The Villa - Chapter 9

Chapter 9 -- Two's Company

Another beautiful morning dawned and we lay there in each other's arms. We admit to each other, that after the previous weeks activities, we are both a little sore. So decide to have a nice relaxing day by the pool. We have enough food for a couple of breakfasts and a lunch. So will go to Carlos and Maria's restaurant for our evening meal. Shopping can wait for tomorrow.

So that's how we spent the day. Just relaxing. Mind you it was difficult to keep my hands off you. Especially with the need for regular reapplications of the sun tan cream. But we managed it. Then on to the evening. We get ready and, of course, you appeared in another one of your dresses. White this time. Almost identical to that first one, you know, that black one. As your tan had developed to a wonderful golden brown so it was accentuated by the white of the dress, and of course, no tan lines to cover up.

So it was off to supper, a slow stroll into the village, a wander around the shops and then in to the restaurant. Carlos was there and explained that they were about to have their meal and we were invited to join them. What I didn't realise it was a bit of a f****y affaire. So we were split up as, for some reason all the women wanted to talk to you. You looked so natural across the table, centre of attention. Chatting to all around you.

Carlos and me passed a pleasant evening with idle chatter. Just passing time. Me occasionally glancing over at you. Then I noticed that Maria and you seemed to be in deep conversation. Last time I saw anything like that it didn't really register but what followed was the visit to the cove. I wonder what you two are cooking up now? A cave in the hills perhaps? I'm sure I'll find out.

The evening ends, the usual pleasantries are exchanged; hand shaking, hugging, and kissing. Then we start our slow walk home. You seem very quiet until you turn to me dropping a bit of a bombshell. "You do realise that Carlos and Maria aren't married don't you?"

I look at you puzzled "But their surname is the same, it's over the door of the restaurant." I reply.

"Think," you say. My mind goes into overdrive but it just won't click. "They are b*****r and s****r. They were both married in England but their marriages broke up at about the same time their uncle died and left them the restaurant".

Then it all became clear. Just light hugs, the occasional peck on the cheek. It was obvious when you thought about it. At this moment I heard footsteps behind us, I turn to see who it is and there is Maria closing on us. "Hello," she says as she catches up to us. "I didn't think I was going to catch you up."

"Sorry," I reply, "Have we forgotten something."

"Only Me." she says linking her arm in mine.

Now I am shell shocked, here I am, walking down a moonlit country road with two wonderful girls, one on each arm heading towards the villa. "Just thought I'd hang out with you two for a time," she continues. "It's such a lovely night, too good to sl**p."

I turn my face and look at you. You are looking straight ahead and just smiling. "Oh my God," I think to my self, "Is this really happening? No it can't be."

We continue to the villa, arm in arm. When we arrive you enter first saying that you are going to open a bottle of wine and telling us to put some music on. I follow Maria into the living room still unsure of what is going to happen. My doubts are put to rest as she turns on me, wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a long passionate kiss. She breaks away from me, turns and heads for the pile of CD's on the sideboard giggling to herself. "Oh my God," I think to myself, "she even has the same giggle as you."

Maria quickly flips through the small collection, selects one and puts it in the player. As I had hoped, it was a slow one, then returns to me, arms snaking around my neck and says, "Dance with me?" I gulp, my arms go around her waist and we start to sway with the music. Our lips touch gently as I hear a cough from behind us as you walk into the room. I go to pull away from her but she wont release me.

I look at you as you pass, unsure of your reaction as you put down the tray with the glasses and bottle on it. I needn't have worried. You turn and, walking towards us, say "Room for a third?"

All three of us are now moving as one. Arms around each other in a perfect triangle. Then you start; both of you together, mouths go to either side of my neck, gently kissing it. Moving up towards my ears then I feel two wet mouths taking an ear lobe each and gently sucking on it. My eyes roll back in my head and I moan. Then I feel two hands sliding down the front of my body.

By this stage my trousers resemble a tent and that is what you both are heading for, reaching him at the same time one hand wraps around the head and the other cups my balls. I turn my head and first kiss you and then Maria. Then you two kiss, soft and gentle. Distracted by this latest move I don't realise that you have managed, between you, to unfasten my trousers and they slide to the floor. I step out of them and then it is complete mayhem. Clothing flying in all directions. Both of you giggling as you pull away and run towards the bedroom, completely naked. I just shake my head and follow like a lamb to the slaughter.

I enter the bedroom what seems seconds after you go in but both of you are on the bed laying there on your sides facing each other but with your heads towards me. There is a gap between you just big enough for me. I ask if that is for me and you both smile and beckon me. I crawl up from the foot of the bed and lie between you. "I've definitely died and gone to heaven." I think to myself as both of you snuggle in.

My arms around you both and a hand from each of you heading south. Your fingers stroke and caress me making him throb even more then there is that giggle again. Who it comes from I neither know nor care as both of you begin to slide down the bed. I feel your hot breath on him and then it starts. Licking, sucking, fondling, making me moan with every touch.

Both of you start to turn around allowing me access to what I am about to find out are two very wet pussies. Two pussies, two hands, a perfect match. I start to stroke both of you, moving my fingers up and down your slits. Sliding my fingers inside and along your inner lips. All this in perfect unison. Then down to your clits. At this stage you have my cock between your mouths and as I first touch your clits your teeth sink into my shaft and rasp from the top to the base sending me into spasms. I feel a hand wrap around the base of my shaft and squeeze tight slowly bringing me back from the edge.

Now it's my turn, I slide two fingers into both of you and start to caress your clits with my thumbs. You both push back onto my fingers as I start to finger fuck you. My thumbs rubbing over your clits as my fingers go deep inside you. Now the moans are coming from the other end of the bed. I lie back and smile, no way am I going to stop. The only thing is can I make both of you cum at the same time. As I sense you both building I squeeze you both between fingers and thumb putting pressure in that illusive G-spot. I feel you both tense as I continue to thrust upwards into you. Then two pair of legs clamp together and you both collapse screaming. Your arms wrapped around my thighs hanging on to me as you both shudder to a massive climax.

We lie there for several minutes, both of you breathing hard, trying to get your breath back. Slowly you relax and up come two smiling faces. You turn to Maria and say "You are the guest, you first." You both start moving around to change position; I just lie there and wait. She straddles me and, with a softest of touches from her hand, I slide into her. Slowly descending on me all the way to the hilt. She stays still for a couple of seconds and then starts to ride me.

You, in the mean time, have moved up my body and straddling my chest start to move upwards. Looking down into my face and smiling as you gently lower your pussy on my mouth. My tongue streaks out and starts to lick at your lips. Up and down, around and around. You rubbing your pussy up and down my mouth. I look up and see Maria's hands cup your breasts and gently pinch your nipples making you moan even more. I continue licking you, letting Maria ride me, not wanting it to end.

Now I'm so near and this time nothing is going to stop me. I start to thrust upwards with my hips lifting Maria off the bed. You f***e your pussy even harder down onto my mouth and I sense we are all close. I come first, thrusting even harder upwards bringing Maria over the top and I push my tongue as deep into your pussy as I can and I hear a low groan and feel you start to shudder. We are there, hanging onto each other, totally spent. You both roll off me and snuggle up close. I don't even remember closing my eyes.

I climb out of a deep sl**p when I feel someone moving. I open my eyes and Maria is climbing out of bed. She looks at me, puts one of her fingers to her lips, kisses it and transfers the kiss to my lips. She moves towards the bedroom door. I don't even see her go out the door before I'm asl**p again.

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