The Villa - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – It's Just A Razor!

We pack up and come down to start getting ready for the evenings fun. As we enter the bedroom you stop, turn and face me. A slight frown comes over your face and you say, "I have a bit of a complaint. After this mornings fun I ended up with a hair stuck between my teeth. Now I know you said that you had tried shaving in the past but stopped because you nicked yourself too much, but can I try?"

I tried to look shocked, but it doesn't work. "Go on then, but please be careful."

So out comes the scissors, shaving foam, razor and towel. Then you start. Within 10 minutes I'm smooth as a baby's bottom, and hard as hell. "Mmmm, nice." you say, with a gentle stroke making him twitch even more. "Now go and get ready and leave me to do what a girl has to do."

As usual I'm ready in about 20 minutes so I go and sit by the pool with a glass of wine and watch the sun go down, and wait.

I didn't see you come out so you clear your throat. I look around and gulp. You are standing there in the doorway, backlit. The light from inside making your hair shimmer. And as for that dress, wow. Black, silk, just above the knee. Thin straps over your shoulders and the dress touching in all the right places. I can see I'm going to have trouble with you tonight. I gulp again, you twirl, I see how low the back of the dress is and I'm still lost for words. A croke comes out of my throat meaning to be "Wow." but it doesn't do you justice.

You just smile and say, "Come on or all the food will be gone, I'm starving."

We arrived, and as expected, just about every eye focused on you and that dress. From admiring glances from the men, leers from the boys and frowns from some of the women. I just smiled knowing that it would be me that you would be going home with tonight.

The food, as expected, was wonderful. A mixture of Spanish and English with a bit of Italian thrown in. We talk to the owners Carlos and Maria, the birthday girl. Apparently they returned to the Island after moving to the UK in their c***dhood. Later there was dancing, starting with the traditional then onto more modern. Finally what I had been waiting for, the slow stuff. I had been waiting to hold you and that dress all evening and you just nuzzled into me and we were at peace.

We said our good nights and by this stage you had made friends with everyone there, nothing more or less than I expected. What a girl, and that's what I adored about you. Then the slow walk back to the villa. The birthday girl had lent you one of her traditional shawls for the walk back, wrapped around your body you look as if you had always been here.

We enter the villa, locking up behind us. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. We stand facing each other, hand in hand. I kiss you gently on the lips and raise my hands to hold your face. Drinking you in and loving every minute spent with you.

My hands slide down to your shoulders. Fingers gently lifting the straps, pulling them outwards and letting the dress fall to the floor. I see your reflection in the mirror behind you. You are completely naked. "Ok," I say, "Where are your panties."

You giggle and say that you took them off before we started our walk back. I hold you close. You push away, you say "Someone has far too much clothing on." as you unbutton my shirt, slide it off my shoulders and then kneel in front of me. Undoing my belt, unzipping me and pulling my trousers and pants down in one swift movement.

My freshly shaven cock springs to attention in front of your face. You smile up at me as you take him in both hands. Gently stroking him, running your nails up and down the shaft. Making me tremble. "Oh god," I say "Come here." as I pick you up and throw you on the bed. I dive on top of you and we roll around laughing together.

The laughing dies away and I'm there, lying on top of you, between your legs and your arms around my neck. We kiss again, soft at first, then more and more passionate. I move down your body, my mouth heading towards your pussy. "No," you say "Lie down on your back." I do as you ask. You turn around, climb on top and that beautiful pussy descends on my mouth. Just at the moment my tongue flicks at your clit your mouth takes my swollen head inside. Oh god, the things you do to me.

We stay that way for what seems like ages, licking stroking, touching each other. Making each other whimper with pleasure. Closer and closer we come. Knowing that neither of will last much longer I plunge my tongue into your pussy, licking franticly, your juices flow down my throat. I feel you tense as your orgasm approaches. Your mouth sucks hard on my cock and I explode as you shudder to your own climax. We lie there, gasping for air. I turn around and you turn over and push your back into me just as we used to in RLC. My arms go around you, holding you, loving you, never wanting it to end. We sl**p, long and deep, knowing we will awake, here, in each other's arms.

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