The Villa - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Our last supper.

After leaving you in the bathroom I finish drying myself and dress. I leave the bedroom and finish preparing for our evening meal. We managed to find a few candles whilst we were shopping, two tall red ones. I put these in a couple of candle sticks and place on the table and light. We also have half a dozen others that I place around the room and also light. Its just getting dark now and no other lighting is necessary. I lay the rest of the table and select some soft music; it is now ready for us. Just one thing missing, you.

I can hear the hair dryer running so I pour myself a glass of wine and walk out into the evening air. Peaceful and quiet. Just the sound of nature winding down for the day. I sit at the table, take a sip of the wine and put the glass down. This is where I should just sit back and relax. I sit back all right, but relax, no. My mind starts thinking of all we have done, not only here but also before we met in person. Going back all that time, right to our first meeting. I find that there is a tear in my eye and I wipe it away. Too late, the emotions are welling up inside me, I should never have sat down, I should have kept busy. Now I'm going to pay. Emotions building inside me, thoughts of what we have, of our parting tomorrow. Now the lump in the throat. The knot in the stomach. There is only one way this will end. I lean forward and place my head in my hands and the tears begin to fall. I cry like a baby, shoulders shaking, and all the pent up emotions coming out in one flood. Got to stop, can't. I vow this will not end tomorrow. I don't care how much it costs; we will be together again. The sobbing continues no matter how much I try to hold it back, but, eventually, it begins to subside as I become drained.

All has gone quiet inside, oh god I must not let you see me like this. I rush inside to the kitchen. Tear off a couple of sheets of kitchen towel, soak them under the tap and hold them to my eyes.

I slowly recover, drop the wet towels into the bin and tear off a couple of dry ones, I dry my face and drop them in the bin also.

I hear you clear your throat and I spin around. My jaw hits the ground. In front of me about ten feet away is an angle, my angle. This time you have really surpassed your self. Your hair is bundled up, exposing your neck and naked shoulders. And that dress, I gulp. Pure white silk, halter neck with the front plunging to your waste. Nestled between your breasts is the pendant you purchased earlier in the day. Apart from your golden skin and the blue of your eyes it is the only colour on you. The lower part of the dress cascades to the floor, I can just see your bare toes peaking out. The only things missing from the vision in front of me are your wings. I find it very hard not to start crying again but I manage to control myself.

I walk towards you, still at a loss for works and you ask "Well?"

The only thing I can croak is "Blown away." We meet and I put your arms around you.

This is where I find the back is, well, not there. I slide my hands further down. "Christ," I think to myself, "This is even lower than that black one. Immediately things start to happen down below.

You feel this and pull away, glance down and say "Well, looks as if it has the right effect. Come on, I'm starving." I pull out your chair to allow you to sit down, then slide it under you, bend down and kiss your shoulder. I can't stop. I move up to your neck and then to your ear lobe, gently sucking it. You moan, now I'm having the right effect. I move away and go and get the first course.

We eat and drink, talk and laugh. It's a wonderful meal, perfect in every way. Just the two of us, the way it should be. A wonderful end to a wonderful holiday, something we will both treasure in our hearts forever. But it's over. Well, not quite.

The music continues, slow and sexy. I stand and offer you my hand, you take it and I lead you to the centre of the room. I take you in my arms and pull you towards me. We dance, slowly, nearly not moving at all, just wanting to hold each other. My hands caressing your back, the merest touch, feeling your body pushing against mine. Your arms around my neck, fingers running through my hair. It's having the right effect. He is waking up; not that he has really been asl**p. You feel him pushing against you. You pull away slightly and look into my eyes and smile. I know this is going to be a night that we will never forget.

I sweep you up in my arms and carry you to the bedroom. You have already prepared it. Just a sheet, a couple of pillows, bedside light. I slowly let your legs slip to the floor, we are there, standing looking at each other, holding hands. I pull you towards me, take your face in my hands and gently kiss you on the lips. Your mouth opens as my tongue slips between your lips seeking out your tongue. They dance around each other, moving from mouth to mouth. Our hands undressing each other until we are completely naked, then I feel your hands, wrapped around my stiff cock, gently stroking it. Teasing it, harder and harder. Oh my god, got to stop you, too much.

