campus, she said she gave the School monitor a HJ to get off campus. I was dumbfounded as she finished up her tacos and licked all the sour cream off her lips.
She said,” I could give you a lot more than that if you would take me to Homecoming” I nodded in approval as she leaned over and grabbed my bulge and gave me one of the hottest kisses. I grabbed her arm and led her to the bathrooms. I went into the guys and she quickly ducked in as well. We locked the door and she immediately dropped to her knees.
She tugged down my jeans and boxers quickly. Her eyes went wide and she saw my thick cock at full attention. She quickly wrapped both her hands around it feeling its weight.
"Well at least Andrea wasn't full of shit" she said
"No she wasn't but I made her mouth full of my cock” I said.
Slightly perturbed, she started pumping my cock and spitting and slobbering all over the sides of it.
She used both hands to jack my cock and she sucked for all she was worth.
After the constant teasing from Megan and Christie I was more than ready to blow. Also since I knew Christie was a competitive bitch I decided to challenge her.
"God I think Andrea was a little bit better than that. She could suck my cock really well. I'll tell you what, if you can fit me in your mouth and get me off I will take you to Homecoming ."
Seeing the challenge Christie opened her mouth as wide as she could and managed to get my head in, barely. She then worked her hands back and forth on my cock jacking me off like her life depended on it.
My eyes rolled back as she undid her top down her top. I looked down at her breasts encased in her bra and reached down. She took my dick out of her mouth and said," Not until Homecoming," I was pissed until she went back to worshipping my cock.
She increased her pace and sped up her efforts. I lasted only about ten more seconds and came in her mouth without warning her. Like a champ she took it down no problem.
In awe, I stared as she licked her lips clean and said, "Wear something in blue so you can match me and be prepared to take pictures with me and meet my parents." She flipped back up her top and wrote down her number on my hand and walked out of the bathroom.
I looked down at my palm at her number and realized my pants were still down, being slightly embarrassed and super happy.
I couldn’t wait for Homecoming…

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