The Villa - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The things that your fingers can do.

The sun comes up heralding another day. We both stir. Bleary eyed over the first few days of the vacation. I lie there thinking have we really done all that in just a couple of days. Made love, so many ways, so many places. You slip out of bed heading for the bathroom. I watch you and say to myself "You'd betta believe it." I lie back and smile. What wonders has the day in store for us?

First we have to get out of here; it's maid's day. So we shower, separately, saves time, then dress for the day. A light breakfast and out. Much more of the Island to see.

Pushed up hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Island is volcanic. This can be seen all over by the massive vents, now dormant. No actual volcano but if it did erupt half the island would probably disappear. A rugged place to exist. But people still do. Mainly vineyards, the volcanic soil is a perfect medium for growing vines. All over the Island, the plants are huddled down behind volcanic stone walls protecting them from the ever-present wind. But the main breadwinner for the Island is us, tourists. All wanting a piece of the sun.

We spend all day out, seeing various towns and villages. Camera snapping, thank god for digital. Returning to the villa via the local supermarcado. Picking up something for supper. Steak for the bar-b-q and lashings of salad. Potatoes for boiling and another couple of bottles of the local wine.

I start putting things away as you pad into the bedroom. Then its back to the roof and our favourite sun bed, big enough for two. Another good thing, apart from the views, about the roof terrace is the retractable awning. Just a turn a handle and out it comes. Supported on wires attached to four concrete pillars. As much shade, as you want. We wind it all the way over. Totally covering the bed. I leave you to lie there in the cool as I go and do my manly thing and prepare the bbq and the steaks for later.

About 20 minutes later, all is prepared. I make us a couple of long cool drinks, lots of ice and head back to the terrace. Slowly walking up the steps so as not to spill any. I just get my eye level to the same level as the bed and I see your feet, about 12 inches apart, knees bent outwards and your toes curling, I smile to myself. I quietly move further up. Putting the drinks down, I sit on the top step and watch.

You are there, one hand teasing a nipple with a finger and thumb; the other tracing lazy figure of eight's around your clit with two fingers. I can see that both of these fingers are wet, as is the rest of your pussy, I know where they have been. Opening then hungrily swallowing the two fingers again, you moan and arch your back as you thrust your fingers in you again and again. I here you, quietly, call my name but stay silent. Just wanting to watch you. The thrill of not knowing if I should be there or not.

You now move both hands to your pussy. You open your legs even wider. One hand pulls back the hood over your clit and the other, still wet with your juices, rubs hard. You moan even louder. I can't stand it. I want to come to you and sink my tongue into you but half of me wants to watch. Torn, I must make a decision. What I come up with is totally different.

I slip back down the stairs, heading for the bedroom. I run through the volla, into the room. Over to your bedside table. Wrench open the door and pick up the vibrator. I return to the terrace praying you hadn't finished. I needn't have worried. You were now on your front, that beautiful bottom in the air furiously fingering yourself from underneath. No way could you stop me now. I swiftly move forward and, turning on the vibrator, plunge it into your pussy. You scream, thrusting back onto the hard plastic object. Again and again you thrust back. Screaming as wave after wave of orgasm floods over you. You fall forward. Spent, breathing so hard, trying to roll over. I help you and hold you in my arms, comferting you. Rocking back and forth until you calm. You hug me, turning your face up; we kiss, softly, lovingly. After a while you pull away slightly and say, "Did you enjoy watching me touch myself like that?"

I'm stuck for words, then "You knew I was there, watching you?"

"Yes" you say, "I wanted to know, I wanted to know what you thought. I love doing that when I think of you. Well?"

"It was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had." I tell you.

"Mind you," you reply, "when you pushed the vibrator up inside me I was caught so unawares I thought I was going to die." Your hand slips to my waste, fondling my erection. "Come on Lover," you say, "Get undressed and join me, its lovely and cool under this awning."

I get up, pass you your drink and get undressed. You look at me. I can see the cogs going round and around in your brain. "What the hell are you thinking now?" I say to myself. I lie down next to you; the smile widens on your face as you sip your drink. "What"? I say.

"Nothing" you reply, "oh nothing for you to concern yourself about".

I lie back, close my eyes, then you touch me, gently, stroking me back to full erection. I moan, God you're so good at that. I feel you move slightly, sliding down the bed. I smile awaiting what I know is surely coming next. What actually happens is a complete surprise. You wrap your hand around him. And kiss him on the tip. Then, gently at first, you push down. Your mouth opens slightly allowing me to just enter you. Tight. Then a strange sensation. Warm? Well that is what it should be. No cold! No both. The warmth of your lips and ... Christ, ice cube, you have a bl**dy ice cube in your mouth. Brain reels under the contradicting feelings. You take me further into your mouth; I feel the iciness of the ice cube and the warmth of your tongue. Around and around the end the cube goes, slowly melting. My cock jumping all over the place. I don't know weather to laugh or scream. In the end I just moan as your mouth warms and you suck harder and harder. Your hand sliding up and down my shaft. Oh my god, what feelings. Strange but pleasurable, very pleasurable. I approach, so close, so very close. My hips jerk. Its time. My back arches. A low groan is all I can manage as I fire my seed into the back of your throat. You hold me. Twitching, again and again. Slowly coming down. I sink to the bed. Breathing hard. My cock slips from your mouth as you move back up and cuddle. You say just three words "Revenge is sweet".

The rest of the afternoon passes quietly, talking, listening to music and the occasional dip in the pool. I make a mental note to get hold of a couple of airbeds for the pool. Then it's man at his most basic, playing with fire. Still, I must say, the steaks were wonderful, finishing a wonderful day.

We spend the evening just cuddling up on the couch, listening to music. Then it hits us, we both yawn, wide and deep. Look at each other, giggle, no words needed and pad off to bed. Lying there under a single sheet, your back pressed into my chest. I gently stroke your thigh and you moan slightly, stretching out a leg and hooking it over mine. My fingers move down your stomach and into the warmth of your pussy.

Gently stroking you. Lazy circles around your clit. A hand moves over mine and you push my hand further down. Pushing my fingers into your now damp pussy making you moan louder and longer. "I love it when you touch me there." you whisper in my ear. Your body begins to tremble, and then your legs snap closed trapping my fingers inside you as you shudder to a climax. Within seconds your breathing shallows and you are asl**p. Moments later I follow.

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Took my friends wife to the beach. It was sprinkling out and there were mostly men at the beach and she was the only woman around since most people left due to the weather. Heather wanted to make a video for her husband so she asked me to do it and since we are all part of the Exhibitionist Wife Club, I jumped at the chance! Take a look at this for some really good examples of what we like to do!
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very good