The Villa - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – So little time

The next few days just disappeared as if they didn't exist. No matter what we did time flew bye. We even tried to recreate some of the things we had already done. Even a visit to the Secret Cove. But when we got to the place where we left the car last time there was already a car there. I went down to check the shelf and there was a rock on it. It was as if something was telling us our time was up. Neither of us wanted our time here to end. If we could just stay, but we knew that wasn't going to happen. Even making love wasn't the same. We both wanted to please each other so much it seemed to have the reverse effect, we were both trying too hard. We had to get our mind set out of this rut. Problem was we were running out of time, fast.

Then it was over; our last full day was here. We must do something and I had an idea.

"I would like to take you out and buy you something." I say. A questioning look from your face. "Something for you to wear, tonight." I continue. Still the puzzled look. "Ok," I say. "I've had a thought. This is our last full day here and I want us to go out with a bang, not a whimper. So I'm taking you out to buy you a dress, we are going to get some food, something nice, and a bottle of Champagne and tonight we are going to celebrate this holiday. Ok?"

The smile I've come to know and love returns to your face. So out we go. Into the biggest town on the island, we park up and head for the main shops. The whole area had been pedestrianised. Just more room for people and there were a lot of them. One shop after another we walk past. Selling all kinds of wears. Then, there it was in front of us. A glass plated temple to everything a lady would want to wear. So in we go. Walking up and down the isles. You in the lead, me just following. We enter an area set aside to eveningwear. You turn to me, look me in the eye and say, "How much can I spend." I glance around at some of the price tags and give you an amount. You tell me to get lossed for half an hour and in you go.

The thirty minutes turns into fourty five, then sixty. A sales assistant approaches me and tells me you are ready. I come in, credit card in hand to see you waiting with a couple of bags and a big smile on your face, the biggest I've seen for a couple of days. Amazing what a bit of retail therapy will do. "Not too bad." I think to my self, you only went over the top by a little and there is no way I could refuse. So off we go. We stop you outside a jewellery store and look in.

You point at the necklasses. "I think that will go with the dress." I go to get my wallet out and you stop me, shaking your head, you lead me inside telling me I have spent too much already and you will pay for it. Whilst you are looking at the pendants I glance around the shop. All sorts of items, my eyes fall on a tray of rings. All gold wedding bands. You see me looking at them and pull me away. I think you know what I'm imagining.

So it's out of the shop. We spend a wonderful couple of hours just wandering, window-shopping. It's amazing how many shops can be crammed into such a small area. Small streets, sometimes so small no modern day car can get down them. And nearly all for the tourist. Occasionally a real local shop, selling pots and pans, or a bakery. One we stop at and buy a pastry each. We eat them as we continue to explore.

Then it's time, all shopped out. The shops start to close for the afternoon siesta. But some stay open. For us it's time to leave and head home. On the way we stop for some food for our evening meal, and of course that bottle of Champagne. We decide that whatever food we get must be able to be prepared in advance so we don't spend half the evening cooking. So we decided on local prawns in a seafood sauce on a bed of lettuce, beef stroganoff and rice, then strawberries and cream for desert. Simple but special.

Then its back to the villa and prepare. A slow meandering ride back, not wanting the day to end we finally arrive at about 5pm. Unload our purchases and start to prepare the evening meal. Once that is finished it is time for us to prepare.

We slowly walk to the bedroom hand in hand. When inside we undress ourselves and go into the bathroom, you turn on the shower, enter, and I follow. I start to soap you down, not wanting to miss any part of you, and I don't. I wash your hair, smelling the fragrance of the shampoo, rinse and then it's the conditioner and rinse again. Then down, soaping a large sponge, soap bubbles cascades down your body, I slowly caress, first your back, then, around to your front. Gently caressing your breasts, watching as your nipples harden. I hear you moan and I look up and see your eyes are closed. You put your hands on my shoulders as I continue the downward march. I kneel in front of you, continuing to soap you down. Across your stomach and around your back. Then back to your front. You know where I'm going next and you open your stance to allow me in.

More soap, then I slide the sponge between your legs, pushing up slightly, making contact with that lovely shaven pussy that has given me so much pleasure. Wanting so much to return it all, and more. Backwards and forwards I move the sponge, bubbles everywhere. You move the direction of the spray head so the water cascades down your front, washing the soap away. Then I see it, your clit poking out, I just couldn't resist, and I lean forward and run my tongue over it. I feel you shudder as your nails dig into my shoulders urging me on. I lap at you with my tongue, drop the sponge and slide one hand around your back and the other up between your legs. Further and further up it travels, all the time my tongue working on your clit. My fingers now reach their goal. I don't stop as I slide two fingers straight up inside you. Your nails dig in even harder as I thrust up burying my fingers deep inside you. Thrusting again and again and with each thrust those nails dig in. I want you to cum so much, then it happens. I feel you tense, push against me and shudder. You scream and continue to shudder as you cum. Your arms encircle my head and you try to pull me inside you, forcing my tongue hard against your clit. Your legs start to buckle and I just manage to stop you collapsing on the floor. You shudder again and again. I just hold you as you slowly come back to earth.

I stand up, your arms around my neck, mine around your waste, and him, well he's managed to slide between your legs. You lay your head on my chest and we just stand there for a couple of minutes, the water falling over our bodies, just wanting to be together.

Then I feel you move away, look down as my erection slides from between your legs. You look up and into my eyes, a broad smile appears on your face. "Oh my god." I think to my self and I know what is coming.

You turn me around and start with my hair, washing and then conditioning it, all this time my hands are behind my back, stroking and teasing you. So much so that you have to slap my hands away so you can concentrate. You turn me back around, bend over and retrieve the sponge from the floor. Then pour on more shower gel; give it a squeeze under the spray to get more bubbles to form. Then you start, my chest, my arms, around my back and then, down.

I feel one of your hands cup my balls as the other, with the sponge, presses down on the head covering the whole of my cock in suds. My eyes roll back in my head and I have to put my arms out and lean against the wall to stop myself falling over. You wrap the sponge around my shaft and commence to 'clean' me. Oh my god, if this is cleaning, please never stop. Now I start to groan. The feelings are truly amazing, one hand gently squeezing my balls and the other with the sponge, well, use your imagination. At this rate I'm going to explode in seconds. Luckily you stop, I think you realise exactly what your doing.

Then you move the showerhead and begin to rinse the subs from my body. I still can't let go of the wall, either I will fall over or it will. Not sure which. I open my eyes to see your head disappearing downwards. I smile and close my eyes again. Then I feel you. Hot, wet, and oh so wonderful. You take just the head in your mouth and start to suck me. Both your hands are still engaged in their task, one cupping the other stroking, the sponge now forgotten. My mind begins to reel. My hips begin to move back and forth. Both your hands slip from my cock and I feel them move around to my backside. Your nails press home, I thrust forward, your head doesn't move. I slide deeper and deeper into your warm, wet mouth. Oh my god, all I see is red in the back of my eyelids as I explode in your mouth. The a****l instinct in me takes over as I thrust again and again into you. Shooting again and again, emptying myself into you. My legs begin to buckle but you help support me as you continue to suck every last drop from me. My hands are now tight fists against the wall, one last spasm and its over. You let me slip from your mouth and you stand up again. I open my eyes and am greeted by your lovely face smiling at me.

"Now," you say, "Get out of here and let me finish." I walk into the bedroom towelling myself dry. Still with a massive erection. The things you do to me.

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