The Villa - Chapter 1

Chapter 11 – Floating on Air

The next day we both sl**p in. I have never slept so well as I have since I've been here with you. But this is ridiculous, it's gone 10am.

I look down at you and you are still sound asl**p. I decide to give you a bit longer and slowly get out of bed. I wander through the villa. Looking in places that I had not realised existed. Opening cupboards and drawers just to see what is in them. Most are empty but one has a folded air bed and pump. I pull it out and take it out to the pool. A bit long winded to inflate but I have it up in about ten minutes.

Then it's into the pool and attempt to get on it. I fall off three times before I manage to get on and stay on. But that's half the fun of these things. I lay back and just enjoy the morning sun drying my body. Then I start daydreaming. Thinking back to when we first met on line. All the fun times we had. Finally meeting up here and all the wonderful things we have done since then. The cords, the vibrator, that dress, the cove, Maria, all blending into one horny daydream. How long I was lying there I don't have a clue but what I do know is that He is awake. Amazing what thoughts can do.

Then I nearly have a combined heart attach and fall in. You have managed to get right next to me without me realising. "Started without me have you." You whisper in my ear wrapping your hand around him at the same time.

The shock soon wares off as your hand starts to move up and down my shaft. I just lay there, hands behind my head, moaning softly, as you continue to caress me. My head starts to swim as you move down my body, bend over me and take him in your mouth, just the head, and gently suck him. Still moving your hand up and down. I thrust my hips up towards you, pushing deeper into your mouth. You take him and I feel your other hand under the airbed holding my backside up. You run your tongue around the head and then back into that oh so warm mouth. You close your teeth around the base of the head and draw your head upwards. Then back down again. You repeat this again and again. So close, so very close. You sense it and suck even harder, bringing me over the top. I moan out load as I cum, thrusting upwards again and again until I'm completely spent. Then you turn the airbed over.

I surface coughing and spluttering. "I'm going to get you for that." I shout at you.

"Come and get Me." you reply. I climb out of the pool and chase after you. Around the pool, first one way and then the other. I'm enjoying watching your boobs bounce up and down, and as for that butt...

I finally catch up with you and we collapse, laughing, on one of the sun loungers. I've pinned you down with your arms above your head and I straddle your waist. Apart from kicking your legs there is not much you can do. I lower your head to kiss you on the mouth but you turn your head away. "Ok," I think to myself, "If that's the way you want to play it." I lower my head further and take one of your nipples in my mouth and start to suck it. A low moan escapes your lips and I move back up to your face. This time you don't turn away. We kiss long and hard.

"That looked fun on the air bed," you say when we come up for air, "Can I have a go?" I just smile, get up, and offer you my hand. Back into the water. This time it is a little easier getting on the bed with me holding it. You lie back and close your eyes. God you look sexy, all wet and slippery. The sun glinting off the water droplets. Only thing missing is the camera. That will have to wait. I lower my head and take the other nipple into my mouth. You moan again. I feel it harden in my mouth, and the more I suck the harder it gets.

I feel you move and glance down towards your legs. They are now wide open with your lower legs hanging in the water. I slide my hand up your leg, out of the water, up your inner thigh and cup your pussy; this makes you push up against me. Two of my fingers slip inside of you and you gasp as I push them all the way in. My thumb comes in contact with your clit and you gasp even louder. Now it's my turn for some fun.

I release your nipple and pull my, now very wet fingers, from your pussy. A moan of disappointment and you look up. This is replaced with a smile when you see that I am moving around to the bottom. I slide one hand underneath the airbed and lower my face towards your pussy. What a wonderful sight, swollen inner lips, juices dripping from your beautifully shaved slit and that wonderful clit standing erect. I continue to lower, pursing my lips and making contact with your clit. Gently sucking it inside my mouth, this sends you straight to the top and your moaning increases. I stop and release you. Waiting for you to come down a bit before continuing. Then it's the turn of my tongue, lapping up and down those swollen lips, stopping at the top to flick back and forth over your clit before descending again. Watching your body writhe as I continue. Bringing you back to the top, I stop again, not letting you climax. More moaning with disappointment before my fingers start sliding in and out of you.

I keep doing this, a cycle of sucking, licking and probing, each time stopping just before you cum. Driving you wild, now your pleading with me to let you cum and so I do, plunging my fingers into you and clamping my lips on your clit. You explode, bucking like a mule, trying to throw a rider, I hang on, continuing to suck and thrust until you plead for me to stop. I finally let your clit slip from my mouth and slide my fingers from you. You roll over, clamping your legs together; I have to move fast to keep your head above water. I hold you as you continue to spasm. Slowly, ever so slowly coming down from that plateau.

I lift you up and carry you out of the water, over towards a lounger and lay you down. "Don't ever do that to me again," you say, "I thought I was going to die." I just chuckle, wrap you in a towel and go back inside the villa to start breakfast.

We decide to spend the rest of the day just lounging around the pool and what a wonderful day it was. So peaceful. The only sounds come from the local wildlife. A twitter from a bird here, a russell for from some small a****l there and the day is over, all too quickly.

We decide to go a little more afield. To the next village. So it's off to the bedroom and get ready. Well, we planned to go out. Not all ideas go the way they are planned.

I follow you into the bathroom; you turn on the shower, walk in and start to soap yourself down. I just watch. What a sexy sight, all that lather, soft slippery skin. He's awake.

You are facing away from me as I start towards you. I slip my hands around your waste and up to your breasts, cupping them, squeezing them gently. Pulling you back towards me and bringing your bum in contact with my cock. You wiggle it against me and I purr like a kitten.

I slide one hand down, down towards your pussy, cupping you, holding you, pulling you back tighter to me. One of your hands moves over mine. Pushing two of my fingers into you. "Please, here now." is all you say and you bend forward, open your legs a little further and with the hand that was covering mine, encircling my cock and guiding it into you. I slide into you alongside my fingers and start to fuck you. Long slow strokes, my fingers now rubbing your clit. You pushing back against me, riding my cock. I thrust slowly, in and out, the water cascading over your back and running down between us. My hands move up, cupping your breasts and I pull you up towards my. Your head bending back towards me I hold you and start thrusting faster. Both of us moan, wanting release. I thrust one more time as I cum deep inside you. You push back, harder and harder as you cum. Both of us slide down to the floor. You turn and we clutch at each other trying to get our breath back. Heart rates slowing as we slowly recover still being showered by the rain like water flow. We just hold each other.

When we finally manage to get ourselves back to the bedroom any thought of going out to eat had gone. We dry each other. Gently wiping the droplets of water from each other's bodies caressing each other. "How many more times will I be able to do this." I think to myself. We lay down on the top of the sheets, you in my arms. I know the end is coming but I must stay firm, mustn't show emotion. Not now. Still a couple of days left to enjoy ourselves. Want to make the most of it. Got to make the most of it. The day for tears will come, but not yet. Please God, help me to be strong.

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