The Villa - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – You just relax.

I don't think I've ever slept so well as that night. Can't think why. Perhaps they were both vampires and drained all my energy. Don't care; it was one hell of a night. But it's now morning and another day dawning. I look down at you nuzzled in my arms and you are looking up at me, smiling. "Penny for your thoughts." you say.

"Oh, I was just wondering if you were trying to kill me," I said and gave you a big hug. "Dare I ask how you arranged that?"

"Oh, easy really. Maria told me last night that she had taken a liking to you at her birthday party. She asked me last night all about us and I told her."

"Everything." I said.

"Everything, well just about," you replied. "But even I wasn't sure how far she wanted to go. Well, not until I came back in the living room and saw you both. But don't take it that I'm going to share you with anybody. That was strictly a one off. Ok."

"Understood," I replied "But wow, what a night. I think you enjoyed it as much as I did."

No reply, you just squeezed me.

So, it was shopping day and after the usual it was off to the shops. We returned about midday ready for a nice relaxing afternoon. Made some lunch, sat out on the veranda and just chilled. A bottle of wine, soft music, perfect company, what more could be asked.

Then it was strip off and crash by the pool. Usual trouble, sun tan cream needed to be applied. Dam, I love applying this to you. Ideas start to run through my head and I spend the next hour working out exactly how to do it.

I excuse myself and leave you lying on your front with the music quietly playing beside you and go off to organise myself. I return about twenty minutes later, I could have done all I wanted to do in five, but I enjoyed watching you just lying there. I quietly come up behind you and pick up your sarong. You lift your head to look at me and I tell you to close your eyes. I use the sarong as a blindfold. "What the..." you start to say.

I reply "Ask no questions and I'll tell you no lies. Come with me, I have a surprise for you."

You smile as I help you up and lead you by both hands into the villa. Through the living room, and down the hall to the bedroom. Inside I help you up onto the bed. Kneeling in the centre, facing the headboard. I tell you to bend forward from the waist and don't be afraid I'll hold your shoulders so you wont topple over. Your face and upper body comes to rest on a pile of six pillows that I had prepared earlier. I turn your face to one side, lay it back down and get off the bed.

Now the fun begins. I pick up the silk cords that you brought out with you. I bind first one wrist and then the other to the slats on the headboard. Then it's the turn of your ankles. Gently easing your legs apart and tying them to the sides of the bed. Now I have you but first I must ask the question "Remember the first time I used the cords and you said just one word to me. Do you remember what it was?"

"Yes" you reply, "it was anything."

"Do you really mean it?" I ask.

"I trust you with my life, my love. Of course I mean it."

I climb onto the bed. Moving up between your legs and sit down. I look down at your pussy, already moist with anticipation and with your legs open like this, open to anything I want to do. I start by sliding a thumb up and down your slit. Pushing it slightly into you. Covering my digit with your juices. Then down to your clit. Slowly circling it, watching it swell as I continue to stroke it. Then back into your pussy to collect more lubrication. I spread it around, all over your inner and outer lips. Then I move up. This time using my fingers I slowly slide my finger across the bridge between your pussy and your anus. Circling the place that I had never touched before. You start to moan, this was a relief, as I still feared rejection. So I push gently at the hole. The tip of my finger goes inside and I feel your mussels clamp onto it. I pull out again and continue to circle.

With my other hand I continue to caress your pussy, gently pushing first one then two fingers into you. Then I do it in unison, one in your ass and two in your pussy. Pushing slow and deep. You let out a long moan. I stop for a few seconds waiting for your reaction and all I hear is "Please, don't stop."

I continue to finger fuck you with long deep strokes. Listening to you moan makes me more and more excited. I move on to the next stage. I withdraw my finger from your ass, reach down and withdraw your vibrator from under the pillows. I turn it on and start to slide it up and down your soaking slit. Covering the plastic in your juices I move it up to your rear entrance. I push, gently at first, the vibrator into you. It just enters you and stops. So tight. I push a little harder and I hear you gasp. I stop. "No," you say, "Keep going." So I push a little harder and then it slips into you.

You let out your breath and I start sliding backwards and forwards. In and out, my fingers in your pussy keeping time. Then for the final stage. I slide my fingers from you. You give a moan of disappointment before I replace them with my throbbing cock. Now I have both your holes filled. This is what I had wanted to do. Now I hold the base of the vibrator to my crotch and start to piston both shafts in and out of you. You turn your face back down to the pillow and scream as I push harder and harder into you. I can see the bonds on your wrists taught as you tense under my onslaught. Again and again I thrust into you. Again and again you scream. Your body is shaking, your back arching as you climax. I just keep going. You lift your head and scream at me to keep going and don't you dare cum. I smile close my eyes and just keep thrusting. The sensations that I feel through you. Not only the heat and softness of your pussy but the vibration through your body from your little toy.

Now I know I wont last much longer and at that moment you cum again. Thrusting yourself back hard onto the vibrator and me. Now I know I can't last much longer and begin to push faster and faster. Not wanting these sensations to end but wanting to cum in you. Then it happens. I feel as if someone has grabbed hold of my heart and it was about to burst. I scream, one last thrust and grab hold of your hips. Holding myself deep inside you as I empty my balls deep into you. Then I feel your mussels clamp around me as you cum for the third time. I can't stop shaking. Holding on to you. Uncontrollable jerks as I finish emptying myself into you. I collapse on your back, unable to move.

Slowly, very slowly I withdraw. Holding onto the vibrator at the same time I slip from you. I reach forward and undo your bonds. I still don't know how I had the strength. I roll one way and you the other. The pile of pillows separates us both. I start to throw them over my back. You help and get rid of two of them. Then we are there, just looking at each other. Both of us breathing hard. Unable to speak. I hold your hand and look at your wrist; it's red where the cords had been. I stroke the marks gently and look up at you. You smile. Just one word from your lips "Wow".

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