I pull away and lead you to the bed, laying you down and then laying beside you. My hands begin to caress your body starting at your neck. Gently, gently, sliding my fingers down your body. Touching your breasts, watching your face, I love to watch you. Your eyes close. My fingers brush over one of your nipples, instantly getting hard. Your mouth opens. I lean forward and take the nipple in my mouth, gently sucking, I hear you moan again. My hand is now caressing your other breast. That nipple hardens in my palm. I glance down and one of your hands is between your legs, the other wrapped around my cock, both hands gently caressing their appointed places. I pull back and watch you. God, this is so erotic. I want to replace your hand on your pussy and I also want to watch you. So I do both. My hand covers yours and I push my fingers into you alongside yours. My God you're so wet. Your back arches and I know you are close. I keep pushing our fingers into you. Your other hand is speeding up on my cock. Don't know who is going to cum first. You do, you explode, screaming, clamping your legs together, and trapping our hands. Your other hand squeezes my cock hard stopping me from cumming. Designed? Or just a lucky accident, I neither know nor care. Didn't want to cum yet and I haven't.

You lie there gasping for air; I just look down at you smiling. I will never tire of watching you cum. So many emotions, all so wonderful. Your body twitching with aftershocks. My hand still gripped between your legs. Slowly, ever so slowly you return to earth. You open your eyes, look at me, smile, and say. "I don't know how or why you turn me on so much but, please, never, never, stop doing what you are doing to me. Now, your turn."

You gently push me over on my back and you take my aching cock in your hand and start to slide your fingers up and down my shaft. It's like an electric shock when you start using your nails. Scr****g the whole length, making me jerk and twitch. It's nearly too much, but I think you sense that and stop. My eyes this time are tight shut with pleasure. Then I feel your body move, sliding further down the bed. That wonderful warm feeling envelops him as you take me in your mouth. Gently sucking on him, taking me to new heights. I know I want to last longer but can't, I arch my back and then I feel you grip the base of my shaft, really hard, stopping me again. Slowly I come back down. Your lips still gently sucking my head. You continue doing this for I don't know how long, up and down, again and again. My mind is now total mush. I could be on Planet Vulcan for all I know, or care. Then it happens. I'm there, no squeeze this time, only a descending head. Further and further into your mouth you take me. My hips rise to meet you, and then I'm there. The most mind shattering orgasm I've ever had. I rip at the sheets with my hands, scream at the top of my voice, bounce, shake and cry all at once. How long it lasts I don't know but when I come down my shaft is still buried in your mouth, sucking the last of my energy from me. You definitely are a vampire.

I lie there, you let my cock slip from your mouth and come back up to cuddle me. I have you in the crook of my arm. My eyes closed, heart racing, mouth open, gasping for air. Both of your hands are still playing with him. Oh you do that so well. I just lay back and enjoy your attention. After a climax like that I should have softened up by now but you keep him hard. Such a wonderful feeling. I know what is coming next as you begin to shift your body. You lift up and straddle my legs. Still caressing him you move up and then down, guiding him into you, taking him deep inside. Your head falls back and you moan as the last inch slips inside you. No movement, you just sit there, then I feel you, your mussels, squeezing him. The sensations are fantastic. I move my hands up to your breasts, gently cupping then, feeling your nipples pressing into my palms. You lean forward and I help take your weight as you slowly lift your body. Up and up until just the tip of my cock is inside you then slowly down again. Again and again you repeat this, your hands come up to cover mine as your speed increases. The feelings are getting me more and more aroused, but after cumming only a few minutes ago I'm fairly certain I will be able to last a while longer.

I lower you down onto my chest and wrap my arms around your back. Now I have you in my control. I bend my knees and, slowly, start to thrust up into you. Holding you to me, watching the expressions on your face, changing with every thrust. Gazing into each other's eyes. I see your eyes begin to water. I pull you close and our lips meet. Mouths opening, tongues entwining, eye closing, becoming one. We stay like this for what seems ages, me slowly thrusting into you. I feel your mussels clamping and releasing around my shaft. Then I feel you stiffen again, another climax is on its way. You start to shake; I continue my movements, wanting you to cum. You shake, your head snaps back and you cry out as your orgasm overcomes you. I can feel your juices trickling down my shaft, oh so wet. Then you slump forward, exhausted. Breathing hard. I stop my movements and just lie there with all the wonderful sensations of your climax above me.

You lift up, looking down at me, eyes bright, no more tears. Then that smile of yours, something is up. You stand up, still straddling me, turn around and back down; my cock slips straight back inside you, oh what a wonderful sensation. Then you slowly lower yourself backwards until you are lying on my chest. My legs still slightly bent, yours outside mine. My hands caressing the front of your body, neck, sides, stomach finishing cupping your breasts. Holding them, feeling their warmth and smoothness against my palms.

At the same time your hands are sliding down between your legs. You start to caress my shaft as I begin to thrust up into you again. The feeling of your hot wet pussy around my shaft and your fingers sliding up and down it are all too much. I quicken my pace knowing it won't be long now. Your back arches, my cock goes even deeper into you and I'm there, no, we are there. Both of us cumming together, thrusting, stroking, shaking, crying, it's all too much for both of us. We just lie there together; roll sideways and I just hold you. Darkness overcomes us and we sl**p.

